Product Updates: Discontinued Stuff

Hey everyone!

As much as we love talking about exciting new product releases, sometimes we have sad news to share about discontinued products. Here’s a quick round up of some discontinued products (most by the manufacturer).

Edison Collier in Silver Marble

We only have a few left, and then this Silver Marble color is gone! Fortunately, a new Collier color should be coming in the near future. No word on what it will look like yet. πŸ™‚

Noodler’s Konrads in colors

Nathan Tardif at Noodler’s has been working hard to improve the Konrad flex pen design, which is why it’s been out of stock for so long. While we do still have the Clear version in stock, the other colors are essentially discontinued. Once the redesign is complete, we’ll see some brand new colors coming in 2016. The acrylic and the ebonite versions are still available sporadically in limited runs.

TWSBI 580AL in Blue

was only released a few weeks ago, but unfortunately the TWSBI 580AL in Blue is already
discontinued. We do still have some
available in Extra-Fine, Fine, Medium, and Broad. A new 580AL color will likely follow sometime in 2016.

TWSBI 580 in Black with Rose Gold

We’ve been out of this for a few months now, and we confirm it’s not coming back. It looks like TWSBI does still have a few in Extra-Fine on their website if you want to buy direct before they’re all gone.

Visconti Rembrandt in Purple

This was a special edition run, and it’s come to an end. We have very limited quantities left of the purple Visconti Rembrandt in Fine (the medium is already gone). I do have good news – you’ll see another Rembrandt color next year, as well as a new purple Visconti pen from us in early 2016.

2016 Planners

It happens every year. Planner manufacturers only produce a certain number (as planners literally have an expiration date), and we’re starting to run out of 2016 dated planners from Leuchtturm1917 and Rhodia. So get on it!

That’s all for now. There are a few other products that we’re choosing to close out (like select pen models in broad or the Pilot G2 multi-packs), and I’m sure we’ll have more announcements next year as our manufacturers bring in new colors and product lines. We’ll keep you posted!

Which of these products are you going to miss the most? What would you like to see in 2016?

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Rachel Goulet

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  • David

    Yeah, long-post here, but I feel better now πŸ™‚

    Let’s call this a Year-End Rant. Please-read this Gouletpens. No-reply necessary.

    * Edison Collier in Silver Marble:

    Lovely pen, but it likely suffers (like all light-colored acrylic pens) from coloring or (worse-yet) ink staining which will show-trough, both in the section and in the cap (unless there is a proper cap-liner). So, this one, I will not miss.

    * Noodler’s Konrads in colors:

    I’m happy to hear there may be improvements to any of the Konrad/Ahab pens from Mr. Tardif. I have many, and they’ve been good performers – but only after a LOT of work modifying/tuning the nibs and feeds. I’m not complaining about that. It was clear from the start the Noodler’s pens may need work (e.g., the included paper in the box explaining this). I’m a Big Noodler’s fan! Mr. Tardif (even with the rough-spots) has added a LOT to our FP Community with his inks and pen products.

    * TWSBI 580AL in Blue:

    The 580AL in Blue is/was the BEST 580AL version ever released, especially because most people with FP’s use a blue or blue-black ink, and the 580AL/Blue matches the ink color fairly well. Why would Speedy discontinue this specific version? Of-course, all the TWSBI 5xx series suffer from 1. Not posting properly (posts to the filler knob), 2. Even if you are OK with posting to the knob, it is too top-heavy when posted. TWSBI is now FAMOUS for NOT being able to make pens that post properly and/or post top-heavy when posted. Here’s why…

    We all hoped the TWSBI ECO would be the first TWSBI pen that would actually post properly. But alas, it doesn’t. The cap pops off if posted. There are forum threads on the FPN about this. I have two ECO pens. Now both do not post securely. Sadly, TWSBI is ignoring this problem, so-far. Let’s hope that will change.

    * TWSBI 580 in Black with Rose Gold:

    I have one of these. Given the negatives about the TWSBI 5XX pens already stated in my post (above), the Rose-Gold 580 is the most beautiful of the series (arguably, there is the white Mini). But it suffers from additional problems: 1) There have been serious problems with the Rose-Gold plating oxidizing and/or pitting. This is common with Rose-Gold plating on inexpensive pens. I personally had a horrible corrosion problem with my Rose-Gold 580 nib, which TWSBI promptly remedied. But now I do not trust the pen in regular rotation. Rule-of-Thumb: When you see Rose-Gold in a pen description – stay away from it. (Yes, it’s not only TWSBI. Are you listening too Yafa?)

    * Visconti Rembrandt in Purple:

    I don’t like Visconti due to the in-your-face branding (especially the clips). Italian pen manufacturers are falling like flies these days, and rightfully so. Quality is a big problem (perhaps with the exception of Omas, which by the way is now also in financial trouble). Look at the downfall of Stipula: Semi-flex gimmick pens with over-priced nibs. The Stipula-Splash is a good example. The Splash was was a hugely over-priced Pakistani-made School Pen. Gouletpens should never have sold the Splash in the first-place; and took far too long to stop selling it!

    * 2016 Planners:

    Dated end-of-year remaining products like Planners are a nightmare to deal with if you are a reseller/distributor. I feel for Gouletpens, but that’s the way it is. Flush old-stock at low prices and build the inevitable into your next-year purchase. Just-in-time (JiT) restocking helps, but I understand a lot of these dated products come from outside the U.S., and import delays and costs make these products difficult to handle.

    I never get trapped in this Marketing-Scam of bound & dated Planners. I design and print my own self-designed planner pages on high-quality blank Japanese (typically true Japanese manufactured Kokuyo brand) A5 20-hole paper bought in-bulk that inserts/removes from ringed binders. Take that you greedy bound-notebook/planner manufacturers. I’m done with you!

    * A Final Comment:

    All the best to the Goulet’s and everyone at Gouletpens. But allow me state my wishes for 2016: 1. Get the Web-Site under control! There is WAY too much scripting involved, and the site is NOT responsive, especially for those of us with limited bandwidth, there’s too much scripting BLOAT and too many 3rd-party scripting sites to allow. 2. Get RID of Disqus! Again, too much BLOAT with the 3rd-party Disqus thing. 3. Find an affordable way to ship Internationally (WITH tracking). You’re losing out by serving only the CONUS market effectively.

    Merry Christmas & Happy New Year to All… David in Jakarta

  • Ken

    “a new purple Visconti pen from us in early 2016.” – any chance of a hint as to which style it could be HomoSapiens, VanGogh, Opera or something else ?

  • Kathy

    I wish y’all would carry Nomadic bags. Jet Pens carries some, but seems to be discontinuing them. I researched to see if I can purchase them somewhere else, but the only website I can find is in Japanese. I’m not trusting Google translator in this case! I know bags aren’t exactly your main business line, but these bags are so practical! Great for organizing pens and paper on the go. I’d be happy if you could just tell me where I can buy themπŸ˜€