Monday, March 14, 2016

Noodler's Rachmaninoff with a Monteverde Intima Neon Pink: Monday Matchup #86

Noodler's Rachmaninoff and Monteverde Intima Neon Pink with Leuchtturm Sketchbook

Hi guys! Zippy here, sharing my latest Monday Matchup with you. I matched a Monteverde Intima Neon Pink with Noodler's Rachmaninoff for a bright and cheerful match. I haven't always been the biggest fan of Monteverde pens, but I like the intense pink of this pen and wanted to try the ink. I thought they would look great together and I was right!

My inspiration for the piece came from the color of the ink. It is such a fun, vibrant color, I felt like the work had to have that same feeling. I wanted to create a piece that encompassed imagination and the whimsy of childhood. The color reminded me of the cheap bubble gum I enjoyed as a child, and the shape of that reminded me of hot air balloons.

I started the work in pencil, sketching out the silhouette of the girl and the bubblegum bubble. I moved to the second page and sketched out the hot air balloons and wrote down the quote. To differentiate the balloons from one another, I drew different, interesting designs. After I was satisfied with the outline and design, it was time to put pen to paper!

I outlined the whole drawing using the pen, starting with the girl and bubble before moving on to the next page. I wanted to get a uniform color for the silhouette, so I filled a brush pen with the ink and applied it to the areas I wanted to be the darkest. The ink was incredibly saturated however, so there was no difference between the lines I had drawn and the "ink wash" I did with the brush pen.

To get some shading in the balloons, I took a brush pen filled with water and tried to make a lighter color by lessening the ink to water ratio. This was surprisingly difficult because the ink is not only highly saturated, it is also super permanent. I had to quickly transfer the color I was working up on a separate sheet to the page I was working on. Eventually, I was able to get the look I was going for, but it took awhile!

I enjoyed working with the pen, but I'm not sure it changed my mind on Monteverdes. I loved the swirls of pink in the pen, but it was a stingy writer until it was broken in. Particularly on the first page outline, I experienced some hard starts and skipping. However, by the second page, it was writing fine. I also didn't take our own advice and flush the pen before filling it with ink, so that could have been part of the problem.

The ink was so bright it was almost intimidating! It was super permanent, something you don't usually find in a bright pink ink. From my experience, I can tell you that if you are trying to do ink washes, move on to another ink. This one sinks into the page quickly and doesn't budge from there.

If I were to do this piece again, I'd try to explore what the ink was capable of. With a little more practice and patience, I can't help but wonder if I could have gotten different shades in this ink. However, it is so permanent and saturated maybe I couldn't have done anything to change it. I would have liked to have found out.

This was a really fun match! Certainly not work appropriate, but I would recommend this match to artists or journalers. If you are looking for a permanent bright pink ink, this your only option on the market! The pen would work for students. It would definitely brighten up your note taking experience.
Monteverde Intima Neon Pink Fountain Pen
Noodler's Rachmaninoff Fountain Pen Ink
Noodler's Rachmaninoff Fountain Pen Ink
Noodler's Rachmaninoff Fountain Pen Ink
Noodler's Rachmaninoff Fountain Pen Ink
Noodler's Rachmaninoff Fountain Pen Ink
Noodler's Rachmaninoff Fountain Pen Ink

You can find the fun Monteverde Intima Neon Pink at Gouletpens.com for $56. Noodler's Rachmaninoff is available in a 3oz bottle for $18.50 or a 2ml ink sample for $1.25.

What is your go-to bright pen and ink match?

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  1. Zippy, I'm in love with this match up!

    However, I'm sorry to hear you aren't a huge fan of Monteverde pens. I have an Invinca that I adore. That being said, when I had the opportunity to play around with an Intima recently I didn't like it either. I found the nib scratchy and didn't like the balance of the pen.

    You HAVE inspired me!


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