Monday, May 25, 2015

Monday Matchup #49: Parker IM Premium Fountain Pen Pink Pearl Medium with De Atramentis Violets

Some folks prefer predictability. It's why casual dining chains, khaki pants and Honda Civics abound in the 'burbs and beyond. But other times, you need to shake it up. That's why Casual Friday, Polaroid pictures and Monday Matchup exist.

For this week's Monday Matchup, we're featuring a verse from poet Bob Hicok that embraces this fresh thinking. A collegiate poetry professor of Madigan from our Media Team -- the one who penned this luscious Monday Matchup -- Hicok clearly imagines a world turned sideways. In a world gone mad -- where Boise trades its famous spuds for sweeping, soft emerald lawns -- anything is possible.

Madigan creates a fitting spring arrangement with her Parker IM Premium Fountain Pen Pink Pearl Medium and De Atramentis Violets ink, framing up a verse that puts creativity in full bloom. Just one question: how can you make the classic Bronx soundbite "fugetaboutit" pass the smell test?

Parker IM Premium Fountain Pen Pink Pearl Medium is available at GouletPens.com for $51.20, while De Atramentis Violets is available in a 35ml bottle for $12.95 or as a 2ml ink sample for $1.25.

Write On,
The Goulet Pen Company Team


  1. What journal did you use? Love the photo, love the drawing, love the color, love the little wisdom!


  2. What a great shading ink. So neat to share your professor's poetry with us, Madigan, well done. Do shading inks lend themselves best for the brush pen work to achieve the watercolor effect? I'm too lazy to print out all the Monday Matchups and compare them! This is a feast for the eyes. And, you found a ribbon that is an exact match for the ink. Thanks for making another Monday special.

  3. Absolutely beautiful--drawing, ink and poetry. First, Madigan, thank you for introducing me to a new poet....always a good thing. This ink is beyond magnificent. Gorgeous color, phenomenal shading. I don't remember an ink with such a variety of hues. It will be included in my next order. As always, great art work, Madigan! I wish y'all would make a video about the making of these Monday Match-ups. Of course, the photography is an art in itself. Thanks to all for a beautiful Monday Match-up! Hope you enjoyed your three day weekend, and were able to spend a moment remembering those in whose memory the holiday was established.

  4. Lovely drawing, Madigan. I have that same pen in teal/turquoise and the finish is very pretty. :) I'm curious now to try a scented ink...that is a great color.

  5. Hey Kathy! I love his poetry and he is a great professor. Another great poem of his is "Alzheimer's". This ink was fantastic to work with! I loved all the variations in the color and the scent is a lovely bonus.

    I hope you had a lovely Memorial Day weekend as well! :)

  6. Hi Otter! I really liked the scent of this ink. Some of the scented inks can be a bit strong, but this was nice. Another one to try is De Atramentis Cucumber. :)


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