Thursday, February 11, 2016

Thursday Things: The Artist

One of the many wonderful things about fountain pens is their versatility! In addition to everyday writing, fountain pens are extremely useful tools when creating calligraphy and art. We love showing different ways to use them in our Monday Matchup series, and more recently we interviewed sketch artist Liz Steel to share some artful insight in the world of sketching. So flip to an empty page in your notebook, relax, and see where your pen takes you. Here are some of our favorite products to get you inspired!

Find our Thursday Things Artist shopping guide here. Featured products from left to right:

Rhodia No. 18 Notepad - Black, Blank, $9
Pilot Parallel Package set, $32
Goulet Ink Syringe Set, $4.95
Midori Traveler’s Sketch Notebook Refill, $7.20
Black Lamy Joy Fountain Pen - 1.5mm, $28
Leuchtturm A5 Notebook - Black, Blank, $19.50
Noodler’s Art Nib Pack, $6
Noodler’s Ahab Brush Pen, $23
Rohrer & Klingner Dip Pen, $30
De Atramentis Document Ink Black, $19.95
Noodler’s Ahab Pima Tortoise, $23
De Atramentis Document Ink Sample Set, $15.75

Noodler's Nib Pack
Lamy Joy - Black, 1.5mm
De Atramentis Document Ink - Black
De Atramentis Document Ink Samples 
Noodler's Ahab Brush Pen
Midori Traveler's Refill - Sketch Notebook

Do you have a favorite pen and paper combo to use for sketching?

Write on,
The Goulet Pen Company Team

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