Thursday, August 6, 2015

Back to School: College and Graduate Students Edition

On your way to college or grad school? Make sure you're prepared with more than just that mini-fridge! With studies showing that handwriting contributes to better subject retention, you may want to substitute that laptop for a pen and paper. With all of the writing you'll be doing- think endless pages of notes - a fountain pen or rollerball can be a real hand saver. We've got a line up of the perfect pen, paper, and ink suggestions to make this coming year your best yet!


  • Lamy AL-Star, $37.60
    • This pen is a great all around pen, but for a student it has particular advantages. These pens are lightweight, durable, and the nibs are swappable. They also come in a variety of colors, so you could match your pen with your school's colors!

  • TWSBI Vac 700, $65-$79
    • Really any TWSBI would make a great writing instrument for use in class, but the ink capacity of the Vac 700 gives it the advantage. 

  • Cross Click, $25
    • Light, thin, and clickable, the Cross Click gives you a smooth writing experience without any fuss. Out of ink? Don't worry! We've got rollerball refills

  • Platinum Preppy Highlighters, $2.95
    • Save money on highlighters by getting refillable ones! You can use cartridges or opt to convert your pen to an eyedropper.

  • Noodler's Heart of Darkness, $19
    •  This is an all around great black ink. Permanent, dark, and wet, it writes well in a variety of pens. It comes in a 4.5oz bottle, which means it could be the only bottle you need!
  •  Private Reserve Midnight Blues - Fast Dry, $11
    • Since you'll be taking copious amounts of notes rather quickly, a fast-dry ink will come in handy. Midnight Blues is a dark blue that is professional enough to turn into your professors, while still allowing for a bit of color variation.

  • Noodler's Bernanke Blue, $12.50
    •  Another great fast-dry ink, but in a brighter color. This ink will allow you to write quickly while still bringing a bit of fun to a long lecture.

  • Waterman Audacious Red, $11
    • Even the best writers need a bit of editing. Audacious red will help point out those tricky spelling or grammar mistakes and organize those long term papers!

  • Noodler's Dragon Catfish Pink, $21
    • Brighten up those long nights in the library as you highlight your textbooks! Noodler's Dragon Catfish Pink comes in a 4.5oz bottle so you won't have to worry about your highlighter running out anytime soon! Not a pink fan? Don't worry! We have plenty of other fun highlighter inks available. 

  •  Classic Clairefontaine Wirebound Notebook, $5.50
    • The classic notebook but with high quality paper! 50 pages of beautifully lined paper are waiting to be filled. It also comes in a variety of colors, making it perfect to keep your subjects separated.

  • Rhodia No. 18 Notepad, $9
    • Taking math, science, or engineering? A dot pad is great place to write equations or draw complicated formulas!

  • Leuchtturm1917 Medium 2016 Weekly Planner & Notebook, $19.95
    •  Organization never looked so good! Keep your busy schedule neatly aligned in Leuchtturm's beautiful weekly planner (coming later in August). It comes in a variety of fun colors and is very fountain pen friendly!

  •  Exacompta Index Cards, $8-$14
    •  Get studying with fountain pen friendly index cards! Available in a number of different sizes, Exacompta index cards are perfect for flash cards or engineering formula sheets.

We hope you have a fantastic year learning new and exciting things! What is your favorite note taking pen, ink, and paper combination?

Write on,
The Goulet Pen Company Team

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