Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Lamy Al-Star & Filofax Notebook Package Set Overview

Whether you're shopping for grads, dads or yourself, there is no denying the sweet shades and tremendous value packed into our exclusive new Lamy Al-Star & Filofax Notebook Package Sets. Available in orange, purple, black, and blue, these matched sets are a great fountain pen and notebook tandem to pack in your bag just in time for vacation season, too.

We don't tend to get in the weeds when talking to our customers about price and value, but we'll make an exception here. If you do the math, you'll find you're getting the Filofax Pocket Notebook, which costs $13.95 on GouletPens.com, for just over $2 more than the cost of just the Lamy Al-Star fountain pen. Now that's a deal.

The Lamy Al-Star & Filofax Notebook Package Sets are available at GouletPens.com for $39.99. While the plan is to keep the sets on hand as long as there is demand, we don't know exactly how long we'll carry this exclusive. Expect a limited run of the orange set as the included CopperOrange Al-Star is a limited edition pen.

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The Goulet Company Pen Team


  1. These would make great graduation gifts!

  2. darn it and i just bought my copperorange two weeks ago!

  3. I just got the purple set for my sister's graduation! :)

  4. Rats! Maybe another color? The blue is really nice. :)

  5. Wow, this is a great coup for Goulet Pens, and a real bargain set for customers.
    Madigan, I recently came across a mysterious document that shows that I am a long lost brother of yours. Just wanted you to know you've missed my graduation. I'm partial to the copper or the purple sets, if you need to know.

    The document is very hard to read, looks like it was written in Blue Ghost, because it would not scan, so I can't send you a PDF to prove this.

  6. Those are definitely cool. Now which color?? What a great quandary to have! :)

  7. You can't go wrong! They are all great. :)

  8. Great Q&A, a question that may be off topic slightly, but have you ever heard of someone making a wood turned pen into an eyedropper? Is it possible?

  9. Far from an expert here, but to add more about the Aventura.

    I've seen them a few times at Staples and they seem to go on sale for ~$20 now and then.

    I have one and it's not a bad pen. It starts reliably, never skips, writes a fairly thick and wet line without over-saturating. It is fairly light-weight (a little too light for my preferences) and overall well balanced. I don't think they have any choices on nib width, and mine is a medium on the thick side, with no perceptive flex. The cap snaps into place cleanly and posts well, though does require a bit of a push to keep it tightly posted.

    On the negative side, it doesn't feel or look quite as high quality as some other pens in the $20 range. I think one could do better if you really wanted to, and especially for $40 you could do much better. The barrel/cap/etc is all plastic, it doesn't include a converter, and isn't particularly showy.

    If the person who asked about the pen purchased it recently they may want to go see if they can get a price adjustment as I think I've seen them for $20 quite recently -- at which price I'd say it's worth keeping as a starter pen.

  10. Hi Kathy! We get a lot of requests for products which we consider. Of course, our main business (and enthusiasm!) is and will be fountain pens. :)

  11. We will be carrying them, although we're not sure when they'll be arriving. We'll have a better idea on cost etc when we do. Thanks for your kind words about our business! We love what we do. :)


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