Aurora Ipsilon Fountain Pen now in Satin Blue and Satin Black

Are you looking for a truly unique writing experience? Try the Aurora Ipsilon fountain pen! We’ve carried the brand since last September in several other colors, but are expanding the line to include two new fountain pens, Satin Blue and Satin Black. Both come in three nib sizes: Fine, Medium, and 1.2mm Italic.

The Aurora Ipsilon is comfortable in your hand, not too weighty and back balanced. Some of the best features of this pen are the feedback the nib provides.  The 1.2mm Italic nib is incredibly crisp and may be the truest italic nib we carry. It is snap cap, push to post, and has a very satisfying click when uncapping or posting.

Aurora Ipsilon Satin Blue
Aurora Ipsilon Satin Black

Want to get all the details on these great pens? Watch Brian’s video! He gives a brand overview, talks about how the pen feels in your hand, and does a writing demonstration.

You can find the Aurora Ipsilon Satin Blue and Satin Black available at Goulet Pens for $99.

Do you like a pen that provides feedback? Let us know in the comments below!

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