Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Quick Draw Pens

Sometimes you need to write, and you need to write fast.  Traditional fountain pens have the screw cap- great for slowing you down and to enjoy your writing experience, but when the clock is ticking, grab a quick draw! Brian has a line up of snap cap, click-able, easy openers to help you accelerate your writing.

Monteverde Limonada - $28
Monteverde Limonada
  • by far the least expensive on the list
  • small body, light weight
  • posts long but still good for small hands
  • multiple colors but only nib size (Medium)

Cross Botanica Fountain Pen - $115 to $125
  • **UPDATE** - We no longer carry this particular pen
  • large pen but the heaviest is the cap
  • if you don’t post it, it’ll be very quick to unsnap and write
  • solid feel, solid clasp when capping

Lamy Studio - $71 to $160
Lamy Studio
  • swappable nibs with all other Lamy pens (besides 2000)
  • thin but well weighted
  • caps solidly and smoothly
  • no fuss when writing, the nibs are always reliable
  • slippery grip could be a negative
Pilot E95S Fountain Pen - $136
  • super light, semi flex
  • really small- most people need to post
  • pocket pen
  • pilot nib so sometimes a bit scratchy (especially EF)
  • gorgeous, vintage design

Pilot Prera Fountain Pen - $56
  • quick and easy snap cap
  • really satisfying to open and close
  • short, demonstrator, looks really good with bright ink inside
  • a real sharp shooter

Platinum Balance Fountain Pen - $43.20
  • you can snap and unsnap with two fingers!
  • great nib, semi flex
  • affordable at under $50
  • cap is really light, doesn’t affect balance of pen 

Sheaffer Sagaris Fountain Pen -  $63
  • **UPDATE** - We no longer carry this particular pen
  • makes a solid popping sound when you open it
  • heavy cap
  • lots of colors

Pilot Vanishing Point Fountain Pen - $140 to $640
Pilot Vanishing Point
  • one hand click makes it the fastest draw
  • swappable nib unites give you a variety of nibs
  • a little pricey- you can get one ranging from $140 or $640

These are our top recommendations, but there are other great quick draw options. What is your go-to fast writing pen? 

Write on,
The Goulet Pen Company Team


  1. I just love this video! That evil squint!!. Somehow I knew who was going to win this duel, but the suspense was awesome. Showdown at the O'Pen Corral.

    Good recommendations, I love the Balance/Cool pens, can slip the cap with one hand easily (probably all the snap cap pens too). The Pilot E95S is the most striking design, so regal. Definitely on my radar, especially the burgundy/ivory color. Of course, the Vanishing Point is my favorite off all. Great selection of great pens.

  2. Great choice, Kenneth! :)

  3. I like the Balance/Cool pens a lot as well. The E95s is a great pen and so beautiful! The EF offers a fair amount of feedback, which I love. :)

  4. Hi Otter! I'm so glad you enjoyed the video. We had a lot of fun working on this one. What is your favorite Cross pen?


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