Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Introducing the Lamy Safari Petrol

The Lamy Safari fountain pen special edition color for 2017 is Petrol!

Lamy Safari Petrol special edition fountain pen
Lamy Safari fountain pen in Petrol

Lamy Safari Petrol special edition fountain pen
Lamy Safari fountain pen in Petrol
A beautiful deep teal color, it has a matte finish much like the regular edition Charcoal color and last year's special edition Dark Lilac color.

Lamy Safari pens from left to right: Charcoal  Dark Lilac (2016), Petrol (2017)
It is completed with black trim and a matching black steel nib available in sizes extra-fine, fine, and medium. It comes with an ink cartridge, and you can also purchase a Z28 converter separately to use bottled ink.

Here's a quick video showing the new Lamy Z28 converter.

Nib on the Lamy Safari Petrol special edition fountain pen
A closeup shot of the black stainless steel nib.
Lamy Safari Petrol special edition fountain pen
Lamy Safari Petrol
Limited quantities are available, but we expect it should be around for at least a few months. You can purchase this fountain pen at GouletPens.com!

What do you think of this year's color?

Write on,
Rachel Goulet

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Edison Collier: Quick Look

Time Stamps:
(0:19) - Company Info
(0:26) - Materials
(0:44) - Color Options
(1:11) - Features
(1:43) - Weight / Dimensions
(2:04) - Nib Options / How it Writes
(3:00) - Additional Features
(3:27) - Filling Mechanism / Ink Capacity
(3:53) - Price

In today's Quick Look, I'm showing off the Edison Collier. This fountain pen is one of Edison's most popular models because it's a really attractive pen & perfect as a longform daily writer. Many more details in the video above, but here are a few highlights:
  • Manufactured in the US (Milan, OH) by Brian & Andrea Gray
  • Made in a cast acrylic resin, not injection molded like less expensive pens
  • Four Colors Available:
  • Larger pen with nearly a 9.9m grip diameter, but lightweight (26g)
  • Due to the size/weight, makes a great pen for long writing sessions
  • Steel nib units in EF, F, M, B 1.1mm, & 1.5mm. 
  • Standard International Cartridge/Converter (included), also accepts long & short SI cartridges
  • Can be converted into an eyedropper with a bit of silicone grease
  • Available for $149 MSRP

For those looking for their first (or next!) $100+ fountain pen, the Edison Collier makes a great choice. Backed by great warranty support, the Collier is as comfortable as it is attractive. 

Edison Collier Fountain Pen - Burnished Gold
Edison Fountain Pen - Nib Sizes

You can check out all of the available colors for the Edison Collier at GouletPens.com.

What are your thoughts on the Edison Collier fountain pen? Let us know in the comments below!

Write on, 
Brian Goulet

Friday, May 26, 2017

Goulet Q&A Episode 170, Dip Nibs in Fountain Pens, Grip Diameters, and Lamy Extra-Fine Nib Availability

Goulet Q&A is now available as an audio podcast! Click here  for the RSS feed to use in your podcast app of choice, or click here for a direct download.

In this episode, I talk about dip nibs in fountain pens, grip diameter, and Lamy extra-fine nib availability.

This week / New Upcoming Products: - (1:02)

Pens/Writing - (6:49)

1) Ultimate Pixel- YouTube - (6:51)
There are a lot of fancy dip nibs that are super-flexible or have 5 lines and stuff like that. Are there any fountain pens that could hold such nibs without the need to always dip them? Or are these nibs just plainly incompatible with regular feeds?
  • Anytime you're putting a dip nib in a fountain pen, it's a hack
  • it can be done, though almost always with tradeoffs
  • Zebra G, Brause Rose nib I've heard used the most
  • flow issues are common
  • feeds often can't keep up with the ink demand
  • the curvature of the nibs is sometimes an issue, even if it's technically the same "size" nib
  • ornamental nibs really aren't compatible, there's just no design around ink flowing through them
  • it's fun to mess around with them, do some calligraphy at a desk, etc
  • they're not stainless steel, just regular steel, so they won't last that long
  • these nibs definitely aren't meant for carry around/daily use in a fountain pen

2) molindela- Instagram - (16:40)
How do you measure grip diameter for your site? Many (most?) grip sections are tapered, some flare out a bit at the end etc.
  • it's a judgement call, and not always easy to assess because few of them are straight
  • in general, we tend to measure the thinner part of anything concave or with a flare
  • tapered is a little more difficult, we try to measure it at about the point where most people would end up holding it
  • we do get a lot of questions about which pens will/won't fit into the Visconti Traveling Inkwell, and this is sometimes hard to gauge just by our grip diameter dimension, especially with a flare or taper
  • should we test every pen to see if it fits in the Inkwell? Maybe, that's a lot to keep up with though, thoughts?

3) pro_echo_12- Instagram - (21:37)
I have this really burning question. how many fountain pen deaths/accidents have occurred?
  • in general? No idea
  • I personally have never dropped or destroyed a nib
  • my team has though! and customers have, so it definitely happens
  • cheaper nibs are often unsalvageable, though could be a good opportunity for nib tuning practice
  • swappable nib pens shine here, like Lamy, Goulet, Noodler's
  • more expensive nibs might be worth repairing from a pro

4) Andrew W.- Facebook - (25:05)
Will the new Duo-Cart from Aurora be able to hold two cartridges inside the barrel like the original, hence the name Duo-Cart?
  • That is the origin of the name, true
  • the design is different though, so no, it will not hold two cartridges anymore
  • the cartridges now are "supersize", longer than the originals anyway
  • the name harkens back to its origin but doesn't have the same dual cartridge capability

Troubleshooting - (27:08)

5) Ginger O.- Facebook - (27:08)
Why does my fountain pen make such LOUD scratching noise when I write?
  • nib tines could be out of alignment, one is dragging/scratching
  • if it's that obvious, you may see indentations/scratches/paper fibers being torn up
  • it could be due to your writing angle/rotation/pressure
  • nibs when writing will have some audible to it, but it shouldn't be loud, something's up there

6) @dongzefei- Twitter - (35:34)
Any idea about how to solve a wobbling nib after a swap? Haven't decided to buy a Goulet Nib yet for many previous wobble experience...
  • there's a certain degree of wobble that might be considered normal, it depends on the pen/nib
  • if it's a little side-to-side, it's probably okay
  • wobbling up and down or in/out is more problematic, often accompanied by other signs of trouble (poor flow)
  • Lamy nibs can wobble sometimes
  • Goulet nibs can wobble, but often fit pretty well with most pens

Business - (40:41)

7) kittytoug- Instagram - (40:43)
I recently read on another distributor's blog that Lamy was doing away with EF nibs on Safari and Al-Star. What have you heard about this? Would it still be possible to purchase EF nibs separately or would they disappear from the FP landscape for good? Would love to hear your thoughts.
  • check out the blog post we put on the blog earlier this week
  • they aren't doing away with them, they're not able to meet demand and are limiting distribution to Germany and Asia
  • we're pretty bummed here in the US
  • we don't know if this is permanent, we have no news to prove otherwise at this point

QOTW: If you could go back in time to talk to yourself on the first day you discovered fountain pens, what advice would you give? - (47:41)

Thanks so much for joining us this week! You can catch up on any old Q&A videos you missed here.

Write On,
Brian Goulet

Thursday, May 25, 2017

Thursday Things: Pitch Black

A stealthy inspired flat lay of black and charcoal fountain pens, notebooks, and ink.

Come to the dark side and admire all the stealthed out, pitch black items in this week's collection. Thursday Things: Pitch Black offers the perfect products for undercover writing and those late night brainstorming sessions. Whether you're looking for a tablet for the bedside table or a notebook to record your nighttime doodles, there is sure to be the perfect paper and maybe even a coordinating pen just for you! Have a look and see what you'll uncover!

Featured products from left to right:

A stealthy inspired flat lay of black and charcoal fountain pens, notebooks, and ink.
Visconti Rembrandt Fountain Pen - Back to Black
A stealthy inspired flat lay of black and charcoal fountain pens, notebooks, and ink.
Conklin Nighthawk Fountain Pen - Carbon Fiber
A stealthy inspired flat lay of black and charcoal fountain pens, notebooks, and ink.
Faber-Castell WritINK Fountain Pen - Black
A stealthy inspired flat lay of black and charcoal fountain pens, notebooks, and ink.
Field Notes Pitch Black Notebooks- 3-pack
A stealthy inspired flat lay of black and charcoal fountain pens, notebooks, and ink.
Goulet Replacement Nibs - Black
A stealthy inspired flat lay of black and charcoal fountain pens, notebooks, and ink.

What's your favorite black fountain pen, ink, or paper?

Write on, 
The Goulet Pen Company Team

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Lamy Extra-Fine Nib Availability & Z28 Converters

Hi pen friends,
Rachel here, with two bits of Lamy news for you.

Lamy Extra-Fine Steel Nibs

In the last six years since we've carried Lamy, we've watched the popularity of the extra-fine nib size grow. We've seen this particularly in the Safari and Al-Star models, and it's a trend we've seen across other brands, as well. The US market has become increasingly becoming finer in our nib preferences. Lamy has also been growing in popularity in the Asian market, which as a whole strongly leans toward fine nibs.  It's been putting a lot of pressure on Lamy to produce these EF nibs.

Unfortunately, Lamy has had an increasingly difficult time keeping up with production to meet the rising global demand. As a result, they recently made the decision to limit the markets in which the EF steel nibs are available. So effective immediately, Lamy will only be supplying EF steel nibs to Germany and Asia. The US market will no longer receive shipments of pens or nibs in this size.

Part of the reason for the shortage, as we understand it, is that there are additional steps involved in grinding the EF nibs. It appears to be a capacity issue in terms of Lamy's ability to manufacture these nibs and meet global demand, not an issue with poor sales or lack of interest in them.

This is definitely disappointing news for us, as EF is our most popular size. We have ordered as much of the remaining US stock as we reasonably could, but throughout the remainder of 2017 you will start to see these selling out on our site. Some particular colors are already sold through.

To clarify, this is just the extra-fine steel nibs that come on the Al-Star, LX, Safari, Studio, and Vista, in both black and silver colors as well as replacement nibs. The Lamy 2000 is not affected by this, nor are the gold nibs that come on the Dialog 3, Scala, and the Studio.

Here's a link to all of our remaining inventory of Lamy pens with EF steel nibs.

We're sorry to be the bearer of bad news, if you're a fan of Lamy EF.  We still don't have all the information from Lamy, but as best as we can tell, this appears to be a permanent decision. If the situation ever changes, you can bet we'll be restocking as soon as we can.

If your favorite pen in extra-fine is sold out, we encourage you to try out the fine - while it is slightly broader, it's the next best thing.

Lamy Z28 Converters

The second bit of news is regarding the Z28 cartridge converter. The Z24 has been discontinued and replaced by the Z28. They have the same functionality and fit the same pens (Al-Star, Joy, LX, Safari, Vista), but with some small aesthetic differences. Just wanted to give you a head's up!
Lamy Z24 converter
Lamy Z28 converter

Thanks for taking the time to read this, and please share your questions or feedback in the comments below.

Write On,
Rachel Goulet

Monday, May 22, 2017

Robert Oster Cherry Blossom with a TWSBI Classic Burgundy: Monday Matchup #143

Hey there, fountain pen friends, Sarah here! This week, I chose a TWSBI Classic fountain pen in Burgundy and Robert Oster Cherry Blossom ink to draw up a sweet pink peony. Read on to hear about my inspiration and how I enjoyed this pen and ink.

The month of May offers a brief but cherished season here in Virginia, "Peony Season." It is one of the best times of year in my opinion. It's a special time when gardens are exploding with fluffy, fragrant blooms. I recently celebrated my birthday and my coworker, Jenni, gave me the largest peony bloom I have ever seen straight from her garden! I was so in love with it that I had to draw it!

This piece was especially fun to draw because I did not sketch it out beforehand at all. Instead, I wanted to do a still life by sketching as I looked at the flower. I did not want it to look too precise so I sketched loosely with the TWSBI pen. I started in the middle with the center bud and added each petal one by one. To replicate the pink shades in the flower, I took a brush pen, dipped it in the Cherry Blossom ink, and spread it across the shadow areas. I finished off the shading with some light hatching lines and then wrote in the quote.

I really enjoyed the weight of the TWSBI Classic when it was unposted. It doesn't seem to get as much credit as the other pens in the TWSBI line because it is not a demonstrator. I really enjoyed the slim, smooth aesthetics of the design, however. It does seem to fit the name "Classic." The Cherry Blossom ink was beautiful to work with. Light pink inks are not my preference normally, but it dries to a calming dusty pink that is pleasant and still legible and easy to read. Definitely worth a try if you have been looking for a new pink ink that is not on the bubblegum spectrum. The Medium Nib on the TWSBI was finer that I was expecting. However, it wrote beautifully and was a smooth writer. If I were to do this matchup again, I might choose a stub nib to show off the ink even more. The color was beautiful and I'm curious if it would have changed anything to have a wider flow.

I think this combo could be great for thank you notes or correspondence to a friend. Maybe a love letter to fit the delicate pink nature of the ink. The pen would be a great everyday writer. I could see it being a fitting office pen, perfect for journaling, or even fine for sketching. It is pretty much useful for anything.

You can find the TWSBI Classic Fountain Pen for $50- $55 at GouletPens.com. Robert Oster Cherry Blossom is available in a 50ml bottle for $16 and a 2ml sample for $1.50.

Follow the directions below for a chance to win this pen and the bottle of ink. We're excited to see what pen and ink you have matched!

How to enter Monday Matchup Giveaway:
  • Match a pen and ink together. They don't have to match in color, any fountain pen, and ink works.
  • Take a picture of your pen and ink matchup. 
  • Find the entry details and instructions below on how to share your picture with us on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook or as a blog comment*. 
  • You can choose to enter only one way or submit up to 4 different entries if you'd like. Feel free to use the same picture for all 4 entries.
  • Confirm your entry via the Rafflecopter widget below which will record your entries. This is how we'll draw a random winner. Since it's totally random, you're eligible to win each week! 
  • To see more of Rafflecopter's privacy policy, click here. Your email is never shared, and is only used to contact you should you win.
  • *Due to recent changes with the Disqus platform, you must register for a Disqus account in order to post a photo entry in the blog comments.
a Rafflecopter giveaway The contest is open Monday, May 22, 2017 at 12 pm EST until Tuesday, May 23, 2017, at 12 pm EST. One winner will be randomly selected and announced tomorrow once the contest closes. The winner must live in a country that Goulet Pens currently ships to. Click here to see the Official Contest Rules.

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Friday, May 19, 2017

Goulet Q&A Episode 169: Pens As Wedding Gifts, Which Pens Fit Goulet Nibs, and One Pen I'd Never Recommend To Anyone!

Goulet Q&A is now available as an audio podcast! Click here  for the RSS feed to use in your podcast app of choice, or click here for a direct download.

In this episode, I talk about pens for wedding gifts, which pens fit Goulet nibs, and the pen I'd never recommend to anyone.

This week:
  • had mother's day, took a weekend trip
  • not many new products, it's been a little quiet
New/Upcoming Products - (:55)

Pens/Writing - (9:22)

ᄀᄒ- YouTube - (9:25)
I want to give pens as a wedding present. The couple appreciates good stationery but have never tried fountain pens. Are there any "couple" pens, or pens thematically matched in a set of two? If not, what two pens complement each other very nicely (aesthetically)?
the_film_darkroom- Instagram - (12:59)
Hi Brian, you talked a brief second about omas 360 being a triangular pen, besides the standard round/cigar shape and the omas, what other shapes are out there? Thanks for the great work.

Deepak S.- Email - (19:47)
How does Brian feel about the switch Visconti is making from the Lava Homo Sapiens to the “resin” design? Do you feel it takes away from the “grail” status of the pen?
  • from your question it sounds like you think lava is going away, it is NOT
  • Visconti's coming out with the Homo Sapiens Elegance
    • resin instead of lava
    • C/C instead of power filler
    • cheaper!

Cathleen C.- Facebook - (22:39)
What pens can use the Goulet nibs?

Ink - (29:33)

cevt23- Instagram - (29:35) 
Why most brands include only blue cartridges with the pen? Why not black for instance? Big fan of yours! Thanks!
  • there are actually a number of brands that have black cartridges, at least as many as have blue
  • I think you see blue in a lot of starter/affordable pens, because that's the school ink color
  • I honestly don't know that most companies think about it all that hard, they just include whatever color they think will be most universally acceptable

Business - (32:02)

Ryan M.- Facebook - (32:04)
Will you ever be getting Sailor inks and pens in stock?
  • not in the foreseeable future
  • we used to carry their inks and some pens years ago, they discontinued supplying us due to low volume
  • I had some hard feelings about how it went down and the community was confused by the decision
  • it was still their right to make that decision, and we haven't been in contact since
  • I did reconcile with someone at Sailor 9 months ago and apologized for any hard feelings, and let them know I'd be open to carrying Sailor in the future
  • I have no lingering hard feelings at this point, I am waiting to see if they're open to it again
  • perhaps someday in the future, but I am not anticipating it soon

isodomon- Instagram - (34:16)
Why don't many popular pen companies offer a lifetime warranty on their pens? I work in a fairly rough field and equipment breaks. In my search for an everyday writer, I found one (within a reasonable price range)... And the company recently discontinued the line. :(
  • a few companies do, but usually only on higher-end pens
  • this is, unfortunately, something that's not super common these days
  • a lot of companies offer warranty support for several years, but lifetime has been a rarity since I've been in the pen business
  • I don't think there's enough volume worldwide sold of most pen models to keep decades of stock around for repairs
  • lots of companies are smaller and would have a tough time servicing old pens
  • I don't think customers require/demand it like they used to

Personal - (37:41)

skybisoninsta- Instagram - (37:44)
What would you consider the worst fountain pen and worst ink (that functions in fountain pens) that you own? Also what pen would you NEVER under any circumstances recommend to ANYONE

QOTW: What pen shape do you tend to find most appealing? - (43:52)

Thanks so much for joining us this week! You can catch up on any old Q&A videos you missed here.

Write On,
Brian Goulet

Spring New Product Roundup

Hey there fountain pen friends,

Rachel here! We've launched a lot of new products in the last few weeks, and haven't been able to feature them all. So here's a quick roundup of some of what's new at Goulet Pens. You can check out all of our new releases on our New Products page.

Aurora Optima Rossa Red
Aurora Optima Rossa Red
Aurora has added an exciting new color to the Optima line - Rossa Red. The Optima is a great value pen from Aurora, featuring an Auroraloid body, clear ink window, piston-filling mechanism, 14k gold nib, and ebonite feed. The colors are vibrant, and this new red is no exception.

Caran d'Ache Museum Aquarelle Waterbrush Pens
Caran d'Ache Water Brush Pens
Okay, so it's not a fountain pen, but you can use fountain pen ink with it! These Caran d'Ache brush pens can be filled with water or dipped in ink to do artistic washes or brush lettering. It comes in three different tip sizes, or you can buy a set of all three at a discount.

Conklin Herringbone
Conklin Herringbone fountain pens
The Conklin Herringbone has been re-designed again, and we love this newest iteration. The unique herringbone pattern is achieved by using a very precise computerized engraving machine to cut the deep pattern on airplane-grade aluminum. This elegant pattern, reminiscent of the Conklin crescent shape, is seen underneath a special translucent colored acrylic and coated with several layers of epoxy for protection and brightness. Available in three stunning colors in a variety of nib sizes.

Conklin Minigraph
Conklin Minigraph fountain pens
This pocket pen may be one of our smallest fountain pens yet! This new Conklin Minigraph features a vintage-inspired resin pattern and uses the smaller #5 steel nib. Due to the small size, it only accepts short standard international cartridges. Great for carrying in your pocket or in your purse.

Edison Pearlette
Edison Pearlette fountain pens
The Edison Pearlette isn't new to Goulet Pens, but these three beautiful new colors are! You'll love the depth of the swirling resin in the Canyon Trail, Sonoran Sunset, and Azure Skies colors. The Pearlette is Edison's smallest pen and uses a #5 steel nib. This pen accepts a cartridge/converter and also has the added benefit of being eyedropper convertible.

Faber-Castell Ambition Op Art
Faber-Castell Ambition Op Art fountain pens
While we have recently pared down our line of the Faber-Castell Ambition, we couldn't resist picking up this year's Op Art special edition, Water Lily. It features a light pink guilloche pattern on the barrel, accented by the iconic Faber-Castell silver cap and a silver steel nib. We also are offering the Op Art Black Sands, similar in design but with a more muted color.

Faber-Castell WRITink
Faber-Castell WRITink fountain pens
Leave your mark with the Faber-Castell WRITink! This pen is Faber-Castell's newest fountain pen and their most affordable yet. The resin body feels sturdy, and the fingerprint design gives just enough detail to be interesting, but is not overly obnoxious. If you love (or know someone who loves) crime-solving novels or TV shows, this smooth-writing pen is worth a second look! It's available in four colors: Black, Blue, Pink, and White.

Lamy Dialog 3
Lamy Dialog 3 retractable fountain pen
We actually used to offer this pen years ago, and have decided to bring it back. The Lamy Dialog 3 features a retractable nib, which uses a twist mechanism and stays sealed when closed. It features Lamy's incredibly wet and smooth 14kt gold nib. We've started with just the matte black color, but please definitely let us know if you're interested in any of the other colors out there!

Montegrappa Game of Thrones
Montegrappa Game of Thrones fountain pens
We posted a blog overview as well as a Thursday Things inspired by this pen, but it's worth mentioning here again! The officially licensed Montegrappa Game of Thrones pen collection features four pen colors, each named after and exquisitely designed to emulate one of the families or houses in the TV series. We're still waiting for the Stark model to come in stock, but it should be within the next few weeks. Montegrappa themed pens are often way out of most people's budgets, but this collection is surprisingly affordable.

Monteverde Mountains of the World
Monteverde Mountains of the World fountain pens
We've had this model for a while now, but recently Monteverde freshened up two of the colors of the Mountains of the World collection. We really like these new ones - Mount Everest, a white/black pattern, and Mount Vesuvio, a black/orange pattern. They join Mount Denali in completing the line. These pens feature a #6 steel nib and fill via cartridge/converter for a very reasonable mid-range price.

Nemosine 0.8mm Stubs
Nemosine Singularity fountain pens
We've offered the Nemosine Singularity in four nib sizes since last fall, and we are excited to now stock the 0.8mm stub italic nib in most of the colors. It's a really ideal size for those who want a stub nib that isn't too broad. While the 0.6mm stub has been incredibly popular, the 0.8mm size offers just a tad more visible line variation when writing up/down vs left/right. It's also available in replacement nibs, including the awesome looking re-entry nib.

Pelikan M405 Stresemann
Pelikan M405 Stresemann fountain pen
The Stresemann is a relatively new addition to the regular line of the Pelikan M405 series. The black and silver pinstripe pattern gives a look of elegance and sophistication, without it being too flashy. The rhodium-plated 14kt gold nib writes incredibly smooth, and the smaller size of this piston-filling pen makes it universally appealing to hold. We're excited to be expanding our regular Pelikan pen lineup.

TWSBI Vac700R fountain pen
It's finally back in stock, and now improved! The TWSBI Vac700R features a small redesign that will improve some of the past ink flow issues. This vacuum-filling pen features a high ink capacity, making it a great choice for extending writing sessions, as well as ideal for traveling. Now back in stock in five nib sizes, along with replacement nib units.

Visconti Divina Elegance in Green/Bronze
Visconti Divina Elegance fountain pen
The Visconti Divina is an incredible pen, especially considering the handwork in crafting this spiraled five-sided masterpiece. This new color features an oversized body made of pearlized green resin, complemented by the twisting inlaid spirals of bronze. The cap utilizes the ultra-smooth 'hook safe lock' system, and it is finished off with a large rose gold-plated 23kt palladium nib.

Visconti Rembrandts
Visconti Rembrandt fountain pens
Visconti introduced four new colors of its popular Rembrandt series, including: Back to Black, Imperial Purple, Silver Shadow, and White Marble. Each version features a marbleized resin body that is reminiscent of the artist Rembrandt's style, with a magnetic cap and a smooth-writing steel nib. There are now a total of 8 available colors in this line.

Lamy Gift Sets
Just in time for graduation season, we have several Lamy gift sets now available. The Lamy Safari set in Blue, as well as the Lamy Al-Star set in Ocean Blue or Purple, comes in a gift box with seven different ink cartridges and a Z24 converter. Or, check out our Goulet-exclusive Lamy 2000 gift set which comes with a free bottle of Lamy Blue-Black ink.

And so many inks!
Ok, deep breath! Here are the new inks at Goulet Pens:

Seriously, that's a lot of ink! Explore all of our new ink arrivals.

What's your favorite new product at Goulet Pens this spring?

Write on,
Rachel Goulet

Thursday, May 18, 2017

Thursday Things: Arizona Desert

We're taking our writing out west this week for a very special Thursday Things. Inspired by the imaginative and exciting new colors of the Edison Pearlette pens, Thursday Things: Arizona Desert is anything but barren. The brilliant blues & radiant reds of a desert sky and the rich browns of the trails and mountains are captured in swirled resin bodies of these pens. Brilliantly accented by some aptly-named products, this collection of pens, inks, and paper is sure to provide a fruitful supply of writing inspiration. Saddle up and take a trek into the adventurous Thursday Things: Arizona Desert. 

Featured products from left to right:
Edison Pearlette Fountain Pen - Canyon Trail
Noodler’s Ahab Flex Fountain Pen - Arizona
Edison Pearlette Fountain Pen - Azure Skies
Noodler’s Konrad Flex Fountain Pen - Emeralds on the Sun
Edison Pearlette Fountain Pen - Sonoran Sunset

What exotic location would you like to visit?

Write on,
The Goulet Pen Company Team

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