Sneak Peek: Pelikan M805 Vibrant Blue

Hey everyone, Rachel here! Just wanted to give you a sneak peek at the upcoming Pelikan Souverän M805 special edition fountain pen in Vibrant Blue, releasing in the US later this month.

The material is a gorgeous, vibrant blue acrylic resin. If it’s anything like my M600 Vibrant Green (one of my favorite pens, adore the broad nib!), it’ll probably have a hint of translucence so you can see your ink level when holding it up to the light which is really helpful with piston-fillers like this one!

The M805 is well-suited for medium to large hands. I have smaller hands and prefer the M600 myself, but the M805 isn’t too bad for me to hold. Brian loves the M800 series (and no doubt he’s got his eye on this blue one!). It weighs just over an ounce (29g), is about 5.6in (142mm) long when unposted and 6.5in (166mm) long when posted. The grip diameter is 11mm.

The rings and the clip are palladium plated, and the 18 carat gold
nib is completely covered in rhodium to match the silver look. It will
be available in sizes Extra-Fine, Fine, Medium, and Broad. Rollerball
and ballpoint versions will also be available.

The list price is $875 for the fountain pen, though we’ll offer it 20% off at $697.

If you’d like to special order this pen, please send an email to and I’ll be happy to set it up for you!

Write On,
Rachel Goulet

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  • Tom Johnson

    Rachel, this is so beautiful, such depth of color and highlights in the resin. Awesome photos, it looks like the pen is sitting right in front of me, like I can reach out and pick it up. Hard to look away, wonderful pen. Love the color, I’m sure Brian will be adding one to his collection.

    • Now why would you assume I’d want one, Tom? 😉

  • Megan Monson

    Love this! You guys always seem to get the perfect pictures and always a great blog! Thank you guys for putting so much effort and excellence into everything you do all do! I always enjoy reading them! I will add this specific pen to my collection!

    • To be honest we can’t take the credit for these pics, they’re Pelikan’s! But thank you though, our photographers are really talented.

  • Kathy

    I promised myself I was going to slow down the pen purchasing, and then you post this! This is absolutely gorgeous, and may be my birthday present in June! As always, the photography is incredible. Feel like the pen is right in front of me!

    Is there going to be a Pelikan pen to go with the Aquamarine ink, or is this their blue pen for the year?

    • That’s a good question, we haven’t heard anything yet. I doubt it…they are coming out with an m205 in translucent blue…same pen as what they did for the Amethyst ink last year, but it doesn’t match the aquamarine…

      • Kathy

        Dang! I want an aquamarine pen!!! I have the Monteverde Prima in turquoise, but an aquamarine Pelikan would be awesome. Saw some pix of the m205 translucent blue. Looks like my Pilot Custom 74. No reason to have two pens so similar in appearance, IMHO .

      • farmkiti

        Brian, I’m DYING for an Aquamarine pen to match Pelikan’s 2016 ink. I agree; obviously the translucent blue demonstrator is not it – the two blues don’t match at all. Will you be getting any kind of insider info on whether they’re planning an Aquamarine pen? Will you let all your peeps know if you hear something?

  • jane pilecki

    Rachel, you’re killing me here!!! Another GORGEOUS Pelikan for a Pelikan M800/5 lover!!!

  • Aquaria

    That color is to die for, like Texas bluebonnets in the spring, and the nib will be smashing to write with.

    I hate being poor…

    • It really looks stunning, at least in these pictures. Rachel has the m600 in the vibrant green, and it is unreal. The same vibrancy but in blue? Yes please

    • farmkiti

      Now you’ve made me homesick! I’m from TX originally, and that color absolutely IS like TX bluebonnets in the spring…which should be blooming right about NOW! Oh, I like the pen, too!

      • Aquaria

        You’re right, they are blooming right now. Last year was one of the best years we’ve ever had for bluebonnets. One of the routes i take to work was blue for miles and miles–it never seemed to end. This year, not so much.

  • Now this is pure torture! So gorgeous. The blues!!! Talks to self, “Self, remember the Homo Sapiens Dark Age. Remember, darn you!” Definitely a beauty.

  • Uniotter

    That’s a gorgeous pen, and Pelikan a great brand. Have to pick and choose carefully which ones to acquire though…..till I win the lottery. 😀