Top 10 Hot Products of 2015

Hey fountain pen friends, Rachel here! It’s that time of year when our team starts reminiscing over everything that has happened, and I thought I’d share with you some of the top products for 2015 that were influential or super hot in the fountain pen community.


The 2015 limited edition Pilot Vanishing Point in Twilight was
probably the fastest-selling limited edition color yet! We couldn’t get
enough. The ombré finish was something new for Pilot – and very trendy –
and we hope to see more like it in the future.

Speaking of the Pilot VP, we finally saw 1.0mm stub nibs
arrive this year. Pilot knew they would do well, but definitely didn’t
anticipate how popular they’d be in the US…. we’re backordered until
the spring!

The Retro Pop collection for the Pilot Metropolitan
was a welcome addition to the line. The animal prints were nice, but
these colors really pop! The Metro has been such an awesome pen,
especially as a first fountain pen, and these colors appeal to people of
all generations.

arrived after much anticipation as the most affordable TWSBI pen yet.
They stuck to their design principles with a clear barrel and piston
mechanism, but with a price at under $30 and limited supply, it’s no
wonder it’s popular!

Our seasonal Edison Nouveau Premieres
have continued to be extremely popular after two years, and the best
one this year was the Midnight Thunder in the fall. So popular that we
ran out of material and had to cut the buying season short! We’re
excited about picking 2016 materials.

Gotta include some Lamy love here. This year’s special edition Al-Star was a really nice color – CopperOrange. We paired it with a Filofax notebook (also new this year) for a great value gift set, exclusive to Goulet Pens. Still available, though not for much longer!


This was the year for glitter! The frenzy started late last year and early into 2015 with J. Herbin 1670 Stormy Grey, and the glitterizing of Bleu Ocean. But the runaway hit was Emerald of Chivor
which launched this past summer. Besides the beautiful teal color, the
shimmer was just unreal, especially on Tomoé River paper (more on that

Diamine followed suit with their launch of 10 brand new inks as part of their new Shimmertastic collection. Some with silver sparkles, some with gold sparkles, these inks have also been incredibly popular.


Tomoé River
has taken the US by storm this year. While previously very difficult to
acquire, a new distributor has enabled this amazing paper to be
available through US retailers. This super thin 52gsm paper holds up
incredibly well for fountain pens, showing a lot of sheen and shimmer
without bleeding through.

The Midori Traveler’s Notebook came out with their special edition
regular size in Blue, along with PanAm-themed accessories. We sure do
love blue around here, and you did too, based on how popular it was!

So that’s all of the hot products for 2015, based on our knowledge. Do you agree with this list? If not, what do you think was the “it” product in the fountain pen community this past year?

Write On,
Rachel Goulet

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  • Tom Johnson

    Oh yes, Rachel, you guys scored some big hits in 2015. All of these here are fantastic (so are their photos), but I’ve never had paper like Tomoe River and it became a favorite immediately, nor an ink as fascinating as Emerald of Chivor. Now my favorite shimmer ink. So glad I got the VP 1.0 nib quickly, or I would be anxiously waiting for your re-stock. My 1.1 mm TWSBI Eco is fantastic and I’ve been keeping shimmer inks in it for several months now. Flawless. Other new products I rank high are the Atelier Gargoyle sealing waxes, Before someone asks, I’ll answer one question right now – the blue under the nib in the VP photo is the color of a brand new VP feed – it is a light blue plastic. Unless, that is, the pen was inked with a blue ink when the photo was taken.