De Atramentis Document Ink Violet: Ink Review

De Atramentis Document Ink Violet Ink Review

Hi, everyone! Margaret here, and it’s no secret that I love purple ink. We recently added Violet and White to our De Atramentis Document ink line offering at These inks are particularly unique because they are both permanent and waterproof, so I was excited to take this ink for a spin. Read on to find out more!

De Atramentis Document Ink Violet Ink Review

De Atramentis Document Violet on Moleskine and Tomoe River Paper

Supplies Used:

Smear Test (Dry Time):

  • Medium – This ink was dry in about 25 seconds. When dry, it’s both permanent and waterproof, making it a worth the wait!

Drip Test (Water Resistance):

  • High – The Document ink line is fantastic because they are completely water resistant. During my test, there was absolutely no movement of the ink when water was applied with a q-tip or when water was dropped on the ink.


  • Medium – There’s a slight difference between swabs 1 and 2, but you can see the real difference between 1 and 3.

Ease of Cleaning:

  • Medium – This ink is permanent which causes it to be a little more difficult to clean, but nothing to worry about. If water isn’t enough when you’re cleaning, try something like Pen Flush. 


  • Medium – This ink is a fairly light shade of purple, but you can still see some slight color variation in letters.


  • Medium – This ink wasn’t overly wet, but it flowed well in all the nib sizes I used it with.

Packaging and Aesthetics:

Inks Similar in Color: (These are other water resistant purple inks)

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If you find yourself in need of a permanent purple ink, give this one a try! It flowed well in the Konrad brush pen, as well as the Lamy Al-Star, and I imagine this would be wonderful to sketch with too. There are really only a few other purple inks that are water resistant, but no other one with this particular shade of purple (and without the high maintenance qualities as well).

You can find De Atramentis Document Ink Violet available in a 35ml bottle for $19.95. You can also try a 2ml sample of the ink for $1.75.

Have you tried any of the Document inks from De Atramentis before? What are your thoughts?

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  • Tom Johnson

    Margaret, I need to look seriously at this ink. I love permanent inks, but never tried De Atramentis inks. The color is great, though I would want to use it in a wet or wide nib since I like it best dark, like you show with the Lamy broad nib. My TWSBI Eco 1.1 would be perfect for this. Thanks for a great review, I’m putting a bottle on my wish list today.

    • Lydia At Goulet Pens

      I have a feeling you will love it, Tom! Let us know when you get a bottle how you like it!

  • Cass

    I am so glad you guys finally did a review of this ink! It’s one of my absolute favorites. See, I wanted a permanent and/or water-resistant purple ink for journal-writing and so I got a bunch of purple samples and finally narrowed it down to two: De Atramentis Aubergine and DA Document Ink Violet. I was surprised, because usually I am not a fan of lighter purples or purples that lean towards red (DA Document Ink Violet looks a little redder in my Leuchtturms and in my Rhodia dotpad than in your pictures) but this purple was so delicious I couldn’t choose. So I just bought full bottles of both Aubergine and the Document Ink Violet. 😀 In my Leuchtturm, it even subtly sparkles in the sunlight–it’s gorgeous. Love this ink to death, will always have a bottle on hand.

    • Lydia At Goulet Pens

      I’m so glad to hear you’ve found such an awesome ink for you, Cass. I can’t get enough of purple inks myself, I currently have Private Reserve Plum in my Lamy Safari Dark Lilac. It’s almost pink but such a fun change from the ordinary. 🙂

      • Joe Stout

        I’m in love with Diamine Dawson as my EDC ink, and my EDC pen is a Lamy Safari Dark Lilac!

  • Andrew Zander

    Do the Document line of inks have any issues with staining pens/cartridges?

  • Vikas Bargale

    Hi Margaret, Thanks a ton for this review. My search for permanent violet ink is over.
    This is perfect violet / purple. Not very dark as the Noodlers Concord Grape / other permanent inks.