21 New Monteverde Inks!

Monteverde Inks - Bottle

With the changing of seasons, it can be fun to switch out your color palette. Monteverde is definitely freshening up its color palette, by revamping their existing 10 colors of ink and introducing an additional 11 colors…. that’s right, 21 new colors of ink!

Monteverde USA is based out of Los Angeles, California, and we noticed a lot of the new names seem to be inspired by the surrounding area. And in case you weren’t aware, all of the Monteverde inks are lubricated so they stay wet in your pen longer. And at $15 for a 90ml (~3oz) glass bottle, they’re a great value too.

Monteverde Inks - Overview

Personally, I think the new colors look really nice. I love the deeper, richer hues. Let’s take a look at each of the new colors….

Monteverde Inks - Black Ash

Black Ash (most similar to previous “Black”)

Monteverde Inks - Blue/Black

Blue/Black (a darker version of the previous “Blue/Black”)

Monteverde Inks - Brown Sugar

Brown Sugar (new!)

Monteverde Inks - California Teal

California Teal (new!)

Monteverde Inks - Canyon Rust

Canyon Rust (new!)

Monteverde Inks - Capri Blue

Capri Blue (new!)

Monteverde Inks - Caribbean Blue

Caribbean Blue (most similar to previous “Turquoise”)

Monteverde Inks - Emerald Green

Emerald Green (most similar to previous “Green”)

Monteverde Inks - Horizon Blue

Horizon Blue (new!)

Monteverde Inks - Malibu Blue

Malibu Blue (a richer/deeper version of the previous “Blue”)

Monteverde Inks - Mandarin Orange

Mandarin Orange (new!)

Monteverde Inks - Midnight Black

Midnight Black (new!)

Monteverde Inks - Monteverde Green

Monteverde Green (new!)

Monteverde Inks - Napa Burgundy

Napa Burgundy (a richer/darker version of the previous “Burgundy”)

Monteverde Inks - Purple Mist

Purple Mist (new!)

Monteverde Inks - Purple Reign

Purple Reign (a richer version of the previous “Purple”)

Monteverde Inks - Red Velvet

Red Velvet (new!)

Monteverde Inks - Rose Pink

Rose Pink (most similar to previous “Pink”)

Monteverde Inks - Scotch Brown

Scotch Brown (most similar to previous “Brown”)

Monteverde Inks - Valentine Red

Valentine Red (an even more red version of the previous “Red”)

Monteverde Inks - Yosemite Green

Yosemite Green (new!)

All of these 21 new colors are available in 90ml glass bottles, and 2ml samples.

Which colors are you most excited to try?

Write On,
Rachel Goulet

2017-10-11T14:37:50+00:00 October 24th, 2016|Ink Reviews|9 Comments
  • Giovanni’s Roomba

    That Brown Sugar is the blackest brown I have ever seen — even Diamine/Cult Pens’ Deep Dark Brown doesn’t come close — and I covet it.

    Although who am I kidding, I’d probably own two thirds of these given half the chance.

  • Tom Johnson

    I really like the Canyon Rust and Scotch Brown inks, they look so rich. These new inks show that Monteverde is keeping a close eye on popular inks these days and responding to match. Great selection for all tastes in ink colors. Thanks Rachel for showcasing this new collection.

    • Lydia At Goulet Pens

      I was instantly attracted to those two as well, Tom! They look like great everyday writing inks that add a little excitement without being over the top.

  • Michelle Mulford

    I really want a green shading ink, similar to Emerald of Chivor. So I plan to sample Emerald Green, Yosemite Green, and California Teal. (I actually have about 10 green inks in my cart, waiting for pay day!)
    I’m also considering Napa Valley Burgundy.

  • A.J. Soll

    I want to try scotch brown !

    • Lydia At Goulet Pens

      That’s on my list too, A.J.!

  • Thudthwacker

    One of the pictures suggests a silver sheen to the Mandarin Orange. Is that correct? Because an orange ink with a sheen is very pertinent to my interests.

  • Aquaria

    Vast improvement over the old line, which were far too pale and drab. Richer colors here, and I’m seeing tons of shading and sheen in several of the colors. I’ll have to give some of these new colors a try.