Monday Matchup #52: Happy 1st Anniversary!

Today we’re celebrating the 1st anniversary of Monday Matchup! For the past year, members of our team have been matching a pen and ink in hopes of sparking some creativity within you. Sometimes they matched, sometimes they were just complementary, but they were always fun. We couldn’t have imagined how much this idea would grow! It has connected a community of fountain pen users, artists and doodlers all across the globe. Thank you for continuing to share your matchups with us every week. We love reading your comments and seeing what you’ve paired together. 

To celebrate this first year of matching, we decided to pick a pen and ink for each one of our team members who contribute to Monday Matchup. Our team then put together this piece of art to celebrate the past year. But the real question is, cake or pie at this Monday Matchup party?

Madigan began this collaborative effort with the Monteverde Impressa Black Rose/Gold Broad with Pilot Iroshizuku Take-sumi. Her lovely lettering was passed to Sarah who inked a Noodler’s Ahab Pima Tortoise with Diamine Autumn Oak. Her depiction of a bird flew to the desk of Jenni who used a Super5 Black/Grey calligraphy pen filled with Diamine Wild Strawberry. This pair took us down memory lane all the way back to Monday Matchup #1!

Next up, Caitlin paired a Lamy Logo Matte Stainless Steel Fine with Caran D’Ache Vibrant Green to add to the festivities. After all, every 1st anniversary deserves balloons! Finally, Adam took Noodler’s Baystate Blue and a Pilot Parallel 6.0 to add a baby whale to the celebration.

This whole piece represents the past year in lots of
different ways. One of the things we love about fountain pens and ink is
that the matches are truly endless. We’ve paired dozens of brands, nib
sizes, and colors this year in hopes of inspiring you each Monday. May
the happy matching continue this year!

Write on,
The Goulet Pen Company Team

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  • Tom Johnson

    Happy Anniversary!!! Wow, one year of making Mondays so much better. This is totally fun, I'll be coming back to this one often. A really rousing celebration, thanks everyone. Just breath taking, eye opening, a pen & ink extravaganza.

  • Kathy

    Happy 1st Anniversary!!! How appropriate that the traditional gift for the first anniversary is paper! Thanks to all who brighten each Monday!

  • Happy 1st Anniversary Team Goulet, the Goulet's for Monday Matchup Giveaway. Always inspirational and fun. Lots of awesome fountain pens, inks, and art, words. Have a great week.