Diamine Red Lustre with Monteverde Artista Crystal Fountain Pen Clear: Monday Matchup 74

Happy Monday Matchup fountain pen friends! It’s Jenni, the Goulet Pen Company’s Videographer. This week I chose a matchup of a Monteverde Artista Crystal Clear pen with Diamine Red Lustre. Since Christmas is this Friday, I wanted to celebrate with a festive drawing and a unique pen and ink combination. With so much shimmer and gold, this pair seemed like the perfect pair for a holiday themed matchup.

Red Lustre is an ink from the new Diamine Shimmertastic collection. All of these inks contain gorgeous shimmering particles in gold or silver. This particular ink is a vivid red with beautiful and bright gold sparkles. With the unique attributes of this ink, I chose a demonstrator pen so I could watch the gold flecks swirl around and settle. I was not disappointed! It was a fantastic combination.

To get started, I sketched out the whole thing in pencil. Then I took a brush pen and filled it with water and a drop of ink. I filled in the areas I wanted the lightest amount of ink in first. Gradually, I added more and more ink into the the brush pen, to darken the shade of red. I realized that when working with the ink in this manner, there was virtually no shimmer, which was fine for this part of the piece.

After everything was dry, I took the pen and used it to define the edges of everything I’d created. I was surprised to find that the medium nib on this pen was very generous- too generous for what I was going for. So, I flipped the pen over and used the nib upside down in order to get a thinner line on the majority of my outlines. Then I wrote the beginnings of the quote. It was now time to go for the gold!

To get the greatest gold effect on the ribbon, I let the bottle settle so all of the gold flakes fell to the bottom. Next, I took a pipette and got as much ink from the bottom of the bottle as I could. I laid the ink out across the page and used the pen to spread it out to the edges, making sure everything was covered. I let it rest for about 5 minutes to get the gold to settle on the bottom of the ink pool and then took an ink syringe and sucked up the remaining red ink. This worked perfectly! There was a bit of a red tinge, but since the gold particles were heavier, they stayed behind. I used this technique again when I wrote out “Merry”.

There was still a lot of white space on the page, so I took a q-tip and dipped it in the cap of the ink. I wanted just a small amount of ink on the q-tip as I wasn’t going for solid dabs of ink as much as speckles of snow across the page. I liked how that looked, but wanted some gold “snow” as well to add a little more cheer. I took the ink syringe, got some ink from the bottom of the bottle where the gold particles were heaviest, and dropped it on the page one at a time. I waited a couple of minutes and then sucked up the excess red ink, leaving behind the gold particles. Finally, I set it aside to dry.

I really enjoyed working with both the pen and ink. The pen had a little more feedback than I’m used to and the line was pretty broad, but it flowed well and the ink looked beautiful in it. The ink exceeded my expectations! It went from pink to red and entered a whole other realm with the gold shimmer. I loved that I was able to get areas of the piece without any shimmer whatsoever and others with lots of it.

I think this pen would work well for anyone who enjoys a fairly juicy medium nib with a bit of feedback. The ink would work well in writing, but you’ll really get the most out of it if you used it for art. It wasn’t hard to clean out of the pen and there weren’t any clogging issues either!

You can find the Monteverde Artista Crystal Fountain Pen Clear at Gouletpens.com for $36. Diamine Red Lustre is available in a 50ml bottle for $20 or a 2ml ink sample for $1.50.

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