Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Make Waves with J. Herbin Bleu Ocean 1670 Anniversary Ink

A cool breeze, a sailboat, and sunlight glistening off of ocean waves... J. Herbin's anniversary ink, Bleu Ocean, was inspired by the sea voyages of the company's namesake. The first of the series, it has been reformulated to include the gold sheen that has made Rouge Hematite and Stormy Grey fan favorites. Whether you are off on adventures of your own or sticking closer to home, this bold blue ink with a subtle gold sheen will be sure to help you explore the fathoms of your writing.

Want to be swept away with gold shimmer? This ink pairs spectacularly with a flex or broad nibbed fountain pen. Bring the undercurrents to the surface by giving your bottle a good shake before filling. Rolling the pen in your hands between writing sessions will bring the greatest gleam to your words.

Don't be left shipwrecked -- if the popularity of other anniversary inks are any indication this ink will sail away quickly! Snag your bottle of J.Herbins Bleau Ocean 1670 Anniversary Ink for $26 at gouletpens.com!

Write On,
The Goulet Pen Company Team


  1. I LOVE the sparkle! I have both Rouge Hematite and Stormy Grey so of course as soon as I saw this blog post I zipped over to your store to buy Bleu Ocean. I also added a Clear TWSBI 580 with a 1.5m italic nib just for this ink. I had to have a clear pen so that I could enjoy the blue ink and gold sparkle. Sort of like watching a snow globe.

    1. Wonderful idea!! I should have my bottle in a couple days, I'm beyond excited :-)
      After seeing the photo of the clear pen here, I'm thinking one will be in my near future (the kiddo wants a FP, so, if I get another, I can pass one of the others off to him, right?? ) ;-)

  2. Do you think this ink is safe for use in all fountain pens, or is it more of a dip pen ink?

  3. I already have Rouge Hématite and Stormy Grey (funny to me how only the latest's name got translated in English! ^^) and I loooove them, so I threw myself on Bleu Océan as soon as I received the notif that it would be all sparkly :) I lately got myself two new flex pens (Ahab and Nib Creaper) that are demonstrators, so I'll make sure they get some good use with this ink :) Can't wait to have a sparkly blue :)

  4. Hey there! This is safe for most fountain pens, although it does require a bit more maintenance than other inks. I've got it in my Ahab right now and am not concerned, but I'm not sure if I'd put it in my expensive Pilot pen. Use your best judgement! :)

  5. Quincy,

    All of these J. Herbin 1670 inks are made for fountain pens. The only thing you have to remember is that the "sparkle" settles to the bottom of the bottle quickly. You have to shake it very well, stirring might be even better, and fill your pen quickly. I shake my Rouge Hematite first, then stir with a pipette and quickly draw out ink close to the bottom of the bottle. I put this ink in a 6mm plastic ink vial. Then I fill my pen or cartridge from the vial. That way all the shimmer goes into the pen with the ink.

    Using a clear pen, I found that the shimmer settles in the ink chamber quickly, so I like to shake the pen lightly every several words to keep it suspended. Never gave me any trouble in my Vac-700 writing Christmas cards. Nib never skipped or had a hard start. These are very special and wonderful inks.

  6. I loved using the Rouge Hematite in a clear pen with a 1.5 mm nib. The effect was wonderful! You will love this combination.

  7. Hey there PurpleToothTech! Sounds like a winning combination to me. I'm really enjoying writing with this ink- it's a bit more subtle than Stormy Grey, but just as beautiful. :)

  8. Hi Amaryllis! I'm a big fan of the other Anniversary inks as well. I hope you have fun playing with the blue sparkles. :)

  9. I'm so conflicted. On the one hand, I love the sheens/sparkles of Rouge Hematite and Stormy Grey. On the other hand, the original Bleu Ocean is my absolute favourite ink and I'm sad that it has been reformulated.

  10. Hey Katherine! Maybe give it a try? Perhaps it's made your favorite ink even more special. If not, J. Herbin has some other great blues. Have you tried Eclat de Saphir? http://www.gouletpens.com/h130-16/p/H130-16


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