Wednesday, February 10, 2016

A Rainbow of Possibilities: The Pilot Parallel Rainbow Set

Pilot Parallel fountain pens offer a crash course into the calligrapher's experience. These pens are great for beginners because you can start practicing calligraphy without the mess of dip pens. Available in four fantastic nib sizes (1.5mm Italic, 2.4mm Italic, 3.8mm Italic, and 6mm Italic), these pens will spark your imagination. Create flourishes and fancy scripts with just a little practice.

We offer the pens separately, but you can also get all four available in a package set. You'll get all four pens, complete with 2 cartridges, a cleaning converter for each, and a package of Pilot Parallel Mixable Colour Assorted Pack cartridges all for $32. It's the Pilot Parallel Rainbow Set, perfect for getting you started on your calligraphy journey!

Pilot Parallel 1.5mm Italic
Pilot Parallel 2.4mm Italic

Pilot Parallel 3.8mm Italic

Pilot Parallel 6.0mm Italic

Want to see what these awesome pens can do? See some examples from around the #GouletNation! There are some truly talented calligraphers out there that can make these pens sing, but they are fun for anyone interested in creating interesting scripts from beginners to old hands. 

A photo posted by Attila (@attilasultis) on

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If you'd like to see these pens in action, watch Rachel's first video ever on the Pilot Parallels. She breaks the pen apart, shows you how they work, and demonstrates a technique for gradiating multiple inks together.

You can find each pen individually, and the entire Pilot Parallel Rainbow Set on Gouletpens.com.

Have you used Pilot Parallel pens before? What do you think of them?

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