Monday Matchup #72: Conklin Duragraph Ice Blue Medium with Visconti Blue

Hi fountain pen friends! Sarah,‘s Product Photographer, here.

I’m so excited to kick off Monday Matchup! We took a little hiatus while Thanksgiveaway was going on, but are super excited to be up and matching again. To celebrate the winter season, I matched a Conklin Duragraph Ice Blue with Visconti Blue ink. I love the flecks of cool blue and icy white in this pen! I think it works perfectly for December and the chilly weather. I’d never used Visconti Blue before but thought the rich deep ink would look beautiful with this pen.

My inspiration for this work came from the song “My Favorite Things” from the Sound of Music. I’ve enjoyed this song since I was a child and was reminded of the “blue satin sashes” and “silver white winters” when looking at this pen and ink combination. I got out my trusty Clairefontaine Triomphe tablet and got to work!

I started with a brush pen filled with water. I dipped it in the cap of the ink to just get a little color on the end and sketched out the tree. I layered on more ink to give it depth. I was pleasantly surprised to find that the ink was really saturated, so I didn’t have to put very much ink down to get the dark, rich shadows that I was aiming for. I waited for the ink to dry and outlined the tree with the pen, adding in more lines and branches.

Having learned about the ink’s saturation, I decided I was going to have to use a lot less ink for the glow of the snowflakes. I grabbed a sheet of scrap paper and using the brush pen, dipped the pen in the cap again. I brushed the pen several times across the scrap paper to get rid of most of the ink. I was able to create the glow you see around the snow flakes using this method. I was also able to layer the ink better. I waited for the ink to dry and drew each snowflake using the pen. Finally, I wrote out the quote, going over it twice at the bottom to make it darker.

I loved working with this fantastic combination! I did think the pen was a bit toothy even with the Medium nib. However, the ink was wet and flowed smoothly from the pen. It also had a fair amount of shading, which I love.

I think this combination would work well in a number of settings. The pen and ink are both fun without being outrageous. I can see it being great for anything from journaling to the work place. It’d be a conversation starter, and draw attention, but in a positive way.

You can find the Conklin Duragraph Ice Blue at for $44. Visconti Blue ink is available in 40ml bottles for $17.50, ink cartridges for $6.90, or 2ml ink samples for $1.50.

What is your favorite blue pen and ink?

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