This year’s Thanksgiveaway is proving to be the best one yet! With everything that is going on in the world, it has been especially meaningful to open letters expressing thankfulness for the good and simple things in life. We’ve read about thankfulness for families, for cats, for fountain pens, and friends far and wide. Even if you don’t send us a letter, we encourage you to take out your fountain pen, your favorite ink and paper, and write down the big or little things that make your life better. Who knows, you may find yourself expressing thankfulness for things you weren’t even expecting!

That being said, you should probably actually send us a letter because you could win a Visconti Homo Sapiens. Lamy also sweetened the pot by contributing some additional prizes, so your chances of winning something just got a lot better. You still have time to get yours in before the November 30th deadline! Just another quick reminder- if you have sent yours in, but forgot to include your email, please send it to us at You can read all the rules of Thanksgiveaway here.

It was incredibly hard to choose a selection of letters this week, but we think you’ll enjoy sharing in these excerpts from Thanksgiveaway.

Submitted by Kerry from Ontario, Canada:

Submitted by Grant from Robinson, IL (by far our biggest entry!!):

Submitted by Rene from Birmingham, AL:

Sharing Thanksgiveaway Part II
Sharing Thanksgiveaway Part II

Submitted by Marina from St. Petersburg, FL:

Sharing Thanksgiveaway Part II

Submitted by Jose from Spain:

Sharing Thanksgiveaway Part II

Submitted by Jan from Tonawanda, NY:

Sharing Thanksgiveaway Part II

Submitted by Julie from Belfast, ME:

Sharing Thanksgiveaway Part II

Charles from La Place, LA writes:

Sharing Thanksgiveaway Part II

i am thankful for the incredible people i’ve met throughout my life. i’ve had many travels and met so many people, heard so many stories; they are so different yet they are all the same. they all laugh & love & have heartache. they live in the uniquest of places with incredible history’s and backgrounds. i’m thankful for the many good people in the world, from all walks of life. 


Jerome from France writes:

Sharing Thanksgiveaway Part II

Dear Goulet Pen Company,

I am thankful to see my kids and my wife in good health, it’s the only thing that matters…To see them smile and laugh makes me happy…I am also thankful to have met my wife 6 years ago…I discovered a new culture, we didn’t speak the same language she is english and i am french… Our love story has given me a lot, a different life in a different culture and two beautiful children. 

I think i can say, i am 

Thankful to just be 

Simply Happy


Curtis from Edmonton, Alberta writes:

Sharing Thanksgiveaway Part II

To the Goulet Team, 

This month you’ve asked your fans what we are grateful for. Honestly, I have incredible amounts to be thankful for but your question really got me thinking about gratitude in the context of pens.

I am thankful to my lab mate Natalia who first exposed me to fountain pens in 2005. It was a Lamy Safari and it blew my mind that someone could get a modern fountain pen that wasn’t some specialty piece for hundreds of dollars. It was only months later that I bought my first Safari a 2006 sky blue with a red clip. 

I used that pen on and off for a few years but didn’t really get ‘into’ it until I discovered SBRE Brown a couple of years ago. This discovery led me to the people like the Pen Addict, Gourmet pens, and of course Goulet. 

I am grateful to you and the community you’ve helped build. I’ve learned from ecstatic pen fans that it is perfectly fine to be excited to learn and use “traditional” items. Fountain pens have shown me that the latest reinvention is not necessarily better. Writing by hand again has awakened an interest in art, history, and the act of making. 

I am a software developer by trade and always considered myself to be without that special spark to be creative in an artistic sense. Yet, now I am learning to draw, work leather, shoot a bow and dabble in calligraphy. 

The world of writing and pens has opened my eyes to new creative outlets and just generally improved my life. So, thanks to Natalia, Goulet and the pen community as a whole. I will always continue to write on. 


Larissa from Geneva, NY writes:

Sharing Thanksgiveaway Part II

I am thankful for cookies. 

First off, cookies are delicious– why wouldn’t you like cookies? 

But cookies are more than just a wonderful treat. Growing up, I only liked cookies made the way my mom made them– a perfect blend of crispy and soft. All other cookies were inferior (except, perhaps, Oreos–which are simply unparalleled). 

The first time I tried to make cookies myself, I couldn’t even bake them. I made the dough, but then I was too scared of burning myself on the oven. My mom had to do the baking for me. 

As I got more practice, I overcame my fear and was finally able to do the whole process alone. My results were still inconsistent, but improved with time. 

By the time I entered college, I could make a stellar batch of chocolate chip cookies (almost) every time. 

Soon I decided to move beyond the old , reliable chocolate chip cookie recipe I had mastered. Somehow I got it into my head to make a new type of cookie every week for my college orchestra for a  whole semester. They were big fans of this project. In the end, I found I had learned to make 20+ different types of cookies, and had a pretty good working knowledge on how cookies “work”. That was a far cry from being scared of the oven! 

Now I’m in graduate school working toward a PhD in plant pathology. Most of my days are filled with lab work. And most of the time, that lab work doesn’t go as expected. Experiments fail, protocols go off track, samples get ruined. It’s easy to come home from the lab feeling like a failure. 

That’s when I make cookies. 

I know how to make cookies. I can always “get them to work” even when I can’t get things to work in lab (plus, cookies are a much tastier result than statistically significant data). 

This is why I am thankful for cookies: 

Because they remind me of my mom. 
Because the remind me how I have grown and learned. 
Because they can be shared. 
Because they always turn out well when everything else seems to go wrong. 
I am THANKFUL for cookies.

Patty from Benbrook, TX writes:

Sharing Thanksgiveaway Part II

Dear Goulet Pen Company, 

I am thankful for answered prayers. Our children are grown and away each with lives and families. We are left with our furry family. One of our furry children came to us many years ago on my way home from work. As I pulled out from my parking space I was horrified to see a kitten struck by a car. She dragged herself off the road and into some bushes. I had to stop. She hissed at me but soon I had her wrapped in a towel and off to the vet. 

The vet held out little hope. Her hips were crushed and her back legs were badly broken. He could try surgery but it would be difficult and expensive. We decided this was our kitten now so we did it. Against all odds she made it through both surgeries. We named her Bonnie.

She grew into a big beautiful charcoal coated love bundle. She walked funny and didn’t jump much, but she did just fine. She slept by my head every night, her purr a big diesel engine in my ear. The year was 2001. Last October we lost her to cancer. 

No more cats, I said. There will never be another Bonnie. I was surprised at how much I grieved. I missed her. It was a along winter without that warmth wrapped around my head. 

This May we had terrible weather with lots and lots of rain. One afternoon as I walked to the mailbox after work I heard a strange bird song. I stopped and listened. It was actually a little tiny kitten. She was alone in the bushes. My neighbor said she had been there all day long. No momma cat anywhere. We took her to the vet who said she was about 5 weeks old. With all the wet weather sometimes kittens get lost or abandoned. 

Not anymore. We named her Mimi. She’s the baby now. Her purr is like a Volkswagen in overdrive. She loves to held. She loves to sit on my desk and play with the pen in my hand. 

I feel like God dropped from the sky into our home. I think she is the answer to a prayer I didn’t know I prayed. I am so thankful for so much in my life but little Mimi was the nicest surprise this year. 

Thanks to all of you for what you do and I hope it’s a great contest.


Submitted by Amelia from Angels Camp, CA:

Sharing Thanksgiveaway Part II

We hope you enjoyed reading these as much as we enjoyed receiving them. We’re looking forward to seeing your submission! 

Write on,
The Goulet Pen Company Team