Wednesday, November 11, 2015

November Ink Drop Reveal: The North Wind

In Aesop's fable, the North Wind challenges the Sun to a contest of strength. Gusting with all its might, the chilly Wind cannot remove a traveler's coat. The sun gently shines and the coat is quickly shed. The North Wind did not win that contest, but this collection of windy inks is certain to win you over!

Art done by s.Jane Mills using this month's Ink Drop colors

The colors for this month are:
  1. Aurora Blue
  2. Diamine Autumn Oak
  3. Diamine Misty Blue
  4. Pilot Iroshizuku Kiri-same
  5. Private Reserve Burgundy Mist

Aurora Blue Tree by Pira Urosevic

Diamine Autumn Oak Tree by Pira Urosevic

Diamine Misty Blue Tree by Pira Urosevic
Pilot Iroshizuku Kiri- Same Tree by Pira Urosevic

Private Reserve Burgundy Mist Tree by Pira Urosevic

If you're not familiar with our Ink Drop program, it's a monthly subscription where you will receive five 2ml ink samples based around a theme. You can subscribe for a month, six months, or even a year! The day you place your order will be the day subsequent subscriptions will be sent until you cancel your subscription. It's a great way to experiment and try ink you might never have considered before.

Additionally, Ink Drop members get 10% off the bottles of all of these colors, plus other deals, on the Ink Drop Members Page. If you're logged in as a current member, you can place these items in your cart and see the discounted prices as you proceed through checkout.

Art done with this month's samples by Pira Urosevic
Have you tried any of these five inks before?

Write on, 
The Goulet Pen Company Team

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