Made from natural resin uniquely mixed to represent palettes of oil paint, the Visconti Van Gogh
series is inspired by the artist’s painting techniques. You’ll love the
depth of color reflected in the eighteen-faceted design. It is available in
five different styles based on the artist’s most famous works including Irises, Pollard Willows, Self Portrait, and Starry Night. These pens are gorgeous to look at and superb writers!Timestamps:

Unboxing – (1:12)
Materials – (2:45)
Color Options – (4:31)
Features – (5:18)
Nib Options – (7:09)
Filling Mechanism – (7:47)
How It Writes – (8:40)
Additional Features – (9:53)
Comparable Pens – (12:06)
Price – (13:51)

Brand overview/history

  • Founded in 1988 by Dante Del Vecchio
  • A lot of innovation, artistry, and design goes into Visconti pens
  • Crafted in a 15th century villa in Florence, Italy
  • These pens were inspired by Vincent Van Gogh, post-impressionist Dutch painter (1853-1890)
    • Focused on portraits, self-portaits, landscapes, still-life of flowers and plants
    • 2,100 artworks in his 37 years of life
  • Visconti has designed these pens to match many of his most famous paintings
Visconti Van Gogh (Sunflowers no longer available)


  • Unboxing
  • Really nice triangular box, nice feeling leatherette
  • Image of the painting that matches the pen
  • Fantastic presentation
  • Converter, warranty info booklet



  • Type of material: natural variegated resin
  • Material modeled after Van Gogh’s oil paintings
  • There are very fine details in the coloration of the material
  • Some colors are slightly translucent and add depth
  • Other colors are pearlescent
  • Faceted design with 18 sides
  • Each pen will be different in it’s pattern
  • Available colors:


Visconti Van Gogh Irises
  • Grip: slick metal, not my fav for long writing but is comfortable in the hand and works well for shorter writing stints
  • I’ve been using it for meetings, quick notes and to-do’s and it’s worked well
  • Step: basically non-existent due to magnetic cap, no threads
  • Weighting (posted/unposted): slightly front-heavy when unposted
    • Pretty well-balanced when posted
    • My wife has smaller hands and comfortably posts it
    • My preference is posting it
Nib Options:
  • Stainless steel
  • Design on nib: lots of flourishing, beautiful design
  • Feed design: plastic feed (not unusual) with Visconti logo on it
  • Fine
  • Medium
  • Broad (Not regularly offered at GPC)




Filling Mechanism:
  • Standard international cartridge/converter
  • Will fit a normal Standard International converter
  • Will take SI short cartridges
  • Converter: 1.03ml
  • SI short: .94ml
  • Long ones can fit but will get stuck in the body! Not recommended
How They Write:
  • Ink used: Noodler’s Black
  • Nib smoothness: fairly smooth, not glassy, has a hint of feedback
  • Flow: VERY wet, especially after first inking it up, wasn’t as gushing after sitting overnight
  • Nib stiffness: stiff nibs as you’d expect with steel, but can get some slight line variation if you try
  • Line width of different nibs:
    • fine and medium nibs are really, really similar to each other, basically both are medium nibs
    • same nibs as the Rembrandt



  • Magnetic snap-cap, push-to-post
  • Can open easily with one hand, even close with one hand
  • Clip: very distinctive, the “Visconti bridge” modeled after Ponte Vecchio bridge
  • Spring clip
  • Centerband: really attractive, has Van Gogh and the name of the painting its named after
  • “My Pen” system on finial, available as a separate upgrade to the pen
    • letters, stones, can be swapped out on the pen
    • we offer the stones at and swap it for you
Visconti Van Gogh (Sunflowers no longer available)


Comparable Pens:
  • Visconti Rembrandt
    • similar resign, more subtle colors
    • not faceted
    • same spring clip
    • same MyPen system in the top
    • same nibs
    • almost half the price at $165 MSRP
  • Most other pens in this price range will have gold nibs
  • Platinum 3776 Century
    • 14k nib
    • lots of nib options
    • well-balanced pen
    • some demo models
    • $176-216


Visconti Van Gogh (Sunflowers no longer available)

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