Pilot Vanishing Point Stub Nib: Coming Soon!

0:49 – Features
1:37 – Filling Mechanism
2:54 – How It Writes
5:46 – Comparable Pens
11:35 – Hand Rotation

The Pilot Vanishing Point has been a universally loved fountain pen for some time. The unique design and retractable nib make this one of the most popular writing instruments in the fountain pen world.

Well, there’s even more exciting things to come for the Pilot Vanishing Point. Pilot has announced that the VP will soon be available with a stub nib! I got my hands on one a few months back and I can’t wait to show you how this nib writes. We don’t have it on GouletPens.com quite yet, but we know that it’s coming in both a rhodium and black plated 18k nib in July. 

What do you think about the Pilot Vanishing Point stub nib? Be sure to let me know in the comments below.

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Brian Goulet

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  • YESSSSSSS!!!!! I shall spam my joy to the Heavens! Yes I'm a little excited, a lot excited. I should probably stop typing now. Great news! I will be trolling hard the website waiting for its release…Stopping typing now.

  • Tom Johnson

    Uh – Oh, looks like I will be adding a 6th Vanishing Point nib to my current herd of 5! While I love to write with 1.5 mm stub nibs when I am not writing small (journal, notebooks, etc.), I think this thinner stub nib would be used a good bit in one of my two Vanishing Points. Thanks Brian, exciting news. I'll be signing up for your email notification as soon as you have it posted on your web site. Wait, I just heard a very loud yell coming from Kenny Cross' direction – yep, it carried for many miles to me. The windows rattled a little bit.

  • Hahaha! Yep that was definitely me.

  • bubbamike

    Brian, I think you should mention just what a "Stub" nib is in the video for those of us who didn't know.

  • soniasimone

    Great news! I have two custom stubs that I've had done for my VPs, this lets me pick up a new one without going to the custom guy. 🙂

  • Jared

    Hi Brian. As a LH over-writer who writes at a fairly steep angle (just upside down) I wonder if I would be able to use a nib like this?

  • Chris R

    Sign me up! Was getting ready to send off a medium VP nib for a custom stub grind, but I'll buy this first. I love my three VPs, but was wanting a nice, crisp stub for a change. This looks like just what I need.

  • David H

    Do you know if they fit inside the old plastic faceted vanishing points?

  • David H

    Also, what is the line width compared to a vanishing point medium nib?

  • Nicholas Yeo

    Wow, its gonna be awesome to use this in normal writing! Would enjoy a little variation on my VP, though I must say the F nib is simply wonderful to write with!

  • Yeah! The news makes my fingers tingle and my hand itch to try it.

  • Madigan

    Hi Kenny! I know!! This is super exciting news. We'll be sure to announce it on all our channels once it is actually available. 🙂

  • Madigan

    Hi Tom! I think this would make a great addition to your collection. I can't wait to write with it! 🙂

  • Madigan

    Awesome! How do those custom stubs write? I can't wait to try this nib out!

  • Madigan

    Yay! Sounds like we announced this just in time. 🙂

  • Madigan

    Couldn't agree more with you on all points, Nicholas! 🙂

  • Nicholas Yeo

    I bet Hermes Nautilus owners are going to be kicking themselves now! Many of them have insisted that their pens have the exclusive stub nib until this piece of news was released. 😉

  • Madigan

    Thanks for the feedback, Bubbamike! Since we're deep in this stuff every day, it can be hard to remember that not everyone knows as much. If you ever have a questions regarding terminology, we have a great glossary to help. You can find it here: http://blog.gouletpens.com/2014/01/glossary-of-fountain-pen-terminology.html

  • Otter

    Whoa, I'm definitely interested! I'd been holding off getting a Vanishing Point, though I think Pilot pens are exceptional. This might just be the perfect time! 😀

  • VickNish

    i was just looking at my stealth medium nib vp the other day, thinking how i haven't gotten much use out of it because i tend to get bored with pens without line variation. the black finish stub is definitely going on my must-buy list to bump my vp up into my EDC pens. very excited for this!

  • Madigan

    Hi Otter! The VP is definitely a great pen. I did one of my first Monday Matchups with it, not knowing what to expect. I was really impressed with the smoothness of the nib and loved clicking it open and closed. If you end up going for it, I don't think you'll be disappointed. 🙂

  • Madigan

    HI VickNish! I totally understand the need for line variation. I'm a big flex fan myself! I think the stub could be a nice addition for your stealth VP though. I can't wait to try it! 🙂

  • It's definitely wider than a medium, it's slightly wider than the VP broad nib. I'll work on getting the stub VP up in the Nib Nook soon.

  • Ah…I doubt it. I don't have any to test, but if the non-stub VP nib won't fit, this one certainly won't either.

  • I'm going to have to go on total speculation here as I'm not a lefty, but I would say this nib will give you a good chance of success with how you've described you write.

  • Jen

    Considering I like broad nibs and have two VPs I might have to take the plunge on this one.

  • Pastor Chuck Smith

    This is the perfect excuse to purchase another VP! I can't wait to see them on the site!

  • Janet Lam

    yes, will be getting this. I use VP for work and it would be wonderful to have some line variation.

  • Deborah Tinsley

    Is just the nib available? Can it be used in a newer VP like the Stealth?

  • Charles Latshaw

    I'm very excited about this. I've been debating having my VP broad nib ground into a stub, but I've been reluctant to take the chance that I'd lose a nib I already really like. Now I needn't worry! I hope they're available SOON.

  • François Trahan

    Here's july for me:
    Is it out yet ? Is it out yet ? Is it out yet ? Is it out yet ? Is it out yet ?

  • Kathy

    Any update on when this nib will be available? I'm drooling.

  • mpechner

    Will be getting one. Can't wait.

  • Gopiballava

    *eyes his credit card* Hey, Brian, you around? I want to give you some money. 🙂

  • Good times! I have a binder stub VP nib. This is a great addition to the lineup

  • Good times! I have a binder stub VP nib. This is a great addition to the lineup

  • Good times! I have a binder stub VP nib. This is a great addition to the lineup