Midori Traveler’s Notebook Rebranding!

As the Midori Traveler’s Notebook celebrates its 10th anniversary this March, we got word that there are some branding changes coming our way, as well as some new/updated products. Here’s the rundown…


The biggest change is that it will now be under its own Traveler’s Company brand, instead of under the umbrella of the Midori brand. A new website was just launched this week for this new brand. We’ve partially made the change on our site, and over the next few months, we’ll see the change on the products as well.

Current/old branding under Midori New branding under Traveler’s Company

Camel Edition

Coming in May, we’ll see a new regular “Camel” color added to both the Regular and Passport sizes. This was a previous limited edition color a few years back, and it was very popular.

Along with the leather cover, we’ll also see matching pen holders and an update to the repair kit as well to include the matching thread colors.

Passport Refill Overhaul

The Passport line of refills is undergoing a complete revamp to more closely align to the offerings in the Regular size. This means we’ll see the addition of the Lightweight paper, Sketch paper, and Kraft paper refills in the Passport size. In both sizes, the Kraft paper refill will also be changing from thread stitching to staples.

Additionally, the Passport refills in Lined, Grid, and Blank will have 64 pages instead of 80 pages and will be no longer be perforated. They will also be changing from the DP paper to the MD paper (which is currently used on all of the Regular standard refills, and the 005 Passport refill). Thus the 005 MD Passport refill will be discontinued.

Clear as mud? We know it’s a lot of information, and it doesn’t help that the changes are going to be rolling out over the next several months. We’ll see most of the new products around May here in the US. We’ll do our best to clearly indicate on our website what product is what, as the transition occurs. Fortunately we aren’t seeing any price increases for most of the line, so that’s one good thing!

So what do you think – are these welcome changes? If you have a Traveler’s Notebook, what does your setup look like?

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Rachel Goulet

2017-10-06T18:44:25+00:00 February 16th, 2016|Pen News|47 Comments
  • eliza

    I just wish I knew a camel color was coming out so soon when I received a traveler’s notebook for Christmas! I spent such a long time agonizing between the brown, black, and blue (when it was available) but camel is the perfect brown for me. I guess I’ll have to get a passport-size now!

    • Ceme612

      Agree! My handbag is camel. If I had known I would not have asked for it for xmas. I was gifted brown. Cannot justify getting another or even the passport … oh well!

  • Don

    I like the idea of these notebooks, but I don’t want to be locked into the Midori paper size. Prefer to use little Clairefontaine notebooks. So I bought a similar kind of leather cover in the appropriate size, from an independent seller. So the Midori branding means little to me. I do use the Midori zipper insert.

  • mikethebikester

    My MTN has a ruled notebook up front and squared in the back with kraft paper folders for holding tickets, boarding passes, etc. I also have the zipper pocket for paper clips, collected business cards, etc. I take notes on the ruled pages and keep lists and schedules on the squared pages.

  • Jesi

    Will you be carrying the 10th anniversary mini edition?

    • Right now we’re not planning on it. For $38 for a notebook smaller than a post-it note (the Mini edition measures 1.25″ x 1.85″) it’s too small to be functional, so I’m not sure it’ll sell well. But I’m open to feedback if you’re interested!

  • Tom Johnson

    I will really miss the perforated paper!! I hope the paper is as good as that in my current lined, blank, and graph refills. Thank you so much for the early heads up, Rachel.

    • CyberIstari

      I’m a big fan of the MD paper – I have one of the larger notebooks of just that. I would call the DP paper fountain pen tolerant, but MD is fountain pen friendly. But I agree with you on the perforated paper.

  • Kate B

    I have a version I made myself to fit a more standard notebook (Fieldnotes, Moleskine, etc). But I’ve purchased Midori passport sized accessories for mine. I look forward to what might be new in the line.

  • I'm beyond excited! I hope I am able to get a set!

  • bfg

    Why are they getting rid of perforations in the passport size? I was hoping they’d add perforation to the regular size.

    • I don’t know, maybe it’s easier/cheaper to make without the perforations? Sorry to disappoint.

      • bfg

        Not your fault. I am glad to hear about the thinner paper.

  • Stefan

    I love my brown regular size but I am definitely down for getting a camel passport size. I may even get one for my brother as I already got my sister a brown regular size.

    • Awesome! What refills do you use in your regular size currently?

  • General question: is the lightweight paper fountain pen friendly?

    • It is! Rumor has it that it’s Tomoe River paper, though we haven’t confirmed directly from the source yet.

      • mike.

        Hi Rachel – have you seen yet how the new camel leather compares to the 5th anniversary edition that was so popular? I’ve been holding out for this one as I missed the window for the star edition.

  • Will you guys try and stock the 10th Anniversary release too? (In the tins)

  • Thomas Clemens

    Will you be getting the TRAVELER’S notebook Mini 10th Anniversary Can Set?

    • We weren’t planning on it; it’s really tiny (about 1.25″ x 1.85″) and $38, so not sure folks would find it worth it. I’m open to it though, if demand is there!

      • Thomas Clemens

        Can a put a request in for a special order? I would rather order from you than someone else

      • I’m super interested in a brown mini one.

      • Tonja Brice

        I would also be interested in a camel mini one – actually, I’m more interested in the tin, but I’ll take the notebook too! πŸ˜‰

      • Nai_Calus

        It’s super-adorbs though.

  • Rebekah Layton

    I’m so excited that they’re expanding the Passport refills! The shorter notebooks and lack of perforation is a bit of a bummer, but I’ve been desperately wanting the sketch and lightweight paper in the smaller size. I’ve been considering getting a regular-size notebook just for the greater paper variety, but I’m pleased I won’t have to now.

    • That’s great! The sketch and lightweight paper are really popular, so I’m glad to see them in the Passport size too. Really nice to have more options in that size.

      • Rebekah Layton

        Any word on whether the Passport sizes of these papers will have a similar sheet count to the regular size?

  • The perforated paper was super handy, sad that they are getting rid of that!

  • poeticnook

    I’ll get a regular camel when they come out πŸ™‚

  • I S

    I can not WAIT for the light paper Passport size!! Wish they weren’t cutting the page count back, though.
    Will you be getting the 10th Anniversary Mini TN kits? (I probably should’ve read the other comments first, eh? Well, add me to the list of interested customers!)

    • We’re thinking about it, yeah! Leaning towards yes, based on the feedback so far.

  • Ellen

    I’m sorry to hear the perforated paper will be eliminated:-( and I wish they would add a “travel diary refill”, akin to the regular size 005, for passport…but, I am happy to hear about the upcoming availability of the camel size.

    • Oh yeah, the travel diary is a unique refill! That would be neat in Passport too. Maybe someday!

  • Now of they would just offer it in A5 instead of making or buying from somewhere else, that would be great.

  • Ok I am confused. On the new Traveler's website you pointed out they say:

    "The 005 Refill will be changed to Lightweight Paper with perforation lines on each page. "

    So will you not be carrying that one? It sounds perfect to me for shopping lists, other daily lists, quick notes, etc.

  • So excited they are bringing the camel color back.

  • David

    The new Web site is nice – clean layout without looking like it’s made for a 4 year-old, and not too much scripting at all. No layer after layer of bloated analytics and CDN scripting either. Let’s hope it stays that way. The online Shop is still Japanese only though.

    The perforated paper will be missed. The Tomoe paper addition is welcome.

  • Tell that sketch paper in the Passport size a HUGE hello from me, and I’ll be seeing it soon. As long as it is still perforated, right??? (Please say yes.)

  • marmotte27

    I would like to get a week on a page Calendar insert (without the notes page on thje right). That way, one calendar would span a whole year.

  • mike.

    So sorry, Rachel – for some reason in a previous email or comment my spellcheck decided “Robert” was why I meant! πŸ™‚ I’m wondering how the new camel (caramel) color compares to the original 5th anniversary edition. Is it the same, different, better, worse quality/smell/feel/etc.? Thanks so much!

  • Ivan

    This is all amazing news, except maybe for the “fewer pages/same price” factor, but hey, it’s amongst the best paper I’ve ever used, with fountain pens and pencils. My sister and I both have the regular size, and it’s the perfect carry-around tool! I use the regular lined refill, the thicker sketchbook refill and the monthly planner, as well as a pen loop with my F-C eMotion sketch pencil. All my life in a single package. Is it even possible to ask for more? Now let’s hope the temperatures in Ottawa get above the 10-15 Celsius mark so I can go sit on a terrace with a coffee (and/or beer).

  • Shubhranshu Das

    I’m hoping that Goulet notebooks fit my passport!

  • Susana

    I have the Traveller Star edition (the camel you mention) and it doesn’t age well. Being light it stains very easily, after a couple of months I switched to the regular dark brown color again.
    I usually use mine as a diabetes log, 1 insert for sugar levels and another for food diary and I also keep important numbers, reminders, all diabetes related, even recipes in a third insert.
    Back in the day I bought quite a few refills so it’ll take some time to see the end of it. But it works great!