Goulet Q&A Episode 100, Goulet Shop Tour!

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Back on August 23, 2013 when I published my first Q&A, I really didn’t think about ever hitting episode 100. A lot has happened since then, for sure! But here we are, and I and my team wanted to celebrate by answering the one question I’ve repeatedly side-stepped…showing you a tour of our GouletPens.com headquarters!

In this video you’ll find:

  • Some interesting Q&A stats
  • An in-depth tour of my office where Q&A is shot
  • Why the stuff on my bookshelf is important
  • My pen storage cabinet
  • An in-depth tour of the GouletPens.com office/warehouse
  • A walk through the “life of an order” when you order from us
  • Bloopers and outtakes 

This episode is a little shorter than usual, but it’s quality over quantity today. I hope you enjoy the celebration of 100 episodes of Goulet Q&A!
QOTW: This one will be a free-for-all, I’d love to hear your reactions after seeing this video!

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Brian Goulet
2017-10-11T23:05:35+00:00 October 30th, 2015|A Goulet Life, Goulet Q&A|22 Comments
  • Great treat, thanks, Brian. You've said previously how the company has grown and the number of team members you have now. But I still think of Goulet Pen Company as this small family run business. Now seeing you go from section to section with the actual people in each department, it's a real accomplishment that you have maintained that close run family approach even though it takes quite a few people to make it happen.

  • Robert Ahlers

    Brian, I really enjoyed the 100th episode. Your segment intros were spot on and concise. The video editing was really good. It is great to be able to put faces to names and to see the operations that get pens and ink to me.

  • Heath

    Maybe Brian has heard this, but he reminds me of David Tennant’s, tenth Doctor of Doctor Who fame. Just switch out the pen for a sonic screwdriver. Thanks for keeping me informed. Looking forward to 200.

  • Kathy

    I LOVE THIS VIDEO!!!! Your operations are so interesting. It’s always nice to put names and faces together, too. I’m very impressed by your media team and their gear. You have really invested a lot in this, and it shows. The videos, both product and Q&As, obviously take a significant amount of time and effort. However, these are what drew me to your site initially, and are one of the reasons your store stands head and shoulders above anyone else’s.

    Another thing that stands out to me is how you’ve managed overhead. Your offices are very nice, but you’ve not gone crazy on large fancy offices, for example. I am a former banker, and one thing that I always notice is how elaborate offices are. Too fancy is not good; it means someone has to pay for all the glitz. Same with designer type furniture and storage systems.

    Brian and Rachel, you have built an incredible operation, and, in the process, a great, well deserved reputation. You should be very proud of yourselves. Not everyone can do this. Creating a company from scratch is beyond difficult. Congratulations!!!!


    Congrats on Episode 100. Thank you for all the passion, hard work, awesome fountain pens & inks, videos.. Thank you for fueling my passion and love for fountain pens, inks, and paper.


    I am looking forward to the next 100 episodes.

  • jane pilecki

    Great video! Thank you for the shop tour! Now can I come work for you??? For some reason, I am really surprised that Rachel doesn’t have her own office. Your team is wonderful. Rachel is fabulous. And Brian, you are clearly a leader. It is no wonder you and Rachel have such a successful business. This really was a fun video. Thank you for showing us how our orders are gathered and get to us. I am looking forward to the next 100 Q&As.

  • Otter

    That was really a treat, and an unexpected one too! I totally understood why you would be reluctant to show your operations when business is often a competitive environment, but it was so cool to see the people behind a company we’ve grown to like and trust. The statistics were hilarious, especially the coughing fits and hair gel numbers. 😀 Ditto on the bloopers — keep those coming! I was really fascinated to see the process behind shooting the videos, so thanks for sharing that.

    Congratulations on your 100th episode and wishing continued success for 100 more! 🙂

  • mulrich1

    “I’m not very organized… now let me show you by two pen cabinets for my 500 pens (alphabetized) and spreadsheet (just for good measure, when alphabetizing isn’t enough), my two bookshelves with books sorted by read and not read books, my two personal storage shelves (with labeled bins for different inks, pens, parts, papers, notes)…”

  • Tom Johnson

    Brian, Madigan said this was going to be a fantastic Q&A, and it is! A wonderful video, and a fitting one for the 100th! I love it, everything. Especially seeing the whole operation and everyone in front of and behind the scenes making Goulet Pens the best supplier of pens, inks, paper, and accessories anywhere. NO ONE else has any teaching resources like Tips & Tricks, or Fountain Pen 101, wonderful high quality macro photos of every pen angle, Nib Nook, Swab Shop, Pen Plaza, etc. NO ONE else has the detailed high quality video reviews, technical specs, and customer reviews. NO ONE else has the comparison tools for inks, written comparisons of nibs, side by side comparison of pens. No one has the customer service or such wonderful team members. This is one Q&A I’ll watch over and over. Thanks for taking the time to put together such a great video. The bloopers, hair gel, and other statistics are great. Made my weekend!

  • Lu

    Thank you, this is a great video. I´d love a close up of the wall painting behind Rachel. 🙂 I am looking forward to he next 100 videos of you!

  • Ted

    awesome tour! Thanks for that. But I still don’t like all that plastic….

  • Henry

    Very entertaining video. Brian – you have improved so much since video #1. Personal growth and understanding helps. Just remember… people have voices, thoughts and ideas that may be different from yours and they should be listened to and respected. The success of the business will rest largely on your staff working together and having fun. Your video shows how interconnected your departments are to the individuals.

    It’s nice to see what happens behind the scenes at Goulet. I think your staff needs a pay raise… or at least a tasty free lunch. (I can already see and extra candy in my next order. Ha ha!)

  • Da

    Wow. I knew you’d grown, but that’s such a long way from your two person ‘team’! Congrats on a job well done.

  • Ted

    Awesome tour, thanks! I couldn’t help but notice all the set up shots ballpoint pens! Why not more fp’s in this?

  • PG

    One important stat missing: How many different watches did Brain wear?

  • Loved it. We are doing videos of our projects and the info you showed was very helpful. Now if I could just hire all those people. . .

  • Twoznek

    Awesome job to the whole team! Great shoutout to the Gouletnation!

  • Hilda

    I loved this! It was a treat to see all the behind the scene action. Now I know exactly what happens every time I place an order. 🙂

  • Wendy LaVier-Miles

    I so want to work there!!! What a great environment to walk into every day. I think your company is amazing, refreshing, and insightful. I wish I had discovered you six years ago so I could say I was there from the beginning. I have learned so much from you, like paper matters! Bless you and your lucky team😊

  • Donna S

    I always wondered what the wrapping area looked like because I love the blue colored wrap my purchases are in. Thanks for the tour and seeing the staff. That was great!

  • Karen

    This was amazing to see, having been a customer of yours since the early days. It is a real accomplishment to have grown so much so quickly while not losing control over your brand's core values. I used to think that the type of "extreme customer service" and the personal touches you and Rachel put into the business couldn't possibly be scalable to a larger operation. But with your larger team, the quality of your content & customer support has gotten even better! I'm sure you've been told this before- but you should write a book about how you've managed to accomplish all of that.

  • emd04

    What a great episode! Loved it.