Sneak Peek: Pilot Decimo!

We’ve been asking for years, and it’s finally happening… the Pilot Decimo fountain pen is coming to the US this Spring! It’s essentially a slimmer version of the retractable Pilot Vanishing Point – same nib unit – with some different colors.

We’ll be offering the Decimo in four colors: Burgundy, Champagne, Lavender, and Light Blue.

They will all come with rhodium trim and the rhodium-plated 18kt nib unit, in sizes Extra-Fine, Fine, and Medium, at the same price as the regular VP ($185 list, $148 our price).

So what do you think – are you excited to add the Decimo to your collection this spring? Which color do you like best?

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Rachel Goulet

2017-10-11T13:49:28+00:00 February 8th, 2016|Pen News|48 Comments
  • Ian Sterling

    I’m very happy about this. =) #happydance

    • Me too! I’m eyeing that Champagne one. Which is your favorite? 🙂

  • soniasimone

    I love this pen! For me the smaller size is really comfortable. I have the Champagne one (ordered from Japan years ago). It’s great that you’ll be able to sell them here!

    • Hi Sonia! That one is calling out to me. Do you have a regular VP as well or just the Decimo?

  • Tom Johnson

    Oh My! After using one Vanishing Point since 1999 and my second one since Fall 2014, I really don’t need another one!! At least not until you get these in stock. I love all four colors, but have narrowed it down to the burgundy and blue. Decisions, Decisions. How much smaller are they than the regular Vanishing Point? I’m excited. I already have 6 nib assemblies. A new one will probably be a fine, that is the one that seems to get the most use for me. A friend has just misplaced her Vanishing Point. I’m sure she will be so happy to see this. Glad you are getting these into your product line.

    • Hey Tom! We’ll have to think about doing a video or something with them side by side so you can see. Of course, we’ll have all the technical specs up on the website as soon as we have them. Since we don’t have them in hand yet, I can’t give you much more than that right now. 🙂

  • Robyn Brown

    ooh can’t wait! I like burgundy!

  • Gayle G

    😍😍😍😍😍😍 what beauties!

  • Andrew Livelsberger

    I’m a fan of blue, always have been, but I’m starting to become that guy that needs to match the pen color to the ink color. 😀

    • Hey Andrew! I wish I didn’t so understand that compulsion. But that just means you need more pens, right? 😛 Would you match it with a dark or light blue ink do you think?

      • Andrew Livelsberger

        I’m thinking dark blue, although I might need to get some of those Ink Samples in turquoise. That is one of the lighter blues that intrigues me from time to time! 😀

  • David

    Why would you do this? The Deicimo is so much like the VP, it is just going to confuse your market. Why the Decimo even exists in the first place begs for an explanation. Why not spend your time trying to: 1) Get Pilot to reduce their outrageously high U.S. price mark-up. 2) Get Pilot to sell more of their Custom Heritage series in the U.S. (and elsewhere outside Japan). 3) Ask that Pilot release to their #10 and #15 FA nibs in ALL the CH series pens where fit just fine, and not just a few limited models. And last but (certainly) most important: 4) At-least in their high-end CH series pens, plead with Pilot to use Ebonite for their feeds instead of cheap injection molded plastic. Regards, David

    • soniasimone

      The Decimo is a much-loved pen and I think it’s great that GPC will be able to sell it. It’s no more confusing than the multiple sizes of Montblancs or Pelikans.

    • Katherine Stewart

      That’s easy, the regular VP is too big for me to use comfortably and as a result it sits around unused most of the time. The Decimo is not as big around and I’ll be able to use and enjoy it rather than admire the pen I really can’t use well. Sooner the better!

    • Charles Duffy

      As one right-handed overwriter happy for this change — the VP’s clip gets in the way for me, but in my brief experience holding one (when the Pilot rep was at our local pen store), the Decimo’s smaller clip works fine!

    • Hi David! Thanks for sharing your thoughts! These are definitely some interesting suggestions that we’ll have to consider. A lot of people prefer different types of pens due to a number of considerations. Some people prefer the Decimo to the VP. We’re very excited to be able to carry it in addition to our awesome line up of VP pens. 🙂

  • Spring is so vague! When will they be here?

    • Hey Bella! Sorry go be vague- we don’t have exact dates yet and don’t want to promise anything we can’t follow through on. Are you signed up for our newsletter? That’s the best way to keep up to date on everything happening at GPC. 🙂

      • I am subscribed, just impatient. ^^ sorry.

        • Kathy

          Me, too. Champagne is mine!

          • I haven’t decided on a color yet. Tempted by the purple, but I have the vp in tropical purple and I’m not sure if it’ll be too similar for me.

  • Filippo Salustri

    Burgundy for me, please and thank you.

  • Carla

    That Champagne is so lovely. I would be 100% sold if they offered the Gun Metal color too, but that’s just me. 🙂

    • soniasimone

      It’s even prettier in person. I predict you will love it. 🙂

    • Hey Carla! I love that one too. It’s seriously gorgeous. 🙂

  • Brannen Hall

    Cannot wait for the lavender one!

  • Uniotter

    Dang, I just bought the VP Twilight not long ago. The pen is gorgeous, but I’d love it even more if it were thinner! And now you have this! Not sure when I’ll pull the trigger, but I’d probably get one of the first three (burgundy, champagne or lavender). The blue is pretty, but I have a lot of blue pens. 🙂

    • Hi Uniotter! The Twilight is so gorgeous. Every time I see it in an Instagram post, I have to take a second to appreciate how beautiful it is. These might be the same! The Champagne is my personal favorite. 🙂

  • weasel

    I had a friend who was visiting Europe from Japan bring me a blue Decimo last September. It’s one of my favorite pens now, being inked up almost all the time (currently with Diamine Majestic Blue). The only drawback is that if I don’t use it in maybe a week it has a tendency to have starting troubles, but once it gets going it writes like a dream.

    • Hey weasel! Ahhh, that pen and ink combo sounds incredible. It’s good to hear that even after leaving it for a week, you can get it started again. Have you tried the regular VP as well?

  • Katherine Stewart

    Blue, and as soon as I can put together the $$! There is no such thing as too many blue pens!

    • Hey Katherine! I think I know a certain CEO who would agree with you. 😛 How many blue pens do you have?

      • Katherine Stewart

        Not enough! Nine as of today, I have a 10th one on the way. 🙂 Oh and I’m totally pumped that my existing nib units will work in it. I have a broad and a fine now, the broad is too broad (and it sings which is odd) and the fine is a little too fine, so when I order I’m going to get the medium.

        • Kathy

          Katherine, I have a Faber Castell that squeaked, like it needed WD-40. Tines were aligned, so I started with the Mylar. Still squeaking. Decided to get a little more aggressive with the Mylar, and smoothed every which way. It’s fine now😀

          • Katherine Stewart

            Mine is ok, it writes very well, and the noise isn’t all that bad, but I prefer a Japanese Med/European Fine nib is all 🙂 Thanks for the suggestion!

          • Katherine Stewart

            I got a different nib unit for it, and the broad is safely put away, to sing for me another day. 🙂

  • DocScott

    The Decimo has been available in Canada for a while. I bought the Pearl White colour because the Burgundy was out of stock at the time. I have large hands, but I prefer the size and weight of the Decimo compared to the VP. A great pen!

    • Hey DocScott! Interesting! I can’t wait to try the Decimo and see how it compares to the VP. 🙂

    • Andrew Livelsberger

      I’m like you, I prefer a larger pen. Just feels more comfortable to me. Right now, my favorite “big” pen to write with is the Noodler’s Ahab.

  • FraijoManda

    Good stuff! I’ve had a blue one for years. <3 my decimo and VPs!

    • Hey there! Yeah, they are really great pens. Glad you are already enjoy them! 🙂

  • I'll be getting the lavender in fine. They are beautiful. I already own the light blue and I love it.

  • Are they here yet? Are they here yet? 🙂

  • s3ver1na

    I have 2 VPs and 1 Decimo. They are my go-to pens. I just recently got the decimo. It’s very light, but I am getting used to it and really loving it when I have to write for longer periods of time.

  • Can't wait!! Will be waiting for them to go on the site so I can get myself on the reminder list ASAP.