Jinhao 159 Overview

The Jinhao 159 is one of the largest, heaviest and most affordable fountain pens we offer at GouletPens.com. While we’ve had the pen in black for some time, the orange and yellow are brand new in the United States — and arrived just in time for spring.

The 50g pen comes with a #6 medium stainless steel nib that’s swappable with most nibs, including Goulet and Edison nibs. However, we recommend against trying a Noodler’s flex nib as the Jinhao 159 simply isn’t built to support the needed ink flow.

A Jinhao converter is included with the 159, which also accepts a standard international converter. Additionally, the fountain pen accepts standard international short and long cartridges.

Similarly styled and named to the Montblanc 149, the Jinhao 159 doesn’t match the performance of this more expensive pen, but it writes fairly smooth and offers tremendous value. If you set reasonable expectations based on the $12.50 price tag, we think you’ll be pleasantly surprised. That’s why we like to call the Jinhao 159 the “fake it till you make it” fountain pen.

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  • Da

    Without excessive flex, will the Noodlers (Ahab type) nib fit and write please? Even if a little dry? I'm still looking for a better body for the flex nibs in my Konrad.

  • Mike Winn

    The steel nibs that ocme on the Jinhao 159 are not bad at all, but swap one out for a Goulet 1.1mm stub (also steel but so smooth!) and you have a real treat in hand. They write really pleasantly, and their girth and weight make them impressive. They are not Montblanc 149s? Their price difference makes them much the better bargain…until you're rich enough to ignore a budget. I've given them as gifts to ostentatious status-seeking friends, and never had a complaint.

  • Madigan

    Hey Da! You can try to force it on their, but it isn't going to be a great writing experience. More than a little dry- it's pretty much just constant railroading. The feed on the Jinhao just doesn't give enough ink to the flex nib. 🙁 What's up with the Konrad?

  • Madigan

    Well put Mike! 🙂 Yeah, the Goulet nib swap is an awesome benefit to these pens. It's nice that you can upgrade a lot of the parts of the Jinhao if needed.

  • David

    A Chinese MB 149 copycat in Mandarin Yellow and Duofold Orange. Cringe…. But what the heck, it's only twelve bucks.

  • Da

    Hold up to the light and you can see big gaps round the nib / feed. Writes fine for a half or whole page – then huge blob. I'm looking for a suitable replacement body. I don't like the grip on the Ahab.

  • Madigan

    Eeeek! Have you tried heat setting it? It can really help with that sort of problem. http://blog.gouletpens.com/2014/03/heat-setting-noodlers-ebonite-feed.html

  • Da

    Yes, a few times, hot air and hot water as per Brians suggestions.

  • macuaig

    It's stamped 18k when there's no gold at all. Why again is this ok?

  • Waski_the_Squirrel

    I bought one. It's a better color than the Montblanc 149. I'm not too impressed by the size, so I'm glad I found that out on a pen about $800 cheaper! However, it does write nicely, so I think I'll find a use for it.

    On a happy side: the screw cap has so far meant that it doesn't have quite as much of an evaporation problem as other Jinhao pens, and it also has a better converter than many of the other Jinhao pens I have used.

    Sounds like it's time to write a review!

  • Madigan

    Hi Waski! Glad you are enjoying it so far. Can't wait to read the review. 🙂

  • Madigan

    Hey there Macuaig! Brian talks about it in the video at around 1:40. 🙂

  • macuaig

    I know, he said it's because they just use the same pre-stamped blanks for the gold & non-gold nibs. I'm saying this is a ridiculous practice, quite probably highly illegal, and should not be tossed off as insignificant.

  • That was my assumption, though I don't have an official word from Jinhao about it. I get where you're coming from, it's confusing at best. I'll reach out to them and see if I can get further explanation or clarification.

  • Yeah, I feel ya. Honestly though, it's so clearly not a MB 149 that I have always just considered it to be it's own pen. Taking away the mimic aspect of the design, I actually really like this pen for what it is: a solid-feeling/writing $12.50 pen.