Hey there fountain pen friends! Madigan here. Do you ever feel like starting to write is the hardest part of writing? I certainly do, especially if you are writing a letter to someone you don’t know. Thankfully to enter Thanksgiveaway, you’ll be writing to us here at the Goulet Pen Company. If you aren’t familiar with our team, head over to our About Us page on our website- you’ll see pictures and bios to put with that friendly voice on the phone or the name on the packing card you received in your last package. Everyone around here loves receiving letters from our customers, and the Thanksgiveaway letters are especially fun to read.

One of the best things about writing a letter is the personal nature of
handwriting- the ability to not only share your thoughts, but to
actually create a tangible object. In a world where digital has become
commonplace, analog still imparts something a little more substantial. It bestows the
knowledge of time and attention spent by the writer, to make this letter special.

The Thanksgiveaway winner (and runner-ups in this year!) will be selected at random, but that doesn’t stop some of our participants from crafting gorgeous creations. That being said, some of my favorites from last year were simple, but heartfelt. Whether you choose to decorate your entry or go with a simple letter, we’ll love receiving them! And with an amazing Visconti Homo Sapiens on the line, why wouldn’t you throw your hat into the ring?

To help you get started, I wanted to give you some simple steps for entering and show you what some other fountain pen enthusiasts came up with last year.

Step 1: Choose your fountain pen, ink, and paper

The beautiful thing about entering Thanksgiveaway is that it gives you a fantastic excuse to use your favorite pen and ink! Some people love a basic black, others will decorate their letters in crazy colors. As long as you are writing about what you are thankful for, getting it to us in the time frame allotted, it’s all good.

Step 2: Say Hello!

Let’s start at the very beginning. Start your letter with a greeting, be it the traditional “Dear…” or the more modern “Hi…”. “Hey there” and “Howdy” are also acceptable. Heck- we’ll even take a “Yo”. We just want you to write to us! :)

Step 3: Tell Us What You Are Thankful For

Think about it. No matter what your circumstances, you can always find things to give thanks for. Maybe it’s your health, the support of your family, the love of your partner or pet… all of this is acceptable, and we want to hear about it!

Here are some other examples to help you get started:

Step 4: Send it!

You’ve taken the time to write your letter- now it’s time to send it. Make sure to address it correctly, stamp it, and get it to us by November 30th. It broke my heart last year to see the few straggling entries that didn’t make it in time, so don’t delay! Forgot our address? No problem! Send your entry to:

The Goulet Pen Company
ATTN: Thanksgiveaway
10201 Maple Leaf Court
Ashland, VA 23005 USA


So count your blessings, write them down, and send them our way! You’ll be entered to win an amazing prize and you’ll be brightening our day. You could even see your entry up on social media.

Remember- the write in portion of Thanksgiveaway is just for the grand prize and runner up pens. We will also be giving away a special gift a day, placed in a random order that day. If you place an order this week, you could be receiving any of the following:

Have any questions about the contest or how to enter? Need help coming up with ideas on what to write? Let me know in the comments below!

Write on,