Goulet Top 10 Picks for Winter

What better way to survive, or enjoy rather, the Winter season than by curling up by the fire with a freshly inked pen, ready to write?! Since the Winter has most of us cooped up inside, it’s a great time to write letters, start a new journal, or try your hand at sketching with your fountain pens. Of course you can use any pen and ink combination all year round, but if you’re looking to match the weather and season to your fountain pens, ink and paper, we have some suggestions for you!

1. Conklin Duragraph Ice Blue, $44
The deep blue acrylic with icy white flecks makes this pen perfect to use this Winter. The Duragraph offers both a classic and modern look making this ideal to use at home or at the office. Interested in sketching with this pen? Check out Sarah’s Monday Matchup and read about her experience using this pen here.

2. Diamine Blue Pearl, $20
This ink is part of the new Shimmertastic collection from Diamine. This beautiful blue ink features silver shimmer, best seen when used with a broad of flex nib! See more of this collection here.

3. Faber-Castell Loom Piano White, $40
The shiny metal barrel paired with the white cap reminds us of fresh snow, making it an easy choice to use this Winter. Faber-Castell nibs are super smooth and offer a very enjoyable writing experience. 

4. Field Notes Snowblind, $9.95 
These are some of the coolest notebooks we’ve seen! At first glance, they appear white, but take “Snowblind” into direct sunlight, and it’s a whole different story. You can even create temporary  patterns on your books with stencils, household objects, or plants!

5. Monteverde Impressa Pearl Silver/Blue, $40
This metallic blue trim with the pearl white body is the perfect pair to use this chilly Winter season. And it’s pretty close to “Goulet Blue” which you know we love! The Impressa uses a steel #6 nib making it easy to switch writing styles.

6. Noodler’s Ahab in Ahab’s Pearl, $23
Get a pen you can tinker with as you’re stuck inside during the cold Winter days! The Ahab flex pen allows you to write with line variation and is meant to be taken apart and adjusted by the user. This is a great pen for those of you who want to try something new in 2016! Check out more inspiration for flex writing here.

7. Noodler’s Polar Blue, $16-24
Do you live somewhere with severe Winter conditions? Try the Polar inks from Noodler’s! Designed to withstand very cold temperatures, this ink is freeze resistant and ideal for those writers living in cold conditions.

8. Pilot Iroshizuku Fuyu-syogun – Old Man Winter, $28
How could we not suggest this ink to use this season – just look at the name! Pilot Iroshizuku inks are delightful to write with, and this color is no exception. This beautiful light gray ink reminds us of the cold, crisp Winter air.

9. Pilot Stargazer Pearl White, $152
This petite pen boasts a 14k gold nib as well as a beautiful overall design. The Stargazer would make a fantastic “next level” pen for the fountain pen user ready to add a gold nib to their collection.

10. Rhodia Ice Notebook, $2.50-$5.75
The No. 16 notepad is definitely the most popular size,  but the Ice notebooks come in a range of sizes allowing you to find one that best suites your needs. The white cover with the embossed silver Rhodia logo makes this notebook a stand out.

See something you’re interested in? Find our Winter Favorites easy-to-shop guide here. And if you’re looking to get a pen, ink and paper, check out our Winter Blues set, offered at a discount.

Do the seasons inspire your choice of pens, ink and notebooks?

Stay warm and write on, 
The Goulet Pen Company Team

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  • Aw man, everything’s interesting >.< My bank account doesn't agree with me, however…

  • Nicky

    I love Fuyu-Syogun! It’s such a beautiful gray-blue ink, especially in the winter. I currently have it in my Pilot VP as a daily carry for note taking at work–serious enough for the office, but also noticeable when editing or writing on documents. Though it can get a bit too light in dry pens, it’s perfect in a wet medium or broad pen.

    • Hi Nicky! I’m also a huge fan of Fuyu-Syogun. Such a lovely shade of gray! You described it perfectly. 🙂