Robert Oster Gold Antiqua: Ink Review

Hello, fountain pen friends! Madigan here, reviewing the stunning Rober Oster Gold Antiqua ink. Sarah, our photographer, mentioned that this was one of her favorites when swabbing up the ink, and as soon as I started writing with it, I realized why. It’s a gorgeous color, the closest to gold that I’ve seen in a regular fountain pen ink, with exceptional sheen and shading. If you are a fan of golden brown inks, you have to give this one a try!



Supplies Used:

Smear Test (Dry Time):

  • Medium– This ink was almost completely dry at 20 seconds, but since it is such a shader, the darkest part where the ink had pooled still smeared. It was completely dry by 30 seconds, making it a pretty average ink.

Drip Test (Water Resistance):

  • Low– Gold Antiqua doesn’t stick around, so if you are looking for a permanent ink in this color, look to the Noodler’s line.


  • High– This is a highly saturated ink. There was virtually no difference between the first and third swabs.

Ease of Cleaning:

  • Easy– A light gold color, plus not water resistance make for an easy cleaning experience! A couple of runs through water, and my pen was clear.


  • High– Insanely beautiful shading in this ink! It went from light yellow to a deep golden brown. Simply gorgeous!


  • Medium– This is a steady writing ink. It flowed from the pen with
    no hard starts or gushes. It would be a great everyday writer!

Packaging and Aesthetics:

Ink Similar in Color: 

This is a fantastic ink! I loved the shading and sheening. It’s a somewhere between yellow and brown, but easy on the eyes. It would be great for letter writing, journaling, or basic note-taking. Not exactly a professional color (I can’t see it going over in a law office), but it could work for at school for note-taking or grading paper. I highly recommend trying this out if you are looking for a unique ink!

You can find Robert Oster Gold Antiqua at in a 50ml bottle for $16 or a 2ml ink sample for $1.50.

What’s your favorite golden brown ink? Leave a comment and let me know!

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  • Sara Habetz

    I always find the comments about the “professionalism” of an ink interesting. I work in a law office and we have an attorney that signs everything in a particular green ink (Pilot Precise green), so that he can always verify if he signed it for sure. No one bats an eye at it – including our courts. Obviously, this isn’t the case everywhere, could you imagine President Obama signing a bill into law with some kooky ink?

    • Tom Johnson

      I remember having to sign a legal document in my company’s patent department and was told I had to use a blue pen so the original signed document would be identified. This 20+ years ago, before color copiers and printers were ubiquitous.

      • Sara Habetz

        Signing with something other than black is always a plus. I would say that 95% of all legal docs are signed in blue (and the majority of the rest are signed in black). There are other ways to tell if a document is an original, but a blue signature is the easiest.

        • Kathy

          Absolutely true. I’m a retired attorney, and I still won’t sign any legal documents in black, or really in anything other than blue. Old habits die hard.

    • Lydia At Goulet Pens

      It might be a bit like an award show red carpet if we didn’t stick to reserved ink colors. “Mr. President, what are you signing in today?” “Oh this lovely shade called Noodler’s Apache Sunset” Haha that’s so funny to think about.

      • Sara Habetz

        To be honest, that would be the best press conference in a long time.

  • Tom Johnson

    Madigan, at the rate you are adding new inks to the Goulet line, you’ll never finish reviewing all the inks Goulet Pen Co. carries 😉 This ink caught my eye in the blog introduction to Robert Oster inks. I have to admit the sheen is what is attracting me. I’ll have to try this ink soon. I’ll add it to my Wish List so I won’t forget it in my big March order coming up (right Lydia, you’ll remind me?). Great review, thanks.

    • Lydia At Goulet Pens

      It matches perfectly with a certain pen 😉 I will definitely remind you.

  • Kathy

    Madigan, another great review, and great photos of the examples. I really had not considered this ink. I’m not overly fond of browns, but this is really gold. It’s beautiful. It will be in my next order. I love the Robert Oster colors, and am planning to order several bottles…any chance of a package deal on the bottles? The samples are fine, but there are several bottles I’d like to have. Also, I note that it will go very nicely with Tom’s next pen (which may also be my next pen….waiting to see what the spring Premiere is)

    • Natasha Goode

      I own the colour and I find that I could call it a true deep gold (more like old gold, certainly nor brassy or pale), simply without metallic sheen or sparkle. Hope that assists:)

  • MarlaBee

    Hello Matigan! I had a comment (well…a long question) for you about gold inks, right here on this post last week. I checked back, and Disqus tells me it was detected as SPAM!! AARRGGHHHH! Anyhoo, I thought maybe you could look it up and free it from Spam Jail on your end. Thank you thank you thank you!

  • This is so pretty! I need to try some of them. This gold looks gorgeous~