Introducing the Visconti Watermark!

The Visconti Limited Edition Watermarke fountain pen on a Leuchtturm1917 Notebook.

The unique structured design of the Visconti Limited Edition Watermark fountain pen combines the best qualities of a demonstrator pen with the strength of sterling silver. The cut outs on the pen are reminiscent of the Visconti logo, hence the name Watermark. The pen is made from 925 sterling silver, however it has a Palladium
plating of 3microns, this will prevent the pen from tarnishing. Each pen is individually numbered and are limited to 888 pieces worldwide. 

The intricate design of the sterling silver overlay is a testament to Visconti’s artisan roots, as well as their degree of technical mastery. Each pen is cut from a solid tube of sterling silver and requires a number of manual operations to complete.  While the design may look sharp, the smooth silver gives a pleasant tactile sensation while in your hand.

You can watch your ink swish and swirl through the clear acrylic barrel. The entire design is breathtaking to behold, especially if you are an ink enthusiast. Dress it up with Visconti Bourdeaux ink, or keep it professional with Visconti Black.  

Close up of the cap of the Visconti Limited Edition Watermark fountain pen.

Each pen features a double reservoir power filler, perfect for watching your ink of choice flow through the clear acrylic body. The double reservoir power filler allows for an exceptionally large fill of ink and makes the pens safe for air travel. You’ll find the finial on each pen bears the Visconti logo.

Close up of the finial on the VIsconti Limited Edition Watermark.

The Watermark is equipped with a large 23kt palladium Dreamtouch nib like the Maxi Homo Sapiens. They come in four sizes: Extra-fine, Fine, Medium, and 1.3mm. The flow on the nibs will be very generous, so keep that in mind when choosing your nib size.

Close up on the nib of the Visconti Limited Edition Watermark.

Additionally, each pen is offered with the gift of a Dreamtouch Leather 3 Pen Holder. Protect your valuable pen in this smooth leather carrying case. The two additional pen slots are perfect for carrying your other favorite pens or for slipping in some extra ink using Visconti’s Traveling Inkwell.

The Visconti Limited Edition Watermark capped and sitting on a Leuchtturm1917 Notebook.

The Visconti Limited Edition Watermark MSRP value is $1695. As an authorized Visconti retailer, we are not allowed to advertise below the full list price. However, once you sign in to your account, you’ll see our best price available. You can create an account by clicking “Sign Up” at the top of this site.

What do you think of the Visconti Limited Edition Watermark? Is this a grail pen for you?

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2017-10-11T02:04:37+00:00 June 13th, 2016|Pen Reviews|10 Comments
  • Tom Johnson

    These pens are breathtaking, I would love to have one, but the price is out of my reach. The design is very pleasing and not over-the-top, gaudy, like some art pens are. When I think about all the hand work in shaping the silver, the file work, polishing; then they have to be electroplated with rhodium, and only 888 pens are being made, I can understand the high price. I am so glad the pen comes with the palladium Dreamtouch nib, i bet it is an awesome writing pen. Still, I do enjoy drooling over these masterpieces (thanks to the wonderful photography by Sarah and Whitney).

    • Lydia At Goulet Pens

      It is truly a piece of art, Tom. I agree with you, it’s not over the top and I think that’s my favorite part about it. It’s classic and unique, but still understated. Thank you for the compliment to Sarah and Whitney. I will be sure to share with them 🙂

  • Wow the pens are beauty!!. it is tad expensive but then it’s worth .I would like to purchase it with extra fine nib as the flow promises to be generous.

  • Perfect for Goulet employee bonuses at Christmas time.

  • Uniotter

    That’s really very beautiful. However my grail pen is a different Visconti — the Visconti Homo Sapiens Crystal. Since it’s all sold out I’m considering the Florentine Hills or new London Fog. But either way I’ll have to save up. 🙂

  • Aquaria

    I hate being poor…

  • ItwasLuck

    Sorry much prefer my Visconti Kakuda LE #100/100, Visconti don’t make nibs like how they used to. My 18K gold nib performs better than any palladium nib I’ve ever come across! Oh and did I forget the Q/C issues with Palladium nibs?
    And sorry but 888? That is like calling the pen limited edition when it’s actually widely available to anyone who has the cash.
    I’ll tell you one thing, if you wanted a Kakadu or Australis? You wouldn’t be able to. Now that is called limited edition.
    Visconti needs to stop releasing model after model and doing their so called “limited edition” runs!

  • Garrett Ballog

    Amazing! Definitely a pen I must have. I just wish you guys had it with a broad or double broad nib.

  • Garrett

    This and the Crimson Tide are definitely a must have. I just hope they stop doing marketing gimmicks like the chromium 18 nib. Which is just basically a steel nib that has a fancy name so they could charge premium prices. Delta has also started doing things like this. And unfortunately in the long run the value of the pens start to drop. I just hope Visconti makes wise business decisions. I would hate to buy these pen and then in the future have them worth less then I paid for them.

  • Grace Thomas

    I bought one recently however my ink fill seems to ever get to about 2/3 full. Is it meant to fully fill? What might I be doing wrong? Same question goes for my other Visconti vacuum fill pens!