Shipping Rate Updates at Goulet Pens

Every year, sometimes twice a year, USPS comes out with postal rate increases, and we try to absorb what we can without passing the extra costs on to you. After a lot of spreadsheets, analysis, and discussions, we concluded that this year we will need to raise our shipping rates slightly. One of our core values is “Be Honest”, so we’re letting you know in advance!

Shipping Internationally:

All of our international shipping rates are based on the weight of the order, and the country it’s shipping to. There are three options:

First-Class International – this is the cheapest option, and only for lightweight orders. It takes the longest, and there is NO tracking. It could take up to 6-8 weeks for your order to arrive, but is much cheaper than the other two options.

Priority International – this is the mid-level option. There is limited tracking, and it usually takes a few weeks.

Express International – this is the fastest, most reliable option with full tracking. Most orders arrive within a week, maybe two at the most depending on how long the customs process takes.

Our offerings are the same, but you will likely see the shipping price go up by around 10-20%, once the international shipping rate changes go into effect on January 17. It should also be noted that none of these rates include any customs fees or duties, which vary by country and value of the order, so you will need to see what your individual country charges for those and pay them accordingly once the package arrives in your country.

Shipping within the United States:

you aren’t familiar, we offer a flat shipping price for USPS Priority
Mail if you’re located within the United States and its territories.
That means no matter how much you order, your shipping price will stay
at our flat Priority Mail price. It depends on your location – those
closest to us in Virginia will be cheapest, and those farthest a little
more expensive, because that’s how rates are structured.

haven’t raised our Priority shipping rates in over five years. It was
just Brian and me in our garage when we set our original prices! We just
can’t absorb this latest increase.

Effective January 15, our domestic Priority rates will be going up by $1.
The new prices will be $6.95, $7.95, and $8.95 (again, depending on
location). You’ll still be able to add on signature confirmation for an
extra fee if you so choose.

If you’re serving our
military and are located with an APO/FPO shipping address, your Priority
mail shipping will still be free. That’s our small way of saying thank
you for your service to our country!

We’ll still offer the economical first-class shipping for lightweight packages.

Why Do We Charge for Shipping?

I know some of you are wondering why we don’t offer free shipping. Here’s why….

Let’s first visit our mission statement: “To provide fountain pen enthusiasts with the most personal online shopping experience through comprehensive education, exemplary service, and products we believe in.”

Adding value instead of discounting price

To summarize, we believe in value-add, not discounting. This means we want to create an experience for you, when you shop with us. Everything from answering an email, to our videos, to our newsletters and thoughtful photography…. everything has a personal touch.

Every order from us receives a handwritten thank-you note, no matter how large or small. The act of slowing down to write a note to you helps to remind us that there is a real human person behind the order – you! And there is a real person behind every touchpoint of the experience on our side too. Just from the time you place your order on our website to the time it leaves our warehouse, there are at least six different people who work together to get it prepared and packed up.

Battle-ready packing

We believe in packing to survive the worst case scenario. We’ve seen boxes get really dinged up on the way from us to you, and our job is to make sure that your products arrive in pristine condition.  We want opening a package from us to feel like opening a gift to yourself. And the lollipop – well, we know that our slightly ridiculous amount of care can take a while to open, so the lollipop is our gift to you to entertain yourself while you’re working to get to the goods!

No such thing as free shipping

We believe that the way we ship is worth paying for. And our team works really hard to make sure that the experience you get from us reflects that.

Even the retailers that offer free shipping, it really isn’t free. That money has to be made up somewhere, whether it’s built-in to the cost of the products, a sacrifice in shipping care or after-purchase support, it’s made up somewhere. Free shipping promotions are something we have tried strategically in the past, and after crunching the numbers, it doesn’t make sense for us to do that unless we cut back in other areas of our service and that would fundamentally change a lot about the Goulet experience that so many of you love. It’s also really important to us to be able to take good care of our team members, and cutting corners in cost would hurt our ability to do that.

FedEx and UPS

Currently we don’t offer shipping through UPS or FedEx which is something that is requested frequently. It’s something we’re looking into for 2016, though it is complicated logistically for us to set up. The reason we ship by USPS is mainly for cost, as they almost always come in cheaper than the other guys for lightweight orders like most of what we ship out. With USPS rates going up, we are now revisiting the other carriers to see how feasible that would be for us to offer alongside our current USPS rates.

The road less traveled

There are a lot of factors in choosing where to shop, and we know that you work hard to earn your money. We do our best to offer fair prices, both for products and for the shipping. All we hope is that you can appreciate the value we provide for you and the fountain pen community and choose to support us with your order.

What are your thoughts on shipping when shopping online? Do you think our service is worth paying for? Would you like to see FedEx or UPS as additional offerings (even if they cost a little more than USPS)? We have a lot of strategic conversations around shipping and are very, very open to your feedback here.

Write On,
Rachel & Brian Goulet

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  • pigpuddle

    I put much more trust in the people who send the package than the folks who actually carry it to me. Horror stories abound from every carrier option. I’d rather pay a little more and know that no matter what, one way or another, I’ll get my package. Not only that, it’ll be in perfect condition.

    • Hi pigpuddle! It’s great to hear that you value shipping as much as we do. Thanks for the helpful feedback. πŸ™‚

  • Jenn H.

    Free shipping is nice and all, but I would rather pay shipping and get great service than get free shipping with mediocre service. As you pointed out above, free is never really free – there is no free lunch. Someone, somewhere has to pay the cost.
    Thank you for all you do, including operating with honesty and integrity. This is primarily why I do business with you.

    • Hi Jenn! Thanks for the vote of confidence. We really appreciate your understanding and support. πŸ™‚

  • Mary Bucklew

    I dont expect a company who is customer-forward and one that provides as much customer-education as GPC does, to absorb the normal costs of doing business when those ancillary costs increase. My tipping point is when the cost-benefit ratio changes. Brian and Rachel go to the mat to provide the excellent customer experience, and that’s worth more than free shipping, which most often means, the shipper puts it on the slowest boat or pack mule it can and that is just downright irritating.

    • Hey Mary! Everyone around here works really hard to make sure our customers receive the best possible experience. That definitely applies to every order we pack and ship. I’m glad to hear that you value that more than free shipping, since we do too! πŸ™‚

  • The shipping is already quite expensive for me, since I’m not in the US, but it’s okay! Absorbing the cost increase isn’t always possible and I’d rather know that my items are well cared for before they get shipped.

    I personally only shop online because there’s only one pen boutique around here and it’s lost in the underground (literally, it’s a store in the underground network of the city) in which I always get lost. Moreover, when it’s a product I’m not sure about, I know that on Goulet Pens you’ll help me out genuinely, not try to sell it to me at all costs. As such, the service is absolutely worth paying for and I think I’ll go and grab one of the pens I’ve been wanting for a while right now before the cost increase take effect, since I really want to get it from Goulet Pens!

    Edit a few minutes later: here, done! I also happened to have a problem with an Ahab’s loose piston, so I discussed with Ross on LiveChat and he was absolutely fantastic. Shopping at Goulet Pens is the best, the customer service is the best, the team members are the best and I’m ready to pay the extra money to get such an amazing experience.

    • Hi Amaryllis! This means a lot since I know you are a student. It is such a bummer that the exchange rate is working against our awesome Canadian customers, but it’s good to know that you can count on us to deliver your items in one piece. Ross is the best!! I’m glad he got that Ahab issue taken care of. πŸ™‚

      • Actually I’ve just finished school, so I’m not a student anymore, but since I don’t have a real job yet, it’s not helping anything ^^’ I’m really looking around to get a job, hopefully I can feed my pen addiction more relatively soon!

        • Wooo!! Congratulations on graduating & good luck on the job search. I’m rooting for you. πŸ™‚

          • Thanks! I’ll do my best! πŸ™‚

          • Absolutely random, but I got a job! Once I’ve saved up enough to get comfortably installed in a new apartment with some money on the side for food, clothes, electricity, phone, and mostly Internet, I’ll be able to feed my pen addiction πŸ™‚

          • Just saw this!! That’s amazing!! Congratulations!!! I remember getting my first job out of college and feeling so proud. I hope you love it. πŸ™‚

          • So far it’s mostly training, but I really like it πŸ™‚

  • bimmerin

    When I placed my first order with you, you were offering the product I was looking for at a price that was consistent with other retailers, and you offered free shipping as my order met the minimum cost for that promotion. However, after receiving that first order and seeing the care with which my order was processed and packaged, I had no problem paying for shipping on subsequent orders. I also appreciate your business model and the care and investment you place in your staff. So while free shipping helped you catch a new customer, your attention to detail, customer support, and authentic-ness has kept this customer firmly in your stable. I’ll happily continue to shop with you and pay for the “Goulet Shipping Experience” …and the lollipop doesn’t hurt either. πŸ™‚

    • Hey there bimmerin! This is great feedback. If you haven’t ordered from us, and didn’t know all the perks that went into our packing, I can see how the free shipping would help get you in. I’m glad we kept you around even after we returned to charging for it. Thanks! πŸ™‚

  • Devin Chisholm

    Will this affect inkdrop on an international level?

    • Yes; we’ll be reaching out to current members first, then will have a blog announcement this Friday. Stay tuned. πŸ™‚

      • Devin Chisholm

        WOW just received the email. I am very disappointed to see a $5 increase. After currency conversion I am looking at roughly $28 for five small sample bottles of ink. At the $15 price I had to contemplate the service. I am sorry to say that after the January shipment I will be stoping my ink drop membership.

        • Yes πŸ™‚

        • Yeah, it really stinks. The raw cost of postage increased to between $9-13US, that doesn’t count the samples or any labor/materials. Even at $20 it’s still pretty slim for us. It’s just plain expensive, we know. We’re considering alternatives, but couldn’t do anything other than increase the price in the timeframe since we were notified of the cost increase.

  • Elise Mauceri

    I love your presence and content online, and am not able to order very often. I will gladly pay the shipping cost when I can order because it is the Goulet experience, and all that it entails, that keeps bringing me back.

    • Hi Elise! I’m glad to hear that you appreciate the value-add services we provide. Thanks for the encouragement! πŸ™‚

  • Kate B

    When the box arrives in good shape, the packaging seems excessive…. but I can understand packing for the worse case scenario! USPS is fine for me…. I see no advantage to FedEx or UPS.

  • Calvin Park

    My wife bought a couple Christmas gifts from you all for folks. USPS left the package on the walk up to our front door, in the pouring rain. The box was soaked, and my wife was dismayed when she saw it (she figured the notebook she had ordered would be ruined). I just sort of shrugged, knowing the way you all wrap your orders. Sure enough, after she opened the box up all the contents were perfectly dry and protected. We love ordering from you all and the personal touch and concern you put into every order and interaction!

    • Hey Calvin! That’s one of the reasons we pack the way we do- we never know what’s curve balls will come that packages way before it gets to the recipient. I’m glad to hear that your Christmas presents weren’t damaged! πŸ™‚

  • Katherine Stewart

    Regardless of what others may say about the packing, I have had boxes come dented and torn, but no so much as a scratch or damage to the contents. So my kudos’s to the entire packing team (I think of them as the Goulet Packers) I always worry on those rare occasions I order from a competitor, I’ve never had to worry about an order from Goulet. I’m not going to worry about a buck! I would look at other shippers if for no other reason to keep healthy competition alive and well, but if you keep things as they are no big deal to me!. Write on! πŸ™‚

    • Amelia

      I had one box mangled by our carrier shoving it into our mailbox, which was smaller than the shipping box. I had a hard time extracting it and thought I might have to cut the box open to get it out. I did manage to get it out, and when I opened the package, everything was still in perfect shape, including the product boxes. That’s reliable packing!

      • Hey Amelia! Wow. Just wow. I can’t believe they would do that! Good thing you were able to get it out of the door and that nothing was damaged in the process. πŸ™‚

        • Amelia

          Yeah, it was ridiculous. We live in a rural area, and our current carrier doesn’t like going up the driveway to leave packages on the porch (our previous one used to do that even with small packages that would fit in the mail box). I was REALLY glad that it was from Goulet, who I can count on to pack everything with extra care!

          • That’s why we pack the way we do πŸ™‚ Honestly though, we’ve seen some pretty amazing handling from all the carriers, granted there are certainly some special USPS local mail carriers, but it’s not like the others are immune to careless workers. I’m sorry your local one is so rough on your packages.

        • Amelia

          Also wanted to add that we often get mail for people who live more than a few miles away, on a road with a very different name, but whose house number is the same as ours. Regardless of how many times I’ve brought this to the attention of the post office she works out of (just leaving it in the mailbox with a note to the carrier didn’t help), this still happens at least once a month, and more than half the time it is a package. In fact, there is a package that seems to contain a dvd now sitting on my kitchen counter that I need to get directed to the correct address. Since this has never happened with UPS or FedEx, there are times when I’ve wished I could choose one of them (preferably UPS) instead of USPS for certain orders. I worry that my package will end up in some distant mailbox elsewhere in the county every time I order. So far, so good, though!

        • Randy R

          Oh, yes. Do believe it. Fortunately it hasn’t happened where I now live, but at my previous community, it happened rather frequently and no, informing the post office or post person does NOT help. UPS is usually more reliable and, like I said earlier, the UPS tracking system beats the one USPS has by miles and miles!

          Oops, I meant this reply to go to Amelia’s comment right below this one about delivering to the wrong address. Apparently, I can’t deliver “it” any better than some of our postal carriers. πŸ˜€

          Good luck Amelia, maybe they will have a changeover in the folks doing the sorting and/or delivering.

    • Hi Katherine! The Goulet Packers sounds like a really awesome football team. I love it! πŸ™‚

      • Katherine Stewart

        I can see it all in my head, white uniforms, Goulet blue accents and the ink drop logo for the team logo, or crossed Pilot Custom 74’s.

        • Is this the making of a beautiful new #GouletLife video?? Haha!! πŸ˜›

  • Sarah

    I’m fairly new to fountain pens. I’ve ordered from 3 different retailers, including you, Goulet.

    Online shop #1 had good prices, but not enough information on their website to make good choices and I ended up unhappy with my purchase. Shipping was also really slow.

    Online retailer #2 was fast, which is why I succumbed to their slick 2-day shipping, but my beautiful bottle of ink arrived with the ink bottle box completely smashed. The ink was fine sure, but the whole experience of unwrapping something I’ve been waiting for and seeing damaged packaging kind of took the wind out of my sails. This retailer is also an amalgamation of some good retailers and some really sketchy ones. I don’t like not knowing who I’m doing business with and giving my money to.

    My Goulet pen/paper/ink experience has been so great. I trust what’s coming to me, it arrives quickly, is a genuine product, and in new condition. I also appreciate the videos, articles, and information available on your website and have educated and informed myself through them for free. You have earned my loyalty and your selection can’t be beat. I love that you don’t carry anything you wouldn’t use or don’t believe in. I do not mind paying for shipping and good service.

    • Randy R


    • Hi Sarah! I’m sorry you had those experience with other retailers but I’m really happy to hear that we were able to turn it around for you. It’s amazing how the much the little details add to the shopping experience. πŸ™‚

  • yawningreyhound

    I’m fine with shipping cost increases. I’d rather pay higher shipping and you pay your employees a living wage…win/win for your company and employees. And at Goulet, the CUSTOMER ALWAYS WINS.

    • Hey there! As a Goulet employee, I’m also glad that they pay a living wage! Seriously, Brian & Rachel go above and beyond to consistently and fairly treat everyone who works here. None of it would be possible, however, without awesome customers like you! Thanks for your continued support. πŸ™‚

      • yawningreyhound

        It always speaks well of companies when the same faces are consistently present…the employers must be doing something right! I’ll bet you’ve kept customers around for a long time, too, with your progressive, thoughtful business acumen.

        • We try πŸ™‚ it really boils down a lot to business philosophy. “Prove that business can be personal”, to us that means that we hire well, pay well, and spend a lot of time educating our team so they can be empowered to provide an experience that’s the best value (which sometimes means cheapest price, sometimes not) overall. Having a team that knows the products well costs time and money. This is fundamentally different than cutting on whatever services necessary to offer the lowest price. This comes out in shipping by packing things well and hiring people who really care about what they pack up…even our fulfillment team is surprisingly “into” fountain pens πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜‰

  • jane pilecki

    You get what you pay for. And I get a lot!! The dollar increase is fine with me. You pay your team well, provide outstanding benefits for them, treat them well, and respect and appreciate them. You provide resources no one else does. There is value in all you provide to us, including the “Battle Ready” packing. Of course I don’t mind the extra dollar!

    • Hi Jane! It’s so good to hear you feel that way. Thank you for your continued support!! πŸ™‚

  • Shelley

    To be completely honest, shipping cost is usually the major reason why I don’t order from Goulet sometimes. If I buy a 15-dollar pen and need to pay 7 dollars for shipping, I would rather order from places that offers free shipping. But if I accumulate and order at once, then something might go out of stock and I ended up not placing the order. Besides, if I’m buying a lot of products, I would like to see a deduction in shipping costs as an “acknowledgment” for spending thousands of dollars on the products. That being said, I do think you get what you pay for, and I appreciate the careful packaging and would love to pay for that, but I just feel that I don’t need that careful of packaging for a cheap product, and expensive product deserves careful packaging without needing to pay extra for it. Anyway, many of you might disagree with me, but I’m just “being honest”…

    • Reynard

      Usually a single pen goes at their <$5 first-class rates. However, I do remember having a lot of frustration with the inventory issues. Just when one item came in stock, another in the same pending order would go out of stock. I'd assumed that became less of an issue in the past few years as inventory management probably improved, but a lot of the time (TWSBI, Noodler's) it's supplier issues that can't be helped.

      • I’ve just tested it out to be accurate, but internationally, even in Canada, ‘a single pen’ as you said would cost me 9,45$ to ship, meaning almost 15$ in Canadian dollars. And the pen I put in my cart to test it out was a plastic pen, so the weight isn’t a problem there. I can’t imagine just how expensive it must be once it’s overseas.

        • Basically, USPS has made it so that every First-class package costs the same up to 8-ounces in weight, that’s part of this most recent change. So if you order one plastic pen (let’s say Noodler’s, they’re light) it might be 3 ounces. But order a second one, and the postage will be the same. Order 3…well it might go up a tad. But yeah, USPS has basically put it in a “minimum” cost of shipping for their First-class postage. That, combined with a strengthening US dollar is making it really tough on you, I know! And it’s not even like we’re “making” any more of that money you’re paying, that’s just going to inflation/exchange rates/USPS, so unfortunately it’s not really benefiting us or you πŸ™

          • It’s okay, I know it’s not your fault πŸ™‚ I was just calculating it to prove that ‘a single pen’ isn’t as inexpensive to ship as some people might think.

      • Yeah, that’s been a huge issue for us. Some of these manufacturers just flat-out aren’t making enough to meet demand. Trust me, we do a LOT behind the scenes to try to have things in stock, but when there are 100 people that want 5 pens, it’s just going to be frustration city. We’re trying to think of other ways we can manage inventory better, as that’s a huge hurdle when looking to combine orders.

    • I’m in the same boat as you. I love Goulet, but If you live overseas the shipping costs can be almost as much as the pen. I’ve stopped a few orders once I’ve seen the shipping costs, because I just can’t justify it to myself – once you add on $20 or so, the price is too high. So I think “another day, maybe” and empty my cart.

      • Yeah, this is a tough one, and I appreciate your honesty here. Especially internationally, there is a huge initial hurdle on the shipping cost, but incrementally the cost isn’t as bad once you hit 1 lb of weight or so. But, then the cost adds up and you’re more likely to get hit with customs fees, so it’s really pretty hard to beat the system. Aside from essentially choosing to make nothing (or even lose money) there’s no more affordable way for us to ship overseas.

    • We do have first-class shipping as an option for anything under 1 lb in the US that’s under $5 or so, but once you trigger the weight for Priority Mail, it jumps up to that $7 (or near there, depending where you are) because that cost is just flat out there in the postage fees. It makes it so that those kinda-small orders are really expensive for us to send out…both in overhead and postage fees. So we balance that out by offering either First-Class which is cheaper for those single-pen orders, and we cap the cost of your shipping to that base Priority Mail price. So yes, you’ll pay that $7 for your one pen, or 15 pens, 20 notebooks and 30 bottles of ink. It’s a greater savings to combine your orders up into one single one than to order that same equivalent in separate orders.

  • KB

    A couple of days ago, I placed an order for some inks and notebooks. After placing the order, I realized I forgot to order a nib. I had to pay “grown-up” shipping costs for an item the size of me thumbnail. That hurt a little.
    That being said during lunch today, I walked down the street to get a $4 milkshake that cost .50 cents to make. But I like the shop and the people who run it. Sometimes, a few bucks here and there to support our neighbors can be a good thing.
    Like Sarah, I bought my first fountain pen from a HUGE retailer. When I got it, I had no idea what to do with it and it went into a drawer. It wasn’t until I found Goulet pens that I learned about them. Think about it this way, the shipping costs also go towards community education.

    • Tom Johnson

      Once I forget a simple item in my Goulet order until after I had placed the order. I immediately placed a second order for the single item and then contacted Goulet (chat or email) and asked if the extra item could be included in the first order. I got an answer back that they would not ship the first order until the forgotten item was included at no increase in shipping costs. It was something like a nib. I think they re-entered the first order number to include the small item and billed my credit card with the increase. Anyway, it was simple and Goulet accommodated my needs very quickly. I will not buy from anyone else unless I can’t get it from Goulet. Period.

      • Amelia

        That happened to me, and I had placed the order late at night. I called first thing the next morning, and a very helpful fellow was able to add the item to my order since it hadn’t been packed yet. It was really nice!

        I can understand why ordering internationally the increase could be daunting, but at least in the U.S., I don’t think it was an unreasonable hike. And I think that one reason I feel that way is that Goulet not only told up about it — rather than our being surprised the next time we checked out — but that they told us in advance. It’s that kind of communication that makes me feel like I’m dealing with my “neighborhood store” and not just another anonymous online retailer.

        • Thanks Amelia…we really wrestled with this one, too. It’s definitely a tough spot for us…we’re having to charge you more but we aren’t keeping any of it! So we look like the bad guys (to some) when really this is something completely outside of our control. Even if other companies aren’t posting blogs about it, trust me, they’re having conversations in their conference rooms about how they’re going to make that money back up…somewhere. At least here we’re being forthcoming about how we’re doing it, even if it’s hard news to deliver.

      • Thanks for your support, Tom! Our Customer Care will always try to help with an order change – I’m glad to hear our team was able to help you out. πŸ™‚

    • We really love being able to offer some of the “extras” like educational blogs and videos. πŸ™‚ We’ll always do our best to accommodate an order change, don’t hesitate to reach out to us! Thanks for your support, KB!

    • And that’s why we offer to add items or combine orders (if they haven’t shipped yet) whenever possible…which is an amazingly complicated customer service task for us. But that’s something we offer when we can to help in just this kind of situation. Seriously, we’re doing 20-30 of these adjustments on a given Monday from people who’ve changed their minds to some degree on the weekend!

  • Jamie

    Free shipping is usually a top priority for me when shopping online, but I don’t mind paying for shipping when buying from Goulet. I know that I can trust what I am getting. After receiving a counterfeit pen from a seller on Amazon, I decided that the extra cost to buy from a reputable shop was most definitely worth it.

    • Thanks for your support, Jamie! We’re always here to help, don’t hesitate to reach out with questions you might have on a future purchase. πŸ™‚

    • Ouch! Sorry about that counterfeit, that’s one reason (among many) we’d never consider offering our products through Amazon’s FBA, too. The kicker is that we really don’t seek to charge a “premium” on anything. What used to be somewhat of a standard of B&M stores-turned online retailers charging mainly full MSRP (6 years ago) has now resulted in most of those stores being out of business and the “street price” is being set more and more by deep discounters like Amazon and Massdrop so that those who used to be the value sellers (like us) now seem to be charging a premium, just because we offer what I would consider to be the proper level of support and education. It’s been a shift in the e-commerce climate since we started our company, and we’re really trying to focus on overall value instead of just low price (which is part of what you allude to).

  • RIP Australian customer and our crappy currency….

  • Reynard

    There are other factors such as income, but as much as I agree in principle, and appreciate the social media efforts and exceptional customer service, I found the end of the FPN discount (which often equated to free shipping) led me to most often shop elsewhere. As well, other small pen shops have opened since that I also want to support. The pen mfg have also seriously hurt all retailers with their increasingly intolerable minimum retail price restrictions. $28 for Iro? Sorry, no. When prices go up and budgets shrink, it squeezes out my ability to shop the way I’d prefer.

    • Thanks for being honest, Reynard! We appreciate hearing from you as it helps us know how to serve our customers in the future.

  • Prime Member

    I'm always torn. I love you all and what you do, but frequently I save money and get free shipping (prime or >35$ order) from Amazon.

    Many colors of Iroshizuku inks there are 22-24$ depending on the many factors Amazon uses to raise/lower price and their popularity. So that's 22-24$ total with free shipping. Even for those colors priced very slightly over 28$ on Amazon ship for free.

    Now, at Goulet, the same bottle of ink is 28$ regardless of color + 6.95$ s/h. If I can save ten bucks on a silly bottle of ink and it's delivery to my house, I will. Same goes for my new Vanishing Point. Cheaper on Amazon, shipped free, and still came with a valid US warranty.

  • Bryce

    As a retail user/buyer, I am fine with paying a little extra. As someone suggested, there ain’t no such thing as a free lunch, and I really do appreciate the level of attention and detail that has gone into the packaging of every single order that GPC has sent to me. I’ve been lucky that none of them has been significantly damaged in transit, but the point is that details like wrapping ink in plastic, and separating it from paper goods is not only sensible, it should be a standard. I’ve ordered other kinds of mixed items from other retailers, and while the contents are cushioned, they are all left in their original boxes or containers; thus, I’ve had occasions where liquids, aerosols, and gels have contaminated the rest of a multi-item shipment. The way GPC packs orders, I think it would take force majeure to damage items.

    I don’t think the level of care is slightly ridiculous at all: I think it shows the respect for the customer and the foresight to understand what could go wrong. I spend hard-earned money on my pens, inks, and papers, and I choose GPC as my go-to for purchases precisely because you and the team are real people who are engaged with me, and I know that once I place my order, I can rely on my items arriving in a timely way in pristine condition.

    I also think that pricing shipping fairly and separating the cost of shipping from the costs of each item is the way to go. We’ve probably all seen ads from retailers who will sell me 2 for the price of 1, muttering “plus shipping and processing” under their breaths, and often the “shipping and processing” costs are extremely high and way out of proportion to the actual costs involved. I do ship items and gifts via the USPS from time to time, and know what they charge for postage, so I think the fees GPC charge for shipping are well in line with the actual costs of shipping items.

    Regarding UPS and FedEx, I’m not likely to use them for the majority of orders. If I’m buying a last-minute gift, or just have to have that shiny new item *right now*, sure, I would welcome the option to receive my order even faster than the USPS service GPC uses today.

    • Hi Bryce, thanks so much for your thoughts! I’m so glad to hear you value the care we put into all that we do here at Goulet Pens. πŸ™‚ Thanks for your continued support!

    • This is great feedback Bryce, thank you. I think a lot of folks feel this way, and you put it very plainly here. For us, it’s about value, which is a balance between cost and service. We definitely don’t “make” anything from our shipping cost, especially when you consider 1/3 of our staff is working fulfillment. Our shipping charges really only cover the cost of postage, and barely begin to subsidize the cost of the packing materials themselves. Trust me, no one in e-commerce (including us) is making a living from shipping fees…now maybe some of the tv infomercials maybe… πŸ˜‰

  • TJo63

    TANSTAAFL applies here. The free shipping is in reality not free. I rather see and pay for the shipping cost up front, than suspecting that I pay it on the merchandise, perhaps twice or more.

    Even if I do tend to avoid heavy weights like big stacks of big notepads when I order. Shipping to Sweden is not that cheap after all. πŸ˜‰
    As a hobby pen enthusiast I do not really need the faster transport. But if I would need it I would go for DHL. I used them more than a few times a few years ago and they are quick. If I recall correctly not to expensive either for what they delivered. Example: Order placed to a company on the US east coast Friday 16:00 (09:00 EST). Arrived at my office in Halmstad Sweden at 09:00 (02:00 EST) Monday morning. That was their “Three _business_ days” service.
    FedEx on the other hand will never get my money again. Enough said.

    • Randy R

      Hey, I was going to say that: TANSTAAFL indeed!

      I, too, like UPS especially where I live now. USPS is okay, but UPS is very dependable and their tracking system beats USPS hands down!

      Well done, Goulets. And thanks for caring.

    • Reynard

      Its pretty easy to compare similar carts to see if the shipping is hidden in the prices. The tradeoffs are usually somewhere else. Or, the “equivalent” shipping may be, e.g. $2 vs $7 for a bottle of ink or such. Often the service is pretty good, too. Goulet does have a unique thing going, though, much more “one stop” service and education than elsewhere and a polished site. I’ve watched it grow since 2011 and it’s been exciting. But, if you’ve been a long time part of the larger FP community and have contacts and info and experience from many people over many years, it can also seem a bit _too_ self-contained. Maybe. Overall what Goulet has become is a great asset to the world of pens and they do a great job. Finally someone really “got” online retailing. That said, there are other retailers with other perks (they come to my pen show , they sell stuff you can’t get elsewhere, much better price on some one item) and I only wish I had the cash to place a nice fat order regularly with every site I wanted to support. Compared to five years ago, buyers have it so good now. Though, yeah, the price inflation industry wide over those years has been dismaying.

      • I appreciate that you have a larger perspective, Reynard. Especially when you say we all have it so good now! Even when I was first getting into fountain pens 6.5 years ago, there was FPN…and a few bloggers. And Richard Binder was big. Those were the big names from an education standpoint. Oh and Pentrace (yeah, if you know that then you are a pen veteran for sure) which isn’t even apparently a thing anymore. And the number of decent retailers around now are vast over what there used to be. 5 years ago there wasn’t a single flex pen cheaper than the Pilot Falcon, just think about that! I know I’ve created an ecosystem with Goulet, and that’s been somewhat intentional. Granted, there are a lot of great retailers out there, I just do what I can to service people who appreciate what I offer as much as possible. The ecosystem has been more of the consequence than the end goal.

    • I hear good things about DHL in Europe…they’re really just not a significant presence here in the US. They’re something I’ll explore when looking at carrier options.

  • "If you're serving our military and are located with an APO/FPO shipping address, your Priority mail shipping will still be free. That's our small way of saying thank you for your service to our country!" And that is another reason why I love this company. Great policy

  • MIchael Winn

    Here I came all prepared to opine, but your earlier posters have said it all. From me: Ditto!

  • I'm also torn. I also have Amazon prime and most things there are cheaper and offer free 2-day shipping. I purchased two pilot vanishing points from you despite them being cheaper with free shipping on Amazon. I wanted to support a small family business. However since I have a limited income I will continue to try and support your business as I can, but may have to supplement my shopping elsewhere.
    I do know I appreciate businesses that offer free shipping over a certain price, I.e. Free shipping for orders over 50 dollars or something like that.

  • Tonya

    I’m really only saying what so many others have already said, but basically: I understand. Last year, my family and I really started evaluating our purchases and decided to only buy from folks who could put money back into our “local” economy, even if that meant spending a bit more. Thank you for fighting the tide and not offering cut-rate prices and (of course) cut-rate service. After too many years of big corporate customer service, I’m happy to continue shopping with you. If you do consider UPS and/or FedEx, that would certainly be fine with me. I’m not a fan of USPS because their service is mediocre at best. I encourage you to not focus (too much!) simply about rates in that area either. πŸ™‚

    • Hi Tonya! I’m so happy to hear that you value our customer service and packaging. πŸ™‚ Thanks for your feedback about other shipping options too!

  • Robyn Brown

    I have no local shop to patronize so I have to purchase online. To me, customer service is the number one factor that will bring me back. I like free shipping, I’ll admit but I don’t want to sacrifice for that. I appreciate the customer service experience that comes with shopping at Goulet. The packing is done very professionally and shipping is always quick so I can’t really complain. That said, I am a bit skeptical of the P.O. just because of other experiences (unrelated to Goulet) with packages being lost and having a horrible headache to file a claim. I love UPS but I agree, for small packages they are more expensive. I guess the only suggestion I’d have is to maybe offer insurance on some of the higher priced items. Granted, it is a pain if you ever have to file a claim with the P.O. but it’s better than eating the cost of a $200+ pen.

    • Hi Robyn! Thanks for your feedback. We’ll always do what we can to make sure you receive the items you purchased. πŸ™‚ In the event that anything happens, you would just need to reach out to our team to figure out next steps regarding your order.

  • Amelia

    I don’t mind paying for shipping when the rate is reasonable and the price of the item(s) is good for the quality received. I feel Goulet offers excellent quality and service, and I particularly like the sense I have of personalized service. I know there are ‘real people’ at Goulet and if there’s a problem with an order, or a question I have, it will be responded to. I feel that Goulet treats their customers as more than just money-making units, but as people. I love the value-added blog and videos, too — they’re what drew me to make my first purchase from you guys. So while it’s a pity shipping costs are rising, it’s understandable. (I also know when I get my package, it and the contents will be intact!)

    • Thanks for understanding, Amelia! Our entire team works very hard to make the shopping experience with Goulet Pens a positive one, so I’m happy to hear you value it too. πŸ™‚

    • Thank you Amelia, that means a lot. We literally tell out team all the time “each order is a person, not a dollar amount”. The rising costs stink, especially because we aren’t even seeing a benefit from that. We’re still just trying to make it an awesome experience to buy from us.

  • I think your service is worth paying for, and I really like that you use USPS.

  • Kathy

    I’d rather pay $1 more for shipping from GPC than buying online anywhere else. The quality of service, competitive pricing, and the extensive educational offerings (e.g., videos) are well worth an extra dollar. No worries here!

  • Michael Bechelli

    Having read all thirty of the comments, I can conclude that you have a very articulate and passionate customer base. I have no objections to an increase in shipping costs, because opening one of your packages is a ritual of joy. I’ve become attached to your weekly messages, blogs and critiques. Who knew that pen devotion was a communal activity? Thanks for the Goulet experience!.

    • Reynard

      Pen devotion has been an (internet) communal activity since the late 1990s Zoss mailing list before the web had really taken off. There may have been a usenet newsgroup before that. Goulet has a great thing going and _is_ a great experience, but there’s also a much bigger pen world out there that has been around for decades. Seriously taking it to the level of regular videos is something the Goulets did, if not first, very early on and with compelling dedication and spirit.

    • We’re thankful to be a part of the fountain pen community! Like you said, it’s a passionate group that we love serving. πŸ™‚

  • Gary

    I would like very much to see an option for UPS and FedEx even if it is a few dollars more… especially UPS because in my rural community, I am left fending for myself in a row of silver boxes where packages are often not delivered because the package boxes are all taken. I hate getting those little yellow papers stating to come down to the post office when the nearest post office is 15 miles away. Without fail, my UPS man has delivered my package right to my front door no matter what the weather conditions and they plastic bag it in case I’m not home so that it won’t get wet. So, I say please consider UPS as an option. I do believe you can also arrange pickup of these packages right at your store so that you don’t have to go down to a UPS store to send those packages out to your customers. Thanks for giving us an opportunity to chime in. πŸ™‚

  • Jamie Sandel

    I just can't fathom customers who say they "love what you do, but …". I wonder how many you guys have brought over to fountain pens just to lose sales to Amazon, a company which can't care about the product or their customers on such a personal basis.

    I don't buy all of my products from you. I have a local pen store that I need to support, who's prices are similar to yours when shipping is factored in. But some things he doesn't carry, or doesn't get right away. You're always my next go to. I've had to purchase a few things on Amazon in the past (family members getting me gift cards for obviously the wrong company) and there's always an issue with the shipping.

    So, Goulets – I appreciate what you do, and I respect that businesses need to make a profit. Absorbing shipping costs would affect the quality of your business. I recognize that. Unlike others, I have no "but". I just understand you and respect your role in the fountain pen insdustry.

    Rock on, Goulets!

  • Vincent

    oof, a $5.00 increase in International Inkdrop memberships is pretty steep (33%!)… which turns out to be $4.00/sample – definitely difficult to rationalize. I thought it was going up by “10%-20%”?

    At $17.00 it’s right on the edge (20% increase)…

    Too bad – I loved the InkDrop subscription…

    • Reynard

      That is pretty steep, and especially $4 for samples that are still just 2mL.

      • I know…the postage cost is just killing us, and on tiny products like these the increase makes that much more of an impact.

        • TJo63

          How about combining the above ideas and make an “international” inkdrop that is with more and/or bigger samples (e.g. 5 ml) and maybe bimonthly? If that would make the ratio between merchandise and shipping cost better I would be interested. I guess that you can get in some more in the package before hitting the limit on the weight. Or is it already just below the limit? Don’t know if you have done some optimizing of the package weight to fit the shipping tariff.

    • I just subscribed too.. With the horrible Canadian dollar I won’t be continuing.

      • I’m sorry, I really am.

        • Hey, I completely understand. I’ll just have to buy inks from you, by the bottle instead. πŸ˜‰

    • I know, it just flat out sucks. Our cost of postage for international Ink Drop basically just doubled overnight. The 10-20% we talked about was an average over the shipping cost as a whole, it’s hitting hardest on the most lightweight orders since USPS is charging the same thing for packages that are 1 ounce as they are for 8 ounces. It’s now costing us $9-13 shipping cost alone for international Ink Drop…not counting samples, labor, etc. Even at $20 it’s not a big moneymaker for us, which stinks because we know it’s costing so much.

      • Here’s a thought…what about making international InkDrop every other month? Then packaging two months of samples into one box, thereby cutting shipping in half?

  • I’m also torn. I also have Amazon prime and most things there are cheaper and offer free 2-day shipping. I purchased two pilot vanishing points from you despite them being cheaper with free shipping on Amazon. I wanted to support a small family business. However since I have a limited income I will continue to try and support your business as I can, but may have to supplement my shopping elsewhere.
    I do know I appreciate businesses that offer free shipping over a certain price, I.e. Free shipping for orders over 50 dollars or something like that.
    I understand that you are giving extra care to ensure things are packaged safely and aren’t at risk of breaking. But let’s be honest, that’s in part for you guys too, as if broken items arrived I believe your policy is to replace them which would cost you the price of the product and additional shipping.

    • Reynard

      I can’t count how many times that kind of shipping offer has got me to buy $20 or more of stuff I never intended to get, just to hit the limit, so I’d think it has to increase volume. The Goulet perk that cost me the most money over the years was the discount on 5 bottles of ink. When I was ordering regularly, they regularly sold me at least 2 bottles I wouldn’t have bought otherwise. I knew the “trick”, but that didn’t keep it from working. But, I’ll trust their conclusions if their analysis says it isn’t worth it. It can work the other way with higher amounts like Amazon’s boost from $25 to $35, or other pen shop’s $50 or $75. If the total is more than I feel I have the budget for, I might forego the whole order because I can’t get to the free shipping level, and feel cheated if I have to pay shipping. For pens it’s easier to hit the limit, but like with ink. Buy two bottles and pay shipping, or have to buy four or five to get a deal? I might just give up and buy none.

      • Quantity discounts is definitely something we’re considering again. We used to have them and haven’t been able to do them that same way since we changed our website, but we have some other ways we may be able to go about it that we’re talking through.

    • Yeah, I hear ya. This is a tough one, as we definitely just don’t have the means to compete on price like Amazon. If we did, we’d almost immediately go out of business, and we’ve seen many pen retailers-of-old go down that road of selling on Amazon dropping their prices, then going under happen time and again. It’s a tough spot…you have only so much money, Amazon, Massdrop, whoever else is cheaper. For me, it’s about value, and I can only hope that the things I can offer (education, service, answering your blog comment at 11:49pm on a Sunday night because I care that much) will ultimately differentiate me and my company enough so that we can have the opportunity to serve you when you’re willing and able.

      • Well, sure! There’s a reason I made another order last night. All my friends were geeking out over the invisible ink I got from you guys, so I had to order more pens to I can give them all some. I appreciate the value, and as long as the pricing isn’t too much more I will always choose to support a small business. It’s just once it goes from small differences, to I could have bought an entire other item that price gap I’ll have to consider other options. As long as I can afford to I will support the small family business.

    • Gary Ferrini

      I have sentiments similar to Bella’s. I have purchased from Goulet despite price, and shipping costs as I too have Amazon Prime and like Bella, would prefer to support real people; not Amazon’s increasingly monster from the deep. That said, I also think there might be a price point above which shipping is free or reduced and/ or a price point below which shipping is reduced or free. I end up bundling (delaying) orders rather than pay multiple times for a small item. For an example of a company I find appealing for shipping, it’s Sierra Trading Post. They often have promotions which either have 99cent shipping over 75 dollars, or free shipping over a certain price or an increased discount over varying price points, but all of those options defer the cost of shipping in different ways and I do more business with them than with any retailer by a huge margin because they manage to combine service, price and quality so well Their normal shipping rates are high but they at least create options now and then to minimize those costs. I recognize that shipping is not free to the shipper and that there is work besides the actual cost, called packing so I’m not unaware that it’s a real cost factor and I worked a summer job in a shipping dept. at a factory when in high school so I know how much that job took time and money to do well. In sum I think that the pen business is really a unique business and probably needs creative approaches to shipping. For example, some items might cost 200 dollars but be very light, such as a pen or cost almost nothing and be very light, such as a brass shim or O ring for a preppy. Items like that might be shipped individually for a fixed cost or if part of a larger order, then part of the normal shipping cost but as a consumer, if I need a small part, the sort which a pen store has that’s tantamount to the way a hardware store does, I hate having to wait until my shopping cart is full to distribute shipping costs such that they are not too expensive. I recognize the dilemma inherent in the mixed needs of profit, cost, providing customers satisfaction, the Amazon behemoth, etc. and I know a lot of customers don’t care about loyalty but price so Amazon can steal a lot of business and put smaller operations out of business. One more thought is that there are companies who reward loyalty with some sort of membership, from an annual one time charge which then gets free shipping or a volume of business which gets a discount or any number of ways to engender loyalty. I know those also take software changes but again I think they warrant consideration as a catalyst to having buyers with multiple options to choose Goulet. Thanks for all your efforts and first rate service. I’m expecting an order in a few days as it happens. And will get out the bomb squad to unpack it. I laugh every time I see how well packed stuff is. Be well. Gary Ferrini

  • I mostly shop with you because i love shopping small businesses. I used to be one myself. But I'm now on a limited income so i too find myself going to Amazon for certain things but certainly not all things. And I'd pay more for UPS or FedEx but that would mean fewer purchases. Especially since i live in Hawaii.

  • Andrea Kirkby

    One factor you’re possibly not aware of is that of last mile delivery in Europe. USPS arrives with me via the good old Post Office in the UK, or, in France, La Poste. Other services are delivered through different networks which aren’t all reliable.

    Our regular postman who knows me, knows how to find me (our house is a bit tucked away in a small hamlet, and delivery services quite often get lost), and ensures I get my package safely. We have had one non-Poste (Fedex, I think) delivery nearly didn’t make it because the driver “couldn’t find us”, and in the UK I’ve had some services simply leave a parcel on the doorstep. That’s two metres from the road and in full view!

    So basically, USPS is good for those of us living in countries with a reasonably good post office.

    • Hi Andrea Kirkby – this is helpful feedback, thanks for sharing it with us!

    • That’s really interesting, I haven’t heard that before (because we don’t ship Fedex internationally). I hear DHL is really good in Europe, but DHL is all but nonexistent in the US. If we do end up going the route of multiple shipping carriers, then we would look to offer all the options, so everyone could pick and choose what is best for them where they are.

      • I order from the UK from time to time, and live in rural Maine. The UK companies ship DHL and it is AWFUL. Delivery out here can be delayed easily two weeks until DHL finds someone to subcontract and trek out here to me. I wish those companies would consider a “not DHL” option. Royal Mail gets stuff to me in a week. The last DHL shipment took 5 1/2 weeks. And yes, ALL shipping is crazy expensive now.

  • The shipping charges do change how I will buy from Goulet, but that already applied. I understand that there are shipping charges, so I bundle my orders to get the best value. Amazon may do it free and cheaper, I usually get a very poorly packed, oversized box. When it comes to these products, it is worth the extra money to get it here intact and undamaged. Goulet also offers an experience and wealth of knowledge that Amazon can't touch.

  • Starchix

    What everyone else has said. πŸ˜‰ I think adding a UPS or Fed-Ex option (I’m thinking UPS is more available world-wide, though i don’t know that for sure) would be a benefit to many of your customers. Delivery conditions and factors such as one writer described (UPS ‘finds’ his out-of-the-way home, USPS doesn’t always) make one universal shipping option not necessarily universally good for every customer. I also think the word ‘free’ is a siren call for many buyers. As you explain, nothing is free (except air and sunshine), and somewhere down the line, there is a cost.

    You have gone in depth into relative cost to consumer and retailer, but there is always the larger cost to the planet, and society. As the owner of a small, one-off retail business (bicycles) I stand firmly behind ‘buy local’ and if you can’t do that (no local pen stores within 160 miles for me), buy small/family-owned/one-off, online. I work hard not to support the Evil Empire (Amazon, Walmart, etc) with my dollars, and I would rather buy less stuff but pay a fair cost, than get the ‘cheapest’ and buy more stuff. As one commenter has mentioned, and as I’m sure you know if you have researched it, UPS will pick up at your facility, and all forms & bar-coded labels are printable right in-store. Though there is an additional labor cost to that.

    Thanks for your honest and complete explanation. Go ahead and do what you need to re raising shipping prices. There really are no bargains in shipping, unless you want to set up some kind of person-to-person handoff, Pony Express type of service. Hmmm, I like that idea. Perhaps in Virginia your special pen service carriers wear little Revolutionary War era uniforms, and carry wee fifes and drums. In the Midwest, they hand off the packages to the Aunty Em farmwife network. Farther west, real Pony Express riders pelt along the highways. I’m not sure about Europe or the Far East — you can get some cool thing going, I’m sure.

    Love you guys, as always. And what the heck, isn’t it about time for me to order some more ink, before the shipping costs go up?

    • Good to hear from you, Starchix! And thanks for choosing to support our business – it means so much to have customers like you. We appreciate your feedback about other shipping options too… let us know what else you come up for the Pony Express service. πŸ™‚

    • I appreciate your take on things πŸ™‚ For what it’s worth, USPS has the same barcoding thing going on, we have shipping software that integrates with our website to link up customers’ orders/addresses with USPS to print shipping labels on site, and we have several mail trucks a day that come pick up from our shop. We are still exploring UPS and Fedex to have them as options, though.

  • Julie

    I am sooo glad I don’t have to pay International Shipping costs myself, and my sympathies to all the people who are! I, personally, am happy to have actual cost shipping, as there are businesses that charge you based not on how much it takes them to ship the item, but on how much you are paying for it, which is kind of a concern. It really doesn’t cost more to ship the item, yet they are marking it up to make themselves a bit more money. I accept that when I have to, but like the transparency of a business telling me just how much it really costs, and charging me that amount. I understand that shipping costs will go up, seems like everything always does, and am okay with paying another dollar to have my order packed with all the care that goes into it and gotten to me reliably. I really haven’t gotten involved with the Customer Care team, but am glad to know they are there if I need them, along with all of the informative stuff you do to make sure we don’t just buy any pen, but the right pen, and that it really works for us.

    • Hi Julie, thanks for your positive feedback! We love getting to connect with our customers, so don’t hesitate to reach out to our team in the future if there’s anything we can help you with. πŸ™‚

  • kph

    Frankly, I stopped buying from Goulet because of the lack of shipping options besides USPS.

    I have had way too many issues with the USPS and our neighborhood’s cluster mailboxes, so these days I only use USPS shipping if it is the only option and then only if I truly need the item I am ordering. (Heck, I even cancelled my Amazon Prime subscription and stopped ordering from Amazon because they started shipping primarily via USPS or that annoying SurePost/SmartPost.)

    And yes, I am fine paying more for UPS or FedEx. The reliability and speed are worth it.

    • Thanks for your feedback, kph. We’ll be looking into these other options!

    • We are seriously considering UPS and Fedex. They are definitely more expensive, which is what’s kept us from adding them before. But we’re talking with them again since it’s been a year or so since we last did.

  • Ashawkys

    Really wanted to buy a pen or two from Goulet but as a customer living in Canada, there really isn’t much choices to me with regards to shipping internationally and the prices are really discouraging. I already have to pay lot more for the pen itself these days due to our falling dollar. Therefore, I was forced to look for alternatives in Canada. But great website nevertheless, I learned a lot about the different pens and brands, especially from the videos and reviews that you post on the most popular brands.


    I really hope that you guys will offer other shipping options going forward. I understand that Goulet Pens has made it part of their business practice to make access to pens and inks affordable for people including shipping costs which I can respect however there have been times I have passed up putting in an order because of the less than reliable service USPS. I know I have mentioned more than once that I would be more than willing to pay more to have my purchase shipped UPS or FedEx. I am currently waiting on my ink drop and another significant purchase which includes inks which are several days overdue (Should have made it out of the area before the recent storm) however USPS has no idea where the packages are and when I could expect them and even went so far as to say Goulet Pens has misled me as to where the packages actually are. Apparently according to this postal employee she believes you guys have control over their tracking system. Based on this and past issues with USPS getting my orders from Goulet and other issues that don’t involve Goulet Pens my wife and I both may be hesitant to make future orders from Goulet Pens. I doubt highly we would give it all up as we both enjoy fountain pens and continue to expand out collection but I really do believe that USPS could hurt you guys based on some comments I have seen in this feed. I really hope to see additional shipping options for customers to choose. I know that isn’t easy to establish but I really do believe it could benefit everybody. I would like to clarify that I do enjoy the services Goulet Pens provides in their customer service the way they treat their shipments to ensure they arrive intact to their customers as well as all the other things you guys do.

    • Hey there! Thanks for your honest feedback. Whatever that USPS said sounds really strange to me. If you do have more shipping delays, feel free to reach out to us at We’re pursuing new shipping options and we’ll be sure to keep everyone informed. It’s awesome to have such responsive customers. πŸ™‚

  • I S

    I’m okay with the shipping changes as long as you keep USPS as one of the shipping method choices. If you add FedUPS as alternatives, I won’t be using them. I have never not had problems with them; they’re slower, more expensive, and 9 times out of 10 end up dumping the package into the local USPS at the destination end anyway, which means the alternative address I gave them to use for their specific delivery type isn’t a good one and further delays receipt (and costs me an additional $5 to reroute!). Honestly can not stand either one…

  • I have amazon prime and have puchased ink in the past from Amazon. However, I much prefer the way that my orders are packaged and shipped from your company, and I've never had any ink spilled or items damaged. My son always looks forward to the tootsie pop in the package. I love how you pack the items with care and I always enjoy seeing the note with an ink sample to perk my interest for my next purchase. #1 for customer service!!

  • Alastair Nguyα»…n

    I don’t know what is your shipping volume, but I would think that you can negotiate better shipping rates than a single individual sending a single package. No one can escape shipping rates (no such thing as free), but if your shipping rate cannot leverage your volume and it is the same as a guy shipping a small package out of his apartment, then I think something is amiss.

    Have you looked into using a buying consortium to reduce costs? Basically, they group the volume of multiple companies together and they leverage that higher volume to negotiate lower rates. Or how about offering free shipping for orders beyond a certain limit such as $50? At that higher volume, you can probably afford to give free shipping and have healthy margin. Besides, it offers an added incentive to buy in bulk, which I don’t really have now.

    Gouletpens is an awesome business, but your shipping policy really make me scratch my head. If I’m missing something, please broaden my horizon. Thanks.

    • Jp


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