Monday Matchup Update


Changes to Monday Matchup:

It’s hard to believe Monday Matchup has been happening for over two years now! It’s been an incredibly fun way to pair fountain pens and ink together in limitless combinations. One of the things we’ve loved most about Monday Matchup has been getting to talk with our followers and fans about what they’re matching that week. That was the original intention and heart behind Monday Matchup from the beginning, and giving away the pen and ink that were used, naturally followed.

Up until now, the Monday Matchup Giveaway has only been held on Instagram. After years of holding this weekly giveaway, the participation has grown so much that we were often receiving hundreds of entries each week! The participation has been amazing, but as it’s grown, it’s become increasingly difficult to streamline the process for the giveaway each week in order to make sure we gather all entries and make it as fair as possible when selecting a random winner.

After a lot of thought, our team decided to open up the contest in order for people to be able to enter on our other social channels using a tool called Rafflecopter.  We want to be totally up front with everyone – we could have been much more clear about the change that was coming, especially to our followers on Instagram, and we’re sorry for that. It was never our intention to pull a fast one over on anyone, and we’re hoping this blog post clears up any confusion. If you still have questions, definitely reach out to us.

Rafflecopter helps act as a central hub for all of the entries, and quickly chooses a random winner. Logistically, this allows us to better coordinate this weekly giveaway, being sure that all entries are fairly included. It also allows you to use different social media channels to share your pen and ink matchups. Our hope is that the community aspect of Monday Matchup continues and even grows other places like Twitter and Facebook. (The Instagram hashtag is still active – you can click on #MondayMatchupGiveaway to see what others are matching that week!)


How to enter Monday Matchup Giveaway:

  • Match a pen and ink together. They don’t have to match in color, any fountain pen and ink works.
  • Take a picture of your pen and ink.
  • Read the Monday Matchup blog post to find the entry details and instructions on how to share your picture with us on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook or as a blog comment* on the Monday Matchup post. You can choose to enter only one way, or submit 4 different entries if you’d like. Feel free to use the same picture for all 4 entries.
  • Confirm your entry via the Rafflecopter widget in the blog which will record your entries. This is how we’ll draw a random winner. Since it’s totally random, you’re eligible to win each week.
  • The contest will be open from 12 noon EDT on Monday to 12 Noon EDT on Tuesday, and once it closes, we’ll then reach out to the winner via the email provided to us through Rafflecopter. 
  • In the event our office is closed on a particular Monday, we’ll be sure to let you know that the contest won’t be happening that week.  
  • *Due to changes in the Disqus platform, you will need to register for a Disqus account to be bale to post your photo entry in the blog comments.

If you’d like to know more about Rafflecopter’s privacy policy, you can find it here. Your email won’t be shared or sold, and will only be used should you win the contest that particular week.

Thank you for faithfully participating in Monday Matchup by reading the blog each week, showing us what pen and ink you are using, and entering the contest. There is a strong community of fountain pen enthusiasts participating in Monday Matchup each week, and we are thankful to be a part of it.

If anything is unclear, shoot us an email at or feel free to leave us a blog comment. We want to help make things as clear as can be!

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  • Jamie Martin

    Just to double check- will we have to enter our Instagram handle into rafflecopter every week or just one and it holds onto it?

    • Lydia At Goulet Pens

      Each week is a new contest in rafflecopter so you still have to enter your handle every week to enter but the system should remember your email so at least you won’t have to re-enter that hopefully. 🙂

  • Kayley Meredith

    It saddens me a bit to realize someone could literally just close their eyes, find a pen and ink and win! Some of us spend a lot of time choosing the right matchup and doing something artistic with them. I guess I just always thought it was a more merit based decision. Also, and this has happened with several other small businesses, what started out as a fun treat for a close knit group of fans gets opened up to everyone due to whines about unfairness. We shouldn’t feel bad about having a few perks for a more exclusive fan base. I didn’t even HAVE instagram early this year. Goulet Pens is what got me to start up a profile- so I could keep up with news, see some great products and find some connections in the community. I made an effort to be able to participate, why can’t they?

    • The problem is that you have to have a smart phone to join Instagram and so that is nto a fait contest for everyone, and in gaming laws it may even be illegal… which may be why so many businesses are changing how they do their giveaway. Seriously, I looked into doing a giveaway once and there were some pretty strange laws tht tied into Casinos, etc. Twitter, Facebook, these are free — no purchase required.

      • Kayley Meredith

        You don’t have to have a smart phone, you can use IG from computers and kindles, too. (For free) All the ways that you use to access rafflecopter require just as much technology as any other. Plus, even with rafflecopter you still have to have an IG account so you have an IG handle to enter each week. So people will still have to have access to IG somehow. Also, people run contests on FB only all the time, how is that any different? There is nothing wrong with having a contest for a certain group of fans/users only. IG only giveaways encourage people to join IG (free and easy) and get them exposed to one more area of your company’s marketing and branding.
        (Also, if we’re going to use off the wall arguments about everything having to be fair- the whole thing is inherently unfair because first of all you have to have access to the internet, which not everyone does and you have to possess both ink and a fountain pen, which not everyone has access to. Sounds ridiculous, right? So does your argument. )

        • Kayley, I was going to ignore the snarkiness and see you are upset and try again. Instead I am deleting the info I provided so you can read and understand and am walking away from this discussion. (edited out info) Thankfully rafflecopter makes it easy.

    • Lydia At Goulet Pens

      Hello, Kayley. I am very sorry that you feel so negatively about this. Our hope in opening up the contest is expand the community further and bring more people together across all of our channels as opposed to just Instagram. I can understand how it could seem unfair that others put so much work into making beautiful art while some are simply posting with a picture of their pen and ink pairing. Our whole idea behind Monday Matchup was to encourage pride amongst our fountain pen community. Some may not be gifted artist or have a great deal of time to draw a brilliant sketch but still want to take the time to proudly display the pen and ink they’ve chosen to use today. That effort in and of itself is a great thing in our minds as you never know if a non-fountain pen user might be looking through their social media feed and see the pen and ink and become intrigued enough to ask and research about it. We greatly enjoy the beautiful artwork from our friends and hope that they will not be dissuaded from continuing to share their beautiful artwork that brings them as much happiness to create as it does us to have the privilege of seeing it. That is why we try and gather a few of the eye-catching pieces into the collage we share on instagram later in the day on Mondays, to ensure our audience sees the great artwork created. I am very sorry for the sadness this has caused. We never meant for it to seem like a personal offense.

  • Lisa Vierra

    Wow! A lot of explaining about why you changed the way you give away YOUR stuff. However, I certainly understand why you felt the need to. I guess what I can’t figure out is why so many are so fussed about the change I thought it was clear. Yeah, there are extra steps, yeah, it opens up the field. I figure if I really like the pen and ink it’s worth the effort. I liked being able to see what people entered on other venues too. I don’t really get how Twitter works, but your giveaway inspired me to check it out and sign on. I’ll probably never use it for anything but Goulet contests because, you may notice, I ramble. I’ll make an analogy here. I teach. People think, oh you teach 5 classes a day, how hard can that be? And you get off at 3. (Ha!) What they don’t see is that you have lessons to plan, curriculum to develop, meetings parent conferences, lectures to write, papers to grade, after school responsibilities. They see what directly affects them. I really get how coping with all those entries can create a logistical nightmare. If all of us stepped back and looked at the jobs we do, we probably would see, yep, there’s a lot to what I do no one ever knows I have to do. I am sorry you had backlash on this. You all are great. Thanks for the fun interaction with Thursday Things, Monday Match-up, Q & A and so much more. My only complaint about Monday Match-up is people posting their F-C Coke bottle and ice pens! No fair. The new wait list for Coke bottles doesn’t start until end of year. Can you make the stop posting those. It makes me covetous. 🤓

    • Lydia At Goulet Pens

      thank you for your understanding, Lisa. I understand that it is hard to see changes come to something that had become a weekly staple of happiness for many. I am hoping that we have been able to show that we did it for the betterment of the growth of our fountain pen community and for the sake of allowing this weekly fun to continue without the huge time commitment it was requiring of us. I am sure Colin will be glad to hear from you on Twitter. 🙂 He is loving seeing all the Monday Matchups.

  • Can you provide a link to Rafflecopter?

    • Tom Johnson

      You don’t have to go to Rafflecopter. It will be inside the Monday Matchup blog post, you do it on Rafflecopter right there in the blog each Monday.

  • Jimser

    I’ve watched the Monday match up for some time now and enjoyed it. When I found out it was a random drawing and just a scribble on a note card could be the winner I was very disappointed that it is not judged on quality, content or some other aesthetic. And I get it, it is a great deal of work to facilitate this on Instagram. However, it if was easy everyone would be doing it. I think you gave up a unique marketing tool for a conventional one. I do think most people that are attracted to this line of products are a bit non-conformist, but I am sure you are aware of your market demographics. If you spread it out a bit and you might get picked up by the vaping man-bun crowd. And quit apologizing, its ok to market and promote your business, especially when people are having fun participating.
    Oops was having fun
    Still love you guys…..

    • I dunno… I think about how my husband would compete against me… artists can wow the judges! I bet he would not enter!

    • Lydia At Goulet Pens

      I understand your point, Jimser. We do try and highlight those who went above and beyond with wonderful artistic drawings every week in the collage of entries we share on Instagram every Monday afternoon. At it’s essence, we want Monday Matchup to be an encouragement for people to show their fountain pen pride and display the joy they get from using their pens and inks. For some who are not artistically gifted, the drawing aspect might be quite intimidating and discourage them from entering. My hope is that by opening it up as we have, we will better be able to facilitate this love of pen and ink in all of our audience.

  • David

    First you abandon your Adult readers by sequestering content on “Social Media”. Then you expect us grown-ups to just hand over our personal information to “Rafflecopter” just for the privilege of entering one of your promos. It’s sad 🙁 More professionalism and respect is needed around here, not more content fragmentation. I’m not going to chase you all over the ‘Net!

    • Lydia At Goulet Pens

      Hello, David. I am sorry you feel so strongly about this topic. Here is Rafflecopter’s Privacy Policy in regards to your personal information concern.

  • Uniotter

    It’s sad to say, but probably your generosity in giving something away in a contest is what is causing all the uproar now. If it were just sharing their match-ups, I’m sure lots of people would do it for the sake of sharing, and feel happy with that as the sole benefit. But as soon as you give people the opportunity to win something (even if it’s not supposed to be an art contest, which I applaud you avoiding, since that’s inherently subjective), other less desirable traits start showing themselves. Now there is competition and cheating and suspicion, etc. It’s sad, because I’m sure your intentions were to “add value” to the sharing! It’s totally a reflection and the baser part of human nature, and not on Goulet Pens’s attempts to add value to the community, so there’s no need to apologize for doing what you did.

    I appreciate you opening it up to non-Instagram users, because I do not use a smart phone, and currently there is no way to upload photos without one. Yes, you can open an account and comment, and link to Flickr/Twitter (so I understand….I don’t have those accounts). But from what I understand you cannot upload photos without installing a phone emulator (software that runs like a mobile app on your desktop). So thanks for thinking of us too. 🙂

  • Briggsae

    First of all, thanks for doing the Monday Matchup every week. My only complaint was that I did not realize there were any changes until the Goulet Q&A so my last entry was not counted. I prefer not having the Rafflecopter step, but I won’t complain too much about free stuff. I think you guys have gone above and beyond to clarify everything.

    I know I would not have started participating if it was more “merit” based, since there is no way I could compete with some of the awesome artists that also participate. I think most of the people that put extra effort into their entries do so because they enjoy it and like to share. That’s why I also like to do Flex Nib Friday, even though there is no prize giveaway. I just view Monday Matchup as a fun time to share, with a bonus chance of winning a prize.

  • Erica

    I have to admit I was a bit grumpy about having additional steps added to my normal Monday Matchup routine, but I appreciate the explanation and understand why you made the change. It never occurred to me that some poor soul was sitting for hours manually entering everyone’s Instagram info into a spreadsheet, all so we could get some awesome free stuff. I’m happy to click a few more times so someone at Goulet can have a nicer Monday/Tuesday! Thanks for keeping this going!

  • Cristiano Ferraz

    It is impossible to enter from my Windows phone ☹ . The widget does not work Very disappointed 😞 after over 60 weeks without interruption. Bad form.

  • Kak_arctic

    Hey, I don’t usually comment on your blog posts, but this week I want to show some support for you guys, in particular, on changing the Monday matchup format.
    Do I like the additional step to enter? Absolutely no. It used to be I could just enter the contest with my phone, now I have to use my computer…. But do I understand and support your change? Absolutely yes. It simply doesn’t make sense to have people sorting through all the entries and draw a winner manually. It’s too much work and I believe your time should be put to a better use. Until a better option comes along, I’m willing to deal with the extra step.
    After all, you guys don’t even have to give away the free stuff, but you chose to do so. I believe this is because you love the community and wants to add value to it.