The 12 New Diamine Shimmertastic Colors Are Here!

Since taking the ink world by storm with their first batch of Shimmertastic ink, Diamine has been hard at work developing new shimmering inks. Well, good news, ink fanatics! We’ve got 12 new inks in the Diamine Shimmertastic Collection. From firestorms to enchanted oceans, these new inks bring unique color & sheen combinations with them. Below are the new colors in the Shimmertastic collection from Diamine:

Diamine Lilac Satin Diamine Pink Glitz
Diamine Magenta Flash Diamine Moon Dust
Diamine Golden Oasis Diamine Blue Flame
Diamine Cocoa Shimmer Diamine Inferno Orange
Diamine Tropical Glow Diamine Enchanted Ocean
Diamine Firestorm Red Diamine Caramel Sparkle

Each color is available in a 50ml bottle for $20. You can also pick up 2ml samples of each color for $1.75. Can’t decide on a single color? Check out our ink sample package set featuring all 12 new colors for $19.95. Want to get the most out of these inks? Be sure to use a wet nib and high quality paper as that’ll allow you to really see the shimmer!

With so many new colors to love, which one do you have your eye on?

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The Goulet Pen Company Team

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  • Thudthwacker

    Golden Oasis is quite appealing, which is odd, as I generally don’t especially love green inks. But there’s just something about that particular spring green with the gold shimmer that I like a lot. Of the old set, I still want to try Blue Lightning. Cautionary tale: I in fact *had* a sample of Blue Lightning, sent to me as a “surprise me” sample from Goulet Pens. I then took that sample and put it into my recently-emptied Pilot Varsity — which turned out to be a very silly idea indeed. The Varsity (like the Petit1) uses a wick in its ink feed, which turns out to be very good at filtering particles out of ink. The turquoise comes through okay — the shimmer, not in the slightest. So, folks following along at home: don’t do that.

    • Tom Johnson

      Then shimmer inks should NEVER be used in Platinum Preppies or Plaisir pens, they also have the wick ink feeds. The Preppie highlight and marking pens have this too. Thanks for the heads up. I am going to play it safe and use my shimmer inks in pens with easily removed nibs and feeds. My Vac-700’s and Eco are what I used so far, with no problems at all. Thanks for the warning.

      • Julie Paradise

        So these are also safe in many cheaper Pilot pens like the Prera, Metropolitan, Plumix, Kaküno etc. as well as in most KaWeCo pens as usually you can just pull the nib and feed out to give them a thorough cleaning.

        I have had Diamine’s Golden Sands in a Pelikan M200 Clear Demonstrator from March to October without clogging, those Pelikans are also good for these kinds of inks as you can just screw the nib unit out for cleaning. (Which I did not, I just filled the pen several times with similar golden brownish inks like Ambre de Birmanie, Lie de thé or Apache Sunset without cleaning and was rewarded with beautiful subtle shimmer from the remeaining particles until now. <3

        • Tom Johnson

          Good to know. Some people think that they have to get every speck of glitter out of the feed, nib, and reservoir but you don’t. Simple flushing gets nearly all out and a few residual flakes won’t hurt the next ink nor be that noticeable at all. I like pens which have nibs that can be removed, though I seldom do anything more than flush out the reservoir with tap water and use a bulb syringe to flush out the grip on cartridge pens.

    • Lydia At Goulet Pens

      I never even thought of that! Thanks for the heads up!

  • Joanna

    Enchanted ocean!

  • Jennifer S

    Enchanted Ocean and Moon Dust!

  • stick campbell

    Pink Glitz!!

  • Tom Johnson

    I just loved watching the video, mesmerizing. Great job, kudos to Diamine for introducing new shimmer inks.

    • Lydia At Goulet Pens

      Thanks, Tom!

  • I use a Lamy Safari with an EF nib (which is still too wide for my tastes) and it clogs hoplessly with these shimmer inks. It’s such a crying shame, because I have a sample of each and they swatch beautifully but I can’t get them to work in my pen. :/