Thursday Things: Song and Dance

Fountain pens are wonderful for creating a melody of writing styles, and additionally, for musical composition. Specially designed music nibs lend themselves to the complexities of musical notation, as the nibs have increased flow which allows musicians to write thin and thick notes very quickly. However, these nibs can be used for so much more than just creating music! Whether you’re writing scores with sweeping crescendos or simply want to enjoy beautiful line variations in your handwriting, music nibs are for anyone looking for a new writing experience. Heinrich Heine said, “When words leave off, music begins.”

Featured products from left to right:


Pilot Custom 912 – Black, Music Nib
De Atramentis Johann Sebastian Bach
Rohrer & Klingner Dip Pen – Blue/Black
Visconti Hall of Music – Graphite Black
De Atramentis Document Ink Black
De Atramentis Giuseppe Verdi
Platinum 3776 Century – Bourgogne, Music Nib


Have you ever written with a music nib?


Write on, 
The Goulet Pen Company Team

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