Thursday Things: Grayscale and Gold


This week’s Thursday Things is inspired by all things Gray and Gold. We think these colors are timeless, sophisticated and look good on everyone!

Learn more about each product featured this week:


Do you have any of these products in your fountain pen, ink, or paper collection?


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The Goulet Pen Company Team

2017-10-13T16:58:36+00:00 July 23rd, 2015|Thursday Things|6 Comments
  • David Thompson

    Very nice layout and lighting, Brian!

  • pepperpath

    Fortunately, I have a falcon and an Edison Herald Shell and Stormy Grey! (the Canadian dollar is killing us up here!

  • Andrew

    Hey Brian,
    As a watch guy, I am obligated to ask what kind of watch is in the picture. s a watch guy, I am obligated to ask what kind of watch is in the picture.

  • Otter

    Very classy layout…love it! I have the Stormy Grey ink (beautiful gold sheen), Metro White Tiger (Pilot is always reliable, and the Metropolitan one of my favorite pens. The White Tiger is understated and exciting at the same time), the Rhodia Ice notepad (excellent paper, and love the subtle gray lines), and the Pilot Stargazer (smooth and springy nib, very lightweight for long sessions). I love the Conklin Duragraph I have in orange and will definitely be getting the Cracked Ice finish next!

  • Turtlegeuse

    You forgot to put in prices for the Pentax cameras. Also, what film do you use ? I'm guessing not Kodachrome (only Nikon people use that stuff !)

  • Jared

    I have Mnemosine and Rhodia notebooks, 2 Duragraphs (different colors, though), and I have the Pentax K1000!