Thursday Things: 2nd Anniversary Giveaway!

Flat lay giveaway hosted by Goulet Pens for fountain pens, notebooks, ink.

We’re celebrating 2 years of Thursday Things and 100 different themes so far, can you believe it? To commemorate this exciting occasion, we’ve got a very special giveaway for you. We’ve gathered some favorite products, as well as some previous special and limited edition pens and inks (including Lamy Dark Lilac ink!) to give away to one lucky winner. Simply follow the steps to enter below. Thank you all for following along with these weekly features and we can’t wait to share more with you in the future!

Featured products from left to right:

Flat lay giveaway hosted by Goulet Pens for fountain pens, notebooks, ink.
Diamine Majestic Blue (30ml bottled ink)
Flat lay giveaway hosted by Goulet Pens for fountain pens, notebooks, ink.
Lamy Al-Star Fountain Pen – Copper Orange & TWSBI Eco Fountain Pen – Lime Green
Flat lay giveaway hosted by Goulet Pens for fountain pens, notebooks, ink.
Lamy Gift Set with Lamy Al-Star Purple
Flat lay giveaway hosted by Goulet Pens for fountain pens, notebooks, ink.
Lamy Dark Lilac ink and Traveler’s Notebook Camel, Passport
Flat lay giveaway hosted by Goulet Pens for fountain pens, notebooks, ink.
Notebook Sampler Set
Flat lay giveaway hosted by Goulet Pens for fountain pens, notebooks, ink.
Ink Sample Set – Robert Oster, Most Popular
Flat lay giveaway hosted by Goulet Pens for fountain pens, notebooks, ink.
a Rafflecopter giveaway The contest is open Thursday, July 6, 2017 at 10 am EDT until Sunday, July 9, 2017 at 11:59 pm EDT. One winner will be randomly selected and announced once the contest closes. The winner must live in a country that Goulet Pens currently ships to. Click here to see the Official Contest Rules.
What was your favorite Thursday Things theme so far?

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  • WF_cupcakegirl

    Oooo. This is soo awesome. Thanks for the greet giveaway.

  • Jonny Rector

    There’s a lot of great stuff in this giveaway! I’m not sure my favorite one from the last two years. They’re all great!

  • Eric Linneman

    The ink samples are one of the best things that Goulet offers. Highly recommended, especially when they are on sale like now.

  • Miranda Hancock

    How fun, thanks for a great giveaway!

  • 지우

    I can’t believe it’s second anniversary of Thursday Things! I love Thursday Things’ aesthetic so much. My favorite Thursday Things theme was ‘Cosmic Constellations’.

  • Happy 2nd Anniversary! Crystal Clear from November 2015 was fabulous. I love demonstrator pens, seeing the pretty ink in the barrel makes me smile.

  • Charlotte

    Wow, this is an amazing giveaway. I can’t remember which one is my favorite so far because they’re all amazing.

  • Scott Dilley

    Thank you. I always love thursdays and your images of themed collections.

  • blueeyesky

    Thank you for the giveaway! I love the Thursday Things Honeybee because yellow is so happy and energizing!

  • Matt Moreau

    Onyx Grey was my favorite!

  • Marc

    This giveaway looks amazing. This collection is so gorgeous. Fantastic Taste.

  • beemajabee

    I don’t remember the actual theme but it would have been a turquoise vignette. The way you put Thursday Things together is always so beautiful! ❤

  • Ramananda Reddy

    Congratulations!! on the second Thursday Things anniversary. I really liked the Thursday Things: Pacific Ocean Theme. I really wish I could write it with a fountain pen here. You Keep me inspired. Thank you for the Give away.

    • Ramananda Reddy

      I must also mention you even recently inspired a trader in India for creative photo ads.

  • Shelly Miland

    Thank you for your generosity! Congrats on your anniversary!!

  • Ryan K.

    I don’t have A favorite. I love that there is always something new. Blues one time, beach theme the next, blacks another time… I use them as my computer desktops! Always something new… And wonderful.

  • Lesley Schultz

    I don’t have a actual favorite, but I love tuning in every week to see what theme has come up for the week! Always meticulously put together and showcases a nice variety of products!

  • Shelby Highsmith

    Oh, copper orange Lamy, I see you.

    • Shelby Highsmith

      Oops, I strayed off topic. It’s hard to pick just one! That Caribbean blue theme a week or two ago was gorgeous. I also like most of the themes involving leather (like Travelers’ Notebooks), like the Typography one.

  • 달 : 럭키몬스터ʕ•ﻌ •ʔฅ

    I really loved the Renaissance themed post.

  • Lorien Boreham

    Seaside Springtime was my favourite Thursday Things post! 🙂

  • Martha Grace

    So many awesome things! Your curated collections are truly gorgeous. Even though I don’t usually get orange stuff, I’m really digging that orange Lamy Al-Star!

  • Kayla Gunter

    😍😍😍 Happy Anniversary! What a great giveaway; thank you for the opportunity! My favorite Thursday Things theme so far has been Pink & Gold (oh how I love rose gold & baby pink).

  • Carolyn Garthaus

    Done, Good luck to all 💛

  • Kathy

    It’s so hard to choose just one favorite, but I love anything with turquoise pens or inks in it!

    • David L.

      I second that, Kathy!

  • Maria Prater

    I thought the sherlock holmes themed one was cool, I appreciate the work that goes into thurs things.

  • Sara Habetz

    Mmmm, probably the Arctic Currents theme, though I may be partial because I have and love that pen!

  • squishymochii

    I have loved all the Thursday Things so far. I can’t really pick a favorite. Congratulations on the anniversary and thank you for the giveaway! 🙂

  • Jenny H

    Wanderlust was my absolute favorite theme- it’s what helped me discover Goulet Pens and rediscover my love for fountain pens!

  • J Groves

    I am fairly new to Goulet Pens, so I am unfamiliar with Thursday Things so far. I love the YouTube videos and I love the website for Goulet Pens! I’d love to win, but I’m thankful for the opportunity to enter the contest! Thanks for what you do!

  • Carolyn Garthaus

    This is my first time in this sort of thing. I started diving into GP June of this year. So this one 😊.

  • Dav1dtheGnome

    My favorite Thursday things was cosmic constellations.

  • Kristen E

    I adore Thursday Things! So much inspiration!

  • K

    I loved the Thursday Things Honeybee theme! Yellow makes me happy everytime. Thank you for the sweet giveaway! ☺

  • Katherine Korsnick Barrus

    What a great giveaway!!! Renaissance was my fav. I love everything in the photo. Gorgeous old school colors.

  • Susanna Paavola

    My favorite was the recent sepia post! I love all things sepian or leather brown!

  • Emily

    Seaside Springtime from a few months ago is my favorite Thursday Things – mainly because I regret not buying that Edison seaglass pen when I could. 🙁

  • Michelle Morin

    Yay!! Thanks for the opportunity and the Thursday posts! I like all of them, but if I had to recall a favorite it might be the coffee shop – I still covet several of those items.

  • Kristin Stocking

    Such a lovely collection!

  • Erika

    Love the passport.

  • Emily R

    I think my favorite Thursday Things collections have been Seaside Springtime, Ice, and Renaissance, though honestly I enjoy all of them. I’m always so impressed by how pretty all the photography and the setup is for your posts.

  • Ana

    Fantastic give away, and gorgeous collection as always. My faves: Thursday Things: Seaside Springtime Every color and everything about that one speaks to my soul. Honey Bee and Sunflower Fields a close 2nd!

  • Congratulations. I love all your Thursday themes. Each one better than the last. XOXO

  • Pam Scala

    Thanks for giving away so many wonderful items!

  • Krista Merle Anderson

    That Travelers Notebook <3

  • BrooklynBeka

    I love almost all of them but my favorites are the rose gold & midas touch! Thanks for all the great content

  • Basak A.

    I love Thursday Things! My two recent favorites are Seaside Spring Time, Renaissance, and Flora editions

  • joeismad

    Sepia to me feels more in-line with the classic fountain pen philosophy, which is part of the reason I got into FPs in the first place. Modern pens are nice, but I’m always on the lookout for a nice brown ink with some tan/ivory paper to Write On.

  • Wendy Kremer

    I love so many of them, but Seaside Springtime is one of my favorites! I have and love a number of the featured items in that one, including the Edison Nouveau Premiere Seaglass.

  • Penny Shanks

    How do I love thee? Let me count the ways: Iroshizuku Yama-budo, Syo-ro, Momiji, fuyu-gaki, Ku-jaku, and Chiku-rin. Striking ink colors that flow true and smooth. Whether my Pilot Vanishing point, Pilot Metropolitans or my favorite Lami with extra fine point, these inks have won my heart.

  • HannahML

    The sea glass collection was lovely and, I forget what you called it then, but you did a lilac sort of themed post that really caught my eye.

  • Martha Grace

    So many awesome things! Your curated collections are truly gorgeous. Even though I don’t usually get orange stuff, I’m really digging that orange Lamy Al-Star!

  • Cosima Kafka

    I really loved Blue Black but also just generally anything that has a lot of blue – it’s just my color 🙂 But I love seeing these in general, it’s always such beautiful eye candy!

  • Alberto P.

    Hard to pick a favorite from 100, but it’s always cool to see what you guys come up with every week! It’s a neat concept. If I had to pick though, maybe Typography? I love me all things brown when it comes to fountain pens and inks and it is my current obsession 🙂

  • Shy Teng Liew

    Wow.. I love these!

  • Karen Forsyth

    Lovely giveaway! This is my first time seeing Thursday Things.

  • Crystal Hart-P’Pool

    Honestly, I have loved anything featuring blues and purples. It is just nice to look at and dream

  • Rachel L

    Congratulations on this milestone! Look forward to many more Thursday Things! My favorite so far has been the Starry Night collection, followed closely by Arctic Currents.

  • Amanda Nyren

    It’s hard to pick just one, but I’ve really enjoyed themes based on nature as well as monochromatic themes.

  • Lacey

    Hmm, I don’t know that I can pick a favorite Thursday Things post! I tend to enjoy the ones that have lots of bright colors, especially green! I really enjoyed the rainbow one for that reason. 🙂

  • Sarah Lfm Hannigan

    It’s hard to decide, but I think my favorite Thursday Things is Wanderlust. Those TNs!

  • Henry Waldschmidt

    I just got a platinum preppy for each of the kids, so I can convert them before the go back to school.

  • Sarah Rice

    Love all of the color themes on Thursday Things!

  • Deepak Sabharwal

    I can honestly say that this is the first time I’ve actually really participated, but this one is pretty awesome!

  • Ron Parish

    Actually, this Thursday Things package is fantastic! There are three which are very interesting, but you only want us to choose one – tough decision. I’ll have to go with Dad Approved. I’m a dad and granddad who would really enjoy using everything in that setup.

  • Melissa Hogan

    I think Dragon’s Ember is my favorite. I love that Homosapiens and the vibrant oranges with the deep reds blend so well.

  • Carmen Guthrie

    I’ve only recently started following you guys. We talk about you on a journaling page, all the time. As for which Thursday Theme…..don’t know, just found out about it. I imagine they’re all great……what could be bad about pens, ink and journals?
    Thanks for the chance. Good luck y’all. Hope I win though, lol. Will be a happy birthday present.

  • Cheyenne Moistner

    Congrats on the 2 years!! And this is the first thursday things I’ve seen thanks to fb lol

  • Janice Hudson

    As others have said, it is difficult to pick just one – top 5? Orange and grey, woodworking, wanderlust, coffee shop, and arctic currents.

  • Charles Royal

    First time for me to enter any of your giveaways. I do read your Thursday emails.

  • Andrew Matichak

    Only recently found you guys but it’s so cool to see you going this strong!

  • Christine Slocum

    I look forward to seeing your Thursday Things. It’s nice to see the products in context of each other, and whomever does the composition has a really good eye.

  • Taylor Jane Grant

    The Thursday things that i most recently loved was the Pink & Gold (March 16, 2017). Pink and Gold were just made for each other!

  • What an awesome collection and giveaway package. If I win, my heart would skip a beat every time I use one of those offerings and my other much-loved and much-used Lamy pens will be so jealous. While it is difficult to identify my favourite collection, the Seaside Springtime collection is one of my favourite Thursday Things theme.

  • Amylynnknits

    Congratulations on two years of Thursday Things. I’ve enjoyed the color themes and anything nature related.

  • Brittany Hayes

    This one would be amazing to win! I can’t believe y’all are giving away such a load! I’m a loyal follower and customer of Goulet Pens and I know I speak for everyone when I say we are so thankful for everything you guys do. I think this is my favorite Thursday Things for the sheer variety.

  • Eric Aycock

    This is a great way to celebrate an anniversary with your fans! You all rock when it comes to customer interactions and building an amazing brand. Here’s to many many more anniversaries. I really liked the Old Souls Thursday things, showing new things that are vintage inspired. So you get the reliability and comfort of something new with the appearance of something old.

  • Julia Valter

    I love this! You guys are so generous 🙂 and dark lilac, wow!

    I’m not sure what it wad called but one of my favo TTs was where everything was green 😀

  • bonnie jean woolger

    What and excellent giveaway!

  • Steve Taylor

    Since I just found you folks a few weeks ago, I would say this is my favorite! 🙂

  • Ruth-Erin Menzies

    I like them especially appeals to me. I’m going with seaside springtime and Idyllic isle as my favourites.

  • Jason Riley

    I liked the Blue Black Thursday Things from April 6th of this year. I really liked the composition and the color scheme.

  • AJ

    It’s elementary! I really liked the Thursday Things: Sherlock Holmes.

  • julie bausman

    I can’t pick just one! Summer Sunset, Persimmon Persuasion, Marigolds, Peachy Keen, Orange &Grey- see a theme there 😉 Then it’s all the blues! The collections are well curated. They have me wanting them all. Thanks and congrats to Team Goulet on your 2nd anniversary of fabulous Thursdays.

  • Emily S.

    I enjoy Thursday Things quite a bit. Starry Night is one of my favorites. Thanks for the giveaway!

  • Anna Karnowski

    I really liked the Thursday Things: Pitch Black! It’s such a cool and mysterious look.

  • GraceyK

    Some of my favourite Thursday Things are ‘Lilac and Gold’, ‘Cosmic Constellations’, ‘Water Lily’ and ‘Orange & Grey’ 😀

  • Natasha Ranken

    The one with all the copper shinies. I adore copper, and it was neat to see all the things laid out. I was even hoping for the third prize on last years thanksgiveaway.

  • Rachel

    My favorite Thursday Things was Jewel Tones! I just love all those colors and would love to have a notebook filled with those inks!

  • I love everything about Goulet Pens. I love your focus on building a community with your employees and your customers, your incredible customer service and the carefully curated products you sell. Your ink swap tool is FANTASTIC and your blog and site in general are always a pleasure to peruse.

  • Casey Andrews

    This is the first Thursday thing that I have honestly known about. Thank you for the giveaway!

  • Kay Lee

    Love you guys!!! Just ordered a bunch of Nemosine ink samples!

  • Trustworthy

    The Sherlock Holmes TT was pretty great.

  • My favorite TT post is Arizona Desert…the colors in those Edison pens is amazing!

  • MP

    I loved Sherlock Holmes, Bibliophile, and Typography; they speak to me as a literature nerd. But you could pretty much pick a TT out of a hat and I would love it. They are all great.

    • AnneP

      Those are good ones!

  • B Niver

    Choosing just one Thursday Things theme is hard, but I really liked last week’s Idyllic Isle with all the light blues and white.

  • Biosplonk

    This looks like an amazing giveaway.. And Thursday things is a great theme!

  • Steve Suehs

    That is a nice layout. I’ve been doing my best to keep the kids at least in the same room with some cursive since our schools haven’t, at least not yet.

  • Karine

    I do enjoy the Thursday Things, I hope you’ll keep it up for at least two years longer! 😀 It’s hard to choose a favourite though.. Possibly starry night, water lily, or over the rainbow

  • Nathan Weston

    I loved “Bibliophile”. CLASSY.

  • Evan Macdonald

    that dark lilac tho!

  • Sbeckham

    There are so many, but some of the more recent ones were bibliophile, Arizona desert, geodes, autumn embers, sea glass, and lilac and gold! I love seeing these every week and hope you guys keep it up!

  • Katherine V

    Sherlock Holmes was definitely my favorite! I loved those short stories and novels when I was a kid.

  • Nenona

    I loved Sherlock Holmes the best. Wish you had more based on characters, actually. Aladdin and the 40 Thieves(rich red moroccan and gold-trimmed pens). Beauty and the Best(Rose inks), etc, I feel like there’s plenty of good books in public domain to base things off of, I just love old stories and stuff themed off of them.

  • Yui Lee

    My favourite Thursday Things theme is definitely the Rose Gold! Ever since I switched to using a Rose Gold coloured phone and saw that post, I’ve been wanting everything on that post so that I can match my daily carries….

  • Logan Scheiwe

    My two favorite Thursday Things were Pacific Ocean and Arctic Currents. I like the different shades of blues in both.

  • Joel Walmsley

    Wow! *This* is the best “Thursday Things” — what a giveaway!

  • Edwin PG

    I really loved the Thursday things Renaissance them, with the Visconti Brunelleschi Fountain Pen, the Pelikan M800 Fountain Pen – Renaissance Brown and the Montegrappa Fortuna Fountain Pen – Copper Mule, wonderfully themed together. Thanks for the giveaway!

  • Carrie Hura

    I’m relatively new to it too, but I love the collections you post! Thanks for the chance!

  • Tracy Elliott

    Hi There! I would love to win this giveaway! My favorite Thursday Things was either Sherlock Holmes, Jewel Tones or Pitch Black. Hmmmm…..I’m going to go with Sherlock Holmes.

  • Somebody_Else

    I know someone that would love any and all of this.

  • Rachel

    Notebook heaven!

  • Stephanie Rae Halter-Miller

    Lovely contest! I have yet to try a fountain pen but it’s on my wish list 🙂 My favorite Thursday thing has been Sherlock Holmes.

  • arieswriting

    Oh, I neeed that Dark Lilac! My favourite Thursday Things is a tie between Peacock and On Pointe. And Silver Lining. And Jewel Tones. And Cosmic Constellations. Oh, and Silver Bells.

  • Lance Westfall

    Love the professionalism and detail of your company.

  • Christian Bertram

    I haven’t been here for a long time, but I think Checkmate was pretty cool. There’s just something about that black and white..

  • Anki Larsen

    Gorgeous collection you’ve assembled for this amazing giveaway! I’m not sure what my favorite Thursday Things theme has been; I just know I love all the thought that goes into them, and the gorgeous photography.

  • Lucas Gallup

    Sherlock one wad pretty cool

  • Susan Sutcliffe

    My favourite always seems to be the most recent. As in “Ooooh, I want that!”

  • Kris Tiles

    Holy crap, you had me at the notebooks. New England Autumn, but as a forester, I’m a sucker for anything with leaves or trees.

  • Abhiraj Saxena

    I loved the Checkmate, Double Rainbow, and the Brian and Rachel Goulet Thursday Things theme…the assortments are great!

  • jon lee

    The Sherlock Holmes was great.

  • Drew Alexander

    Fantastic giveaway, good luck to all!

  • Kate Marshall

    anytime Brian and Rachel pick something out is a win for me!

  • Aubrey Mayer

    I absolutely loved when you did the green theme earlier this year. The colors and items were so pretty

  • ravencomeslaughing

    I personally loved “Peacock” as it was all my favorite colors in one. They’re all so beautifully composed, though.

  • Arctic Musings

    My very favorite is Silver Bells, and Cosmic Constellations is a close second!

  • Igor Senna

    My favorite Thursday Things theme is the Blue Black one.

  • quiltbabe8

    LOL. Lock me in a cabin with all of this and I will be content to play and write for months!

  • Nicole

    Seaglass, any of the teal and Turquoise ones, and the gems one

  • Kirk Langdon

    My favourite from the past two years would have to be either typography or sephia because I really love the Browns and it makes everything look so awesome and vintage!

  • Benjamin R

    I had to go back and look through the previous two years of Thursday Things for memory jogging purposes, and found myself with ten that I really liked (from newest to oldest): Old Soul, Renaissance, Typography, Everything in Its Place, Sepia, Bibliophile, Sherlock Holmes, *Heavy Metal, Does it Come in Black, and Days Gone By. It seems I enjoy the more “vintage” flavored themes. The asterisk indicates what I would do, “If I must only choose one… or else!” However, I may have to move the Asterisk to “2nd Anneversary Giveaway” should certain events occur 😛

  • Sean Yang

    Awesome giveaway. Goulet Pens rock!

  • CrossmanX

    My favorite was bibliophile!

  • Ria Bassant

    This is great! Thank you for the opportunity! Honestly, I love all the themes!

  • Jessica Karlén
  • Sheryl Lewis

    Can’t believe it’s been 2 years! Thanks for getting me hooked on Robert Oster ink!!

  • Jennifer Hilty

    I really loved them all, especially those that involve turquoise or Rose gold. This is an awesome giveaway, thanks for the chance.

  • Nicholette

    My favorite Thursday Things from this year was “Double Rainbow”. The Nemosine Re-Entry nibs in that post looked awesome!

  • Inlandempirical

    Coffee Shop and Botanical were my favorite themes

  • David Street

    This is such a fantastic giveaway. Thank you Goulet’s and team for your sincere dedication! My favorite Thursday Things would be ‘Grayscale and Gold’ from July 2015.

  • I really liked the last one, Idyllic Isle.

  • Andy

    Onyx grey!

  • Holly Chism

    I think my favorite was the Arizona Desert one. That was one of the prettiest set ups for photography, and the pens were purely gorgeous.

  • Hayley Williamson

    I really liked the Flora Thursday Things, so pretty.

  • Lisa Kelly Yablonski

    Love this! Thanks for all your 101 help!

  • Amy Biasca

    I’m new to all this, but I love ink samples and the notebook set. Can’t wait for mine to arrivce tomorrow!

  • Bryan

    My favorite Thursday Things was the Signed, Sealed and Delivered. I think sealing wax is an awesome letter accessory.

  • k.

    Happy anniversary and thanks for the advices about fountain pen technics !

  • Isabel

    My favorite Thursday things was the recent Dad Approved one… I just loved the rugged look of it

  • Julio Raúl Mazariegos

    I really enjoy the passion you put into the hobby and your content really inspire new people like to get into the fountain pen world. Thank you so much

  • Ria F.

    Idyllic Isle, Pitch Black, Succulent Love, Flora, Blue Black, pink and gold, monstera deliciosa, Midas touch, on pointe, grey rocks, mint and gold … oh, it’s so difficult to decide. Ask me another day and I’ll name others. They are all beautiful.

  • thedart88

    Peacock, Amethyst, Special Ops, Lilac & Gold, and Into the Woods!

  • Elizabeth

    My favorite thing about your Thursday things is the lovely color coordination

  • Melanie Antuna Hewitt

    There was a yellow one a while back that I can’t remember the name to. But yellow is my favorite color, so naturally….

  • Michael Smith

    Seaside Springtime. Too bad I missed out on the Edison Seaglass.

  • Amy Rodbumrung

    My favorite Thursday Things entry so far has been the Flora entry on April 13th, 2017. It was all my style and very beautiful colors!

  • Karmen Buck

    I loved the lime green Thursday things!

  • Kay Nettle

    Great giveaway!

  • molossus

    I don’t have the memory to remember that far back, but your Renaissance post from a few weeks ago is as close to a favorite as I’m going to get. Thank you for the fantastic giveaway!

  • Mary

    Autumn Express and Wild West! (rhyming unintended)

  • miguel oxamendi

    This one is my favorite because giveaway!

  • I S

    I like so many of the Thursday Things: Silver Bells, Water Lily, Coffee Shop, Mint Turquoise, Cosmic Constellations, Lilac & Gold, Peacock, Geodes — but I think my favourite of all, because it focuses on my favourite colour, was Amethyst. 😀

  • Andrew Holgin

    My favorite was definitely Song & Dance, being a musician myself

  • Alicia

    My favorite has was one from last year that featured pink and turquoise items. I don’t remember what it was called, but it was so gorgeous!

  • Christine

    I loved the pink and gold Thursday things!

  • Esther Ng

    My favourite theme has to be the one with the wax seals, posted in April. Also, because it was posted on my birthday. 😄

  • There have been so many gorgeous ones but my favorite has been the Autumn Embers

  • Smithman

    A favorite is the Lime Green Eco. I had decided I wanted a second Eco so i could have two different nibs, and neither the black or white models appeals to me.

  • Carole Greene

    The Robert oster inks are some of my favorite! They just look so good on paper

  • Marian T. Do

    Pitch black edition of Thursday Things

  • James Tomasello

    Definitely the Renaissance collection the choices were beautifull.

  • Jonathan Whitehorn

    I personally enjoyed the Typography theme. Probably because I’m a sucker for those Pelikans!

  • Melisa Malvin

    My favorite post has to be “Pilot Metropolitan Retro Pop: Quick Look” from Sept 2015 because that article influenced my first purchase of a “gateway pen”: a Pilot Metropolitan.

  • Kimberley Higgins

    Thursday, March 30, 2017

    Thursday Things: Seaside Springtime

  • RD

    I think Autumn Embers is probably my favorite Thursday Things.

  • Daniel Dubnicki

    Such wonderful items here! Can’t decide which one I’d enjoy the most!

  • Dorina M.

    Typography was awesome and classy!

  • Deb Hendricks

    I love pacific and beach bum

  • Michelle Strickland

    Today! And beach bum!!

  • Lois Raphael

    I’m sorry to cop out and not pick one, but they are ALL so lovely.

  • Tom Johnson

    Oh, what a magnificent Giveaway! I knew this question was going to come up someday, and I dreaded it. I cannot choose a favorite based on theme, nor on the fantastic photos and collections. So, after reviewing, briefly, I came up with a criteria for selecting favorite Thursday Things. I chose three in a three-way tie. Just can’t select only one TT. Each of these 3 prompted me to purchase 3 of my favorite pens of all time. These are: Geodes (12/1/2016), Arctic Currents (12/8/2016), and Arizona Desert (5/18/2017). In this order, these TT led to me getting my Arctic Currents Edison Nouveau Premiere, Burnished Gold Edison Collier, and the Sonoran Sunset Edison Pearlette. Every week I look forward to Thursday Things, one of my weekly highlights – it makes my day. These 3 pens are at the top of my favorite pens (out of over 40). Thanks for a great opportunity, and another great Thursday Things too.

    • Tom Johnson

      I should add that I ordered the Sonoran Sunset Pearlette only a few minutes after viewing the Arizona Desert Thursday Things. I knew I had to have that wonderful pen as soon as I saw its photo.

    • AnneP

      Excellent choices! Those TTs are beautiful!

    • Lydia At Goulet Pens

      So anytime we need to convince Tom to buy an Edison pen, we need to put it in a Thursday Things? Got it! Hahaha Just kidding but what a fun coincidence!

      • AnneP


      • Tom Johnson

        More than a coincidence, the magnificent photos are almost like seeing the pens in front of me, so real. Makes so many pens hard to resist.

  • Lauren Springli

    Inksamplepalooza! I love all the pretty colors!

  • YM

    I don’t know that I have a favorite blog post but I do have to say that I have loved every single photo from the blog. The selection of items and arrangement thereof. Very visually appealing!!

  • Kristy Ruiz

    I am LOVING the ink samples, but I think I love the Rhodia dot pad the best of all things I’ve tried. I’d probably fall in love with the Lami pen REAL fast!

  • AmyStev

    I enjoy them all, but my favorite is a toss-up between Seaside Springtime or Mint Turquoise

  • Thistlelady

    I love that there IS a theme! I get so wondrously distracted perusing all the great things you have to offer, so it’s nice to see them pulled together in a collection. And the inks, pens, and papers are displayed so beautifully, too.

  • Ru

    I loved the theme accompanying the Seaglass pen– I can’t remember what it was called, but the colors were great. I like all your themes that revolve around a certain color/combination– the layouts are always so elegant.

  • Jubilex

    Favorite theme – well that’s easy as I’ve only stumbled upon Goulet recently. The first one I recall seeing was ‘Old Soul’ and it of course made an impression instantly.

    That’s the one I’ll go with!

  • nushsix

    I loved the mint turquoise

  • Courtney Chicoine

    Idyllic Isle. All those lovely blues, it was just relaxing to look at.

  • Jpizzle

    Gotta have that dark lilac!

  • Joe Stout

    It’s hard to pick a favorite- there are way too many good ones! I did love the Sherlock Holmes one though…

  • GabrielMarie Kingsley

    My Favorite Thursday Things Themes are: 2nd Anniversary Giveaway, and Flora!

  • Louise

    Whoa, looks great!

  • Kelsie Quast

    I loved the palms and pineapples one! I’m a sucker for anything with bright colors and that reminds me of tropical weather

  • liz domino

    I think my favourite is Thursday Things: Checkmate. I love the black and white contrast.

  • Cindy Hahn

    I think mine was Pacific Ocean. I love the blue greens!

  • colors_and_beads

    My favorite Thursday Things was Palms and Pineapples (May 11 2017). There was a ukulele in there!!!

  • M C

    pitch black is my fave.

  • Michael Schwing

    Black is a good theme. It is a classic and professional color, but requires a little more creativity. There are so many black cigar pens, and not as many black pens with unique designs.

  • Giovanni’s Roomba

    Pantone Colour of the Year: Greenery.

    I still can’t decide if I need that lime-green TWSBI Eco (“need” being an extremely elastic term). I have two Ecos already, the white and the clear, and really love them, but do I have to have a third? My current tactic is to wait until they’re no longer available, which will make the choice for me, but if I should happen to be in a pen store and they should happen to have one with an EF nib…well, there’s no telling what might happen. (Yes there is: I’ll buy it.)

  • Suané Lourens

    This is a very elegant compilation of inks, pens and books! Absolutely STUNNING!

  • Joshua Williams

    The seaglass one I guess, never really paid much attention to this, guess it’s time I do.

  • jenn

    my favorite thursday things usually involve ORANGE, but also blue and purple.
    a few i loved include a typographic one in february, the orange/gray one in january, a black/gray one with rocks last fall, and the purple and gold one when dark lilac was still available!

  • cavegriswold

    I’ve only been aware of TT for a short while, but I really dug this year’s Father’s Day set.

  • Joanna Mei

    I loved the Seaside Springtime! But Wanderlust is right up there. Plus the most recent Idyllic Isle. Thank you for 2 years of beautiful collages!

  • Kim L

    This one! Love all the colors.

  • Warren

    Pitch Black is awesome

  • Marlena K

    I’m not saying buying more ink will improve my handwriting but until I test the hypothesis I can’t overturn it. My favorite thursday theme was blue black

  • Cam

    Lamy Dark Lilac?! I need that!!!

  • sally waters

    Favorite was definitely the Animals on Parade. Pens and animals – not much in life that’s better.

  • Laird of Glencoe

    It has to be the orange and grey. Love the colour combo and have started to theme my pens around it.

  • Sephra

    Wow! You all are so generous with your giveaways!! Thank you so much for the opportunity. I would absolutely love to win this collection of Thursday Things. My favorite TT has been Botanical, but I honestly love them all! I even save the images I like and have them set as my computer background!

  • Amrix11

    I love all the things! But especially the notebooks 🙂

  • Marcia

    My favorite TT is Think Pink. I love all things pink – it is such a bright, cheerful color!

  • Official_Y.

    stunning give away, so excited to be the one who wins these pleasuressss.

  • David L.

    The unanswerable question. I can’t possibly choose one over the other! They are all wonderful! I was about to buy one of those Copper Orange Al-Stars yesterday, but the price knocked me down. I’ll make my final decision as to getting it or not today. The price was steep, but not as bad as the Ruby Red. I love both, they are both very appealing. I don’t know how you do all these giveaways! Thank you!

    • David L.

      That Traveler’s Notebook… Exactly what I’ve been eyeing for the past two months!

  • Grace Mabbatt

    My favorite things are the last dark lilac ink and dark lilac pen!

  • Mason Callaway

    It’s a tough choice, but I’m going to give the nod to Monstera Deliciosa. It was one of the first Thursday Things which clicked for me.

  • Laura Bruck

    Love all the Thursday posts. They are so creative!

  • Ciaran Myers

    I loved the Pitch Black one you had a while back, super stealth always looks good!

  • Dylane

    I really like any Thursday Things that involves bright summery colours. But Succulent Things from a few weeks back was super cute. Bright colours and succulents!

  • sharon888

    Arizona Desert was my favorite.

  • AbdElRhman Zagloul

    This Thursday of course

  • Mette

    So cool and generous! I hope I win something!🌟

  • I loved the turquoise one the best–Idyllic Isle. But any Thursday with Things is a happy one.

  • CSF Photo

    Sweet giveaway! Always pleased to see the clever and appealing layouts and the amazing photos! May it continue for years to come!

  • thisisbeth

    Picking favorites is the hardest thing!! Idyllic Isle; Signed, Sealed, and Delivered; Flora; Seaside Springtime…

    There are just so many pretty collections, and I always find something to dream about!

  • Wayne

    So excited, I did every single entry!

  • Charissa D. Jelliff

    I love all things rose gold, so I really liked the Pink and Gold post.

  • Jeremy Howe

    So many blogs, so little time! I’d have to say one of my favorites has to be “Blue Black” from April of this year. Blue/Black inks are my favorite and I coordinate much of my collection towards these colors, although lately, I’ve gotten into coppers and inks like Apache Sunset to coordinate with my camel Traveler’s notebook. Keep up the great blogging!

  • Laura Werner

    I don’t know how I’m supposed to pick one, but I did enjoy the Pacific Ocean theme from earlier this year – my weakness is teals and blues!

  • Lisa Milstead

    All of them are lovely, but my favorites are ones with blues and turquoise. Idyllic Isle…

  • Kerry Anderson

    I always enjoy your Thursday Things posts… well coordinated products bring a smile to my face. 🙂

  • Michael Pearce

    My favourite was palms and pineapples! thanks for the give away!

  • Andy Lyon

    I want it all.
    I want it all.
    And I want it now!!!

  • studmuffin13

    My favorite Thursday things setup is Ice and Fire and the Pitch Black. Crossing my fingers and toes to win this amazing giveaway, thank you Goulet for the opportunity!

  • Tina R

    My favourite was Renaissance, because I like the new Pelikan Renaissance brown so so much. It looks like marble and paintings combined.

  • Nicole Hefner

    I can’t pick a favorite. But anything with blue makes me happy.

  • Travers Goff

    I only own a small Rhodia notepad, a white Lamy Safari, and a bottle of Noodler’s black ink. Looking at this selection (and all Goulet products) makes me excited for the day I can afford a lot more fountain pens and fountain pen products.

  • Edith Leon

    I really enjoy Thursday Things! Always showing something I might want to get! I really liked the Emerald theme. Well any of the post with green!

  • evesix

    I loved the Seaside Springtime post!

  • Ian Wolfe

    Well I was going to say Checkmate, because I’m a big fan of the game. I also happen to wear black and white (professional hazard) quite a lot and thought all the pens there would go well with my clerical collar. But now I have to say this one, because I actually have a chance to add some pens and ink and notebooks to my collection.

    Congratulations on the anniversary! Woot Woot.

  • Denise Chapel

    Thank you for your generosity! Love Goulet Pens!

  • I just recently started following this blog so I don’t have many to choose from, maybe next year. I liked all the blue last week. I know this probably isn’t the point, but your pictures are very nice to look at.

  • BCDDiggler

    Spread the love!

  • Christine Glazman

    I love “Crystal Clear!” I love demonstrator pens 🙂

  • Jen Benson

    Love your customer service and your pens. I’ve been eyeing several purchases, they’re just not in the budget yet. They will be, though!

  • Janet Good

    I loved arctic currents.

  • Amber Nguyen

    My favorite Thursday Things posts were the Lilac and Gold, Wanderlust, and the Water Lily! Thanks for this giveaway opportunity!

  • kevin

    I am fairly new to fps so I’d currently have to say that bottle of dark lilac thrills the soul.

  • TheVeganAsana

    Hard to choose a favorite past Thursday Things, but both Old Soul and Bibliophile speak to my nerdy heart. 😀

  • VickNish

    Being the only person I know who loves bright cheery greens, my favorite TT is the Pantone Color of the Year 2017 post with all the green goodness of the FP world! But you must know that EVERY thursday things post is inspiring to me!

  • Charlyn Jones Trussell

    Favorite Thursday Thing: Mediterranean Oasis–the turquoise theme for me.

  • Tracy L. Rains

    I would say Sepia and Pacific Ocean are some of my favorites! Congrats on 2 years and thanks for a wonderful giveaway!!

  • Christine Kearns

    The Renaissance theme, especially the VISCONTI BRUNELLESCHI

  • Michael L

    Thanks for the giveaway! I love this post, of course!

  • Asha Bardon (アーシャー・バードン)

    Wow, that’s an amazing haul!

  • Robert Page

    Congratulations on this second anniversary! Thank you for the beautiful photography each week. Bibliophile, with the edition of ‘Anne of Green Gables,’ is my favorite.

  • artzpaperzpenz

    So generous! Thank you! Hope I win. 🙂

  • unl33t

    Wow! This is mighty generous of you guys. So many awesome things in this giveaway!

  • Unjuan Equis

    I just realized you have a thursday things theme! The Idyllic Isle looks awesome. Thanks for all that you give to the community, and I don’t only mean pretty pens and inks, although those are appreciated too 😉

  • Timothy Anderson

    Typography and Crystal Clear are my favorites.

  • CorinneLitchfield

    So many Thursday Things are great…I’m partial to Brian and Rachel Goulet, Pacific Ocean, Peacock. Sea Glass was very cool, too. The person in charge of this campaign must have so much fun with it!

  • Amy Pengidore

    I love Thursday Things. The creativity and beauty always inspires me. I think my favorite was Coffee Shop, with Sherlock Holmes a close second.

  • Nees Imamura

    Congrats! My favorite was Mediterranean Oasis and Old Soul

  • HJ

    My favourite is Sepia. Lots of different interpretation as to what “Sepia” means. 😀

  • EllenAisac

    I am a huge fan of your company and this giveaway is great fun. Keep up the great work! I hope I win! I’ll share the prizes with my good friend!

  • Naomi Senkbeil

    I love the Signed, Sealed, Delivered one. It speaks to the letter writer in me. My favorite way to stay in touch with friends.

  • Pauly Park

    Congrats on the 2nd year, Hopefully, there will be many more to come!

  • Jennifer Robles

    I think my favorite was Everything in its Place, especially the Monteverde 36-slot Pen Case, but it is hard to choose!

  • Brandi Candi

    I love Dark Lilac!

  • Veronica Ardary

    Congratulations!! What a generous giveaway!!

  • Lisa Vierra

    So many favorites. A recent favorite is Flora

  • Kirdy

    What an awesome giveaway! As a California girl, of course my favorite theme was pacific ocean!

  • Nick Blackwell

    Great giveaway!

  • sistert

    The zodiac one. I ended up purchasing an Ahab in Cardinal Darkness because of it! Haha

  • Tiffany Marie Laumen

    Awesome giveaway! I love Thursday things “inkpalooza” so many amazing ink colors you guys carry!! ❤

  • sebastien duclos

    My faves were Geodes and Sea Glass. Thanks for the contest!

  • Daniel Visaya

    My favorite is definitely everything in it’s place!

  • AnneP

    So I went back to look at ALL the Thursday Things–which was such fun–and my initial list of favorites had 31 on it. With difficulty, I’ve narrowed that down to 11. :/

    I have difficulty picking favorites, and they all have such different color palettes and themes I love. Thank you so much for Thursday Things. I look forward to 2 more years!

    Sweater Weather
    Piet Mondrian—-I’m not even much of a Mondrian fan, but this is just a delight
    Wanderlust—-love, love, love maps
    Into the Woods—-this is still a favorite link on my phone for midday stress relief
    Song & Dance—-Verdi & Bach!!!
    Coffee Shop

  • Kathleen D

    Happy anniversary! I love Thursday things…keep them coming

  • Jina Park

    My favorite so far was Ice and Fire and Sherlock. I’d love to see more that are based around books and movies! It’s fun to think about what pen and inks characters would use 🙂

  • Natalie

    Thanks for the chance to win!

  • Geraldine Gonzales

    Happy Thursday things anniversary! Loved your signed, sealed and delivered theme and the all-black one. More power!

  • Elaine Boston

    My favorite was the Dark Lilac.

  • kalyke

    My favorite was Typography.

  • Ally Can Cook

    My favorite was everything in its place!

  • TranquilWyvern

    Thanks for the opportunity! Sadly, I havent been followwing the Thursday things for very long, but the Inksamplepalooza really caught my eye. It made me aware of this series, and I plan to follow this series as much as I can.

    • Tom Johnson

      You can go back and look at all previous Thursday Things in the link at the top of the page on the right side. The link takes you to a list of links to all of them.

  • AFA

    I loved the Flora edition

  • Daniel Biermann

    “Bamboo Green” is groovy.

  • cece johnson

    I’m a die-hard snail-mail girl so I loved “Signed, sealed, delivered” (but “Old soul” was a very close second)!

  • Bryan: TheArchivist

    I am really digging the Lamy Safari in copper orange in this thursday things – what a great color! I think my favorite past Thursday Things is the Bibliophile – I can’t help it, I’m an archivist.

  • Michelle C.

    Sweet giveaway!

  • Alyx Walker

    I can’t choose between Checkmate and Double Rainbow! Regardless I always am enamoured by the composition of the Thursday things photos. Whoever sets them up, give them a raise!

  • Crystal Whan

    Sadly, I’ve only just discovered Thursday Things. However, all of the themes are very interesting and caught my attention. I really like the Renaissance theme. I doubt I’d ever be able to afford those particular fountain pens, but they sure are gorgeous!

  • Gerald A. Collins Jr.

    I only discovered you last year. I love them all.

  • Camille Lampert

    Marcos chandler
    $100 to buy router and modem
    August 4th 1-5 installation

    My favorite by far has been February 16th, 2017: Typography. When I first saw that blog post I was in the middle of processing my anxiety towards my career field. I was stuck in corporate but desperately wanted to go back to my passion of graphic design and lettering. The choices for that Thursday Things was inspiring and it was also the first time I had seen the travelers notebook. Though I am still in the corporate world I now have my gorgeous fountain pen and travelers notebook to keep me company in my creativity.

  • Camille Lampert

    My favorite by far has been February 16th, 2017: Typography. When I first saw that blog post I was in the middle of processing my anxiety towards my career field. I was stuck in corporate but desperately wanted to go back to my passion of graphic design and lettering. The choices for that Thursday Things was inspiring and it was also the first time I had seen the travelers notebook. Though I am still in the corporate world I now have my gorgeous fountain pen and travelers notebook to keep me company in my creativity.

  • Papp Zoltán Andor

    Wow! You guys amaze me every time! Congrats on hitting the 2 year mark! And thanks a lot for a chance of winning this amazing giveaway!!

  • Rebecca

    Such a cool giveaway. Thanks for doing this.

  • Jakkofclubs

    My favorite Thursday Things was the Pitch Black from May this year. I’m a sucker for black stuff.

  • Kaida Moran

    I don’t know they I can pick a favorite, they’re always so fun to look at!!

  • Becca Rocheleau

    My favorite Thursday Things is the travelers notebook. It looks beautiful!

  • R Shah

    My favorite was a blue theme from a while back!

  • Jeni Shanks

    I love Thursday Things! What a neat giveaway!

  • Patti Henschen

    My favorite Thursday Things theme has been the Ice and Fire. I loooooove Game of Thrones and hope I can one day afford to get all those pens! (For starters I’d love to get the Stark fountain pen!)

  • Kendall Justiniano

    Love the Orange Al Star!

  • Roger Merrill

    My favorite Thursday Things had to be the Renaissance set.

  • KarenS_923

    What a generous giveaway!! (My eyes are on the Copper Orange Al-Star, the Traveler’s Passport Notebook, …. oh who am I kidding? It all looks great!)

    My favorite Thursday Things theme since I’ve discovered fountain pens (March of this year) is Seaside Springtime. Love the theme and the colors. And before that? Peacock from Sept 2016 for the colors (two of my favorites) and Autumn Embers, also from Sept 2016. And that one, because it has my grail Edison Nouveau Premiere, Autumn Embers. What a gorgeous pen!! If anyone has one they wouldn’t mind me taking off their hands….. 😀

  • Jenn Dee

    I really love all the color themed Thursdays. The pictures are so beautiful. But because I am a letter writer my favorite has to be Signed, Sealed Delivered, followed closely by the Seaside Spring time. I am just so sorry that I missed the spring limited sea glass Edison. Maybe next time! Keep up the great Thursday Things, and congrats on 2 years!

  • disqus_CgwYJLIiKV

    My favourite Thursday Things theme has to be the Sherlock Holmes one. I have read a fair share mystery stories and he’s one of my favourite crime-solver character. I am quite sad to see that the Delta Journal Fountain Pen in Matte Red is no longer listed here anymore.

  • Mike Delong

    Very generous, thank you.

  • M.L. Wahl

    I can’t believe that you’re only two years old! I <3 your company!

    • Lydia At Goulet Pens

      We’re actually 7 years old 🙂 It is the 2 year anniversary of Thursday Things. Thanks for the love, M. L.!

  • Cristiano Frota

    The post of april 20, 2017 (Ice and Fire) was the best in my opinion. Such a variety of fountain pens and notebooks, resuming briefly what goulet pens have in it’s best. Besides that, what’s the most interesting thing it was incorporate the all new Montegrappa Game of Thrones fountain pens with more affordable, but not less quality, fountain pens. I believe this is it! Congrats by the art that envolves your work in demonstrating your products!

  • Dan Goldman

    Sherlock Holmes!

  • Victoria

    I have just re-discovered my love for fountain pen as an adult so I’m new to the blog and Goulet pens… but I think I’ve binge watched most of your YouTube videos! I love the “shady” episode the most. 😂 From the giveaway above tho I’d have to say I’d love the dark lilac ink. I am becoming a huge Lamy fan and the limited edition ‘Petrol’ Safari was my first purchase. Then a Vista next so I’d have a lovely demonstrator pen. Anyway just want to say thank you for all the amazing information you have available, as a newbie I’d have to say it’s been invaluable!

  • Taylor

    I loved the Sherlock Holmes post, as a avid lover of literature or really spoke to me!

  • Belinda Thompson

    I love seeing all the new items and drooling over them. Not very flattering but hey, that’s real life.

  • Rene

    I always love the ones that are themed along a color. There’s something lovely about seeing notebooks & pens & inks in the same range. That said, I really enjoyed your Arizona one in May because it coincided with a trip we took immediately after to New Mexico. 🙂 The cactus flowers were blooming and it was beautiful.

  • Jessica J

    Botanical was my favorite one, but Renaissance and Rose Gold were absolutely lovely too!

  • Karen Smith

    That’s quite a give away!

  • Ann Skelley

    I am new to Goulet pens, just purchased my first ink, Some lines every day journal, and am currently deciding on another pen. So far am loving everything about Goulet Pens.

  • Kathryn Lynn LaFramboise

    My favorite theme so far was “Renaissance,” but Flora deserves an honorable mention.

  • Helena Brewster

    My favorite Thursday Things was Seaside Springtime (March 30, 2017)! Just so pretty! And I’m a huge ocean fan 🙂

  • Ellyn S

    Ahhh Idyllic Isle felt so serene. Day at the Winery was also quite gorgeous. Maybe I’m just a sucker for Vanishing Points. Whoever you’ve got for staging and photos is perfect. Y’all are super 🙂

  • gsueagle77

    My favorite Thursday Things was Coffee Shop from Oct 2015. I love the Edison Nouveau Cappuccino. It is one of the many Edison Nouveau I would love to own.

  • Diane D.

    My all time favorite Thursday Things so far is the Pitch Black theme. Love the stealth look and especially the matte black Pilot VP

  • I’ve only just discovered your wonderful site – sorry 🙁 However, I do love what I see. So many lovely items to choose from – I love it!!

  • Ricky Rodriguez

    There have been so many of the color themes that name just one.

  • William Cochran

    I want the Lamy pens!!!

  • Jeanette Quinn

    The Water Lily Thursday Things collection is my favorite. I love the combination of turquoise and pink.

  • Jenny Wertenberger

    My favorite Thursday themes have been Botanical and honey bees. They were such lovely collections.

  • Kathleen S.

    Choosing just one as a favorite is really hard! I do love the “Peacock” one, though, because of the purple and teal combination. I look forward to Thursdays because of Thursday Things and the NYTimes style section!!

  • brandon davis

    The all black has to be my favorite but any holiday themed ones are very close as well

  • Jessica

    I loved the Peacock one, but there are so many good ones!! Thank you for the chance to win!!!! This is awesome!

  • Jane Wilson

    I’m pretty new to Thursday Things, so I guess this one is my favorite! Crossing fingers.

  • Joshua E Bonatt

    Succulent Love was my favorite Thursday Things, definitely.

  • Joy Adiletta

    I don’t recall the name, but there was one full of metallics including the Rhodia silver notebooks – definitely my favorite!

  • Marilyn Eveler

    I love the Botanical and the Lilac and Gold themes!

  • Chris

    i’m brand new to the hobby, so this is my favorite installment of Thursday Things!!

  • Pranay Ghosh

    My favourite TBT would be the one with the Edison Pearlettes and the Leuchtturm 1917 bundle: The Arizona Desert. I love the vibrant colours and the succulents just enhance the mood of the theme.

  • Kris R

    Just a newbie so haven’t had a chance to look at other Thursday Things – been too busy playing with my new inks and pen from Goulet – thank you for the quick shipment and awesome products…now I’m off to discover more about Thursday Things!

  • ottercolors

    Sunflower Fields is my favorite, just barely beating Autumn Embers and Into the Woods. It was very nearly a three-way tie, though–y’all are VERY good at what you do.

  • Rose Hoffa

    I loved the water lily aka unicorn puke edition, but really I’m smitten with every Thursday edition. They all rock and make me want to add to my collection.

  • Penn Pantumsinchai

    My favorite Thursday Things is the Wanderlust theme! It really spoke to me because I love to travel 🛩️

  • Robert W Moore

    First post. Thank you for such great products and support!

  • Lori Devoux

    Thank you so much for the opportunity to win this generous and fantastic gift. I’m keeping my fingers crossed!

  • NuprinBoy

    Starry Night is my favorite. The dark blue and bright gold is a classic contrast.

  • Ross Williams


  • Michelle Mulford

    There were some contenders, but Wanderlust won out!

  • Shaavazul

    I love the GPC and their commitment to their customers is astounding. Thanks you guys for helping to build a great fountain pen community!

    I personally love floral themed compilations.

  • aflint

    My favorite Thursday Thing is Old Soul.

  • Lauren

    Ooh, my favorite Thursday Things was the Sea Glass post. It was near the beginning of my pen addiction and I blame that post for my liliput fireblue purchase and for my yet-to-be-fulfilled desire for a visconti van gogh self portrait. Someday! Anyhow, thanks for the inspiration and the giveaway!

  • Daisy Den Eeden

    Water lilies and metallics

  • Lindsay Hanna

    I loved Geodes, but I also have a soft spot for vinyl and a bygone era so the recent Old Soul was awesome too!

  • The themes are all so lovely, but I actually really liked the last one, Idyllic Isle – those light aqua colors are just gorgeous.

  • Richard Hum

    10/10 the pitch black.

  • Audrey Hommes

    I’m quite new to your Thursday Things posts, but I did really enjoy the Idyllic Isle! It was very calming, and was what finally pushed me to get the TWSBI Eco!

  • James Garraway

    I personally enjoyed the geodes theme!

  • Seth Bowden

    7/23/15 Grayscale and Gold! Classic, strong items. I lean towards anything that looks industrial. Thanks for the awesome giveaway!

  • J. Chu

    I love the Idyllic Isle theme, because I love to write with blue inks.

  • Ramiro Garcia Rivera

    For me, one of my favorites was the Inksamplepalooza. Here in Argentina, you can get some decent fountain pens, but it’s really difficult to get some interesting colour inks.
    Greetings from Buenos Aires!!

  • Tiffany

    Love so many of the Thursday things layouts, always so creative! Especially like the tea time one, makes me want to drink tea and write!

  • Sandra M.

    The Pink & Gold thursday things was my favorite! Which was a surprise to me because I generally favor silver over gold, but something about this theme spoke to me.

  • Jubeisan

    My favorite Thursday Things are:
    Pitch Black and Brian and Rachel Goulet.

    I like the Pitch Black because stealth. I really liked the Brian & Rachael because it contained the Lamy 2000, Twisbi Pink Aluminum, the vanishing point, & the Homo Sapiens. I hope to one day get the Lamy 2000 and Iron Ages pens. Saved both of the articles to my board.

  • Cam Balacuit

    Anything Blue. It’s my favorite color. I would say my favorite was the one I won, but I haven’t won…..yet.

  • ceejay

    What a lovely giveaway! Thank you for the opportunity! (Although I’ve never won anything in my life … lolz!)

  • Cat

    Pitch Black was my favorite. I’m all about all black every day.

  • Lisa

    What a really love about Thursday Things are the themes themselves. Items grouped together by color or function can have such impact. And your offerings have such artistry and allure. It’s hard not to purchase the whole inventory each week…

  • HJK

    I’m too stunned to remember any past ones at all — it’s like my memory has been wiped by the Awesome.

  • Nick Nelson

    Thanks for always being awesome!

  • Sakshi Reddy

    Favourite Thursday Things theme is the purple and gold one you guys did a while back. I love how you pair up pens and often take inspiration for my own “Currently Inked”.

  • seaver


  • Tammy Pickerill

    This is a great giveaway. I have purchased 3 fountain pens in the beginner category to get my ‘ink’ on . I love the recent Thursday Things themes of Idyllic Isle and Inksamplepalooza. So many beautiful inks and pens to choose from.

  • Aga Wy

    Wow! Time flies. Congratulations! 🙂

  • Robert McLaughlin

    Fantastic giveaway! I always keep coming back to Goulet when time to order!

  • Alicia Arias

    Thank you so much for this awesome giveaway.

  • Tonia Hoefner

    Oh, my goodness! Happy 2nd Anniversary!!! What an amazing give-away; any ONE of these would be fabulous, but ALL of them?!?? Amazing!

  • chantgirl

    Love love love all the Thursday Themes! They are just so beautifully thought out and photographed!
    I could never choose a favorite theme based on the items in the theme, because that would just be waaaaay too hard, but you will ALWAYS grab me with the turquoise/teal-ish themes! 🙂
    So from an aesthetic viewpoint only–the Mint Turquoise (especially yay!), the Pacific Ocean theme, the recent Idyllic Isle and also the Sunflower Fields and the Lucky Red.
    So much pretty! So little time! 🙂

  • Mark VanderRoest

    Goulet Pens is the greatest!

  • Simarjeet Sahni

    great giveaway!

  • pigpuddle

    This is an amazing giveaway!

  • ToneBee

    The Thursday Themes are always so beautifully done, it is really difficult to pick just one. The Arizona Desert layout was really appealing to me because I live in Arizona. I have only lived here for the last three years, so it is all still very new to me. Thanks so much for this very generous giveaway. And a very HAPPY SECOND ANNIVERSARY!!

  • Parth

    Would love the camel midori!

  • Rafa

    I loved the wooden theme. Because it’s awesome

  • eriss

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    I loved the Renaissance Thursday Things!

    I’m a medievalist in training, so the antique feel to it really drew me in!

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  • Ash

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  • A gentleman can never have too many pens, or enough ink!

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  • My favourite is the typography one!

  • Congratulations!

  • Linda VanMeter Sample McAdams

    I enjoyed the discussion about which pen to not give as a gift plus the discussion about newbies to the wonderful world of fountain pens that I could share with my niece.
    Special congratulations on your two year anniversary.

  • sea_otter3

    I can find something to appreciate in all of them, but especially love Seaside Springtime as I love those colours (and got the Seaglass edition ENP pen as a result), and the Autumn Embers, as I love orange and blue together. I always enjoy seeing a range of pretty pens and supplies together! Thank you for the generous giveaway!

  • Marcia

    It’s a toss-up between Emerald and Rose Gold, oh, and the Pink and Gold! But I think Emerald is my favorite!
    What an amazing giveaway!

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    I really loved the Ice theme. Especially the Monteverde Intima Glacier Blue pen. It’s just amazing!

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  • Jinxia

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    Favorite Thursday Things? Hard to choose, I love all the scrumptious things and beautiful photo splashes of fp and fp-related things in my Thursdays. But maybe the Honey Bee and the Bibliophile recent Thursday Things. They made restraint hard to exercise… . 🙂

  • Pascal

    I love the color composition in the last picture 🙂

  • Debra Niedermiller Chaffins

    This is my first Thursday Things! Awesome job on 2 years!. I just discovered Goulet Pens in June. I’ve already received two shipments and turned on 2 friends so far to all the great stuff you have. I have deep lilac Lamy, what I need is some of that gorgeous deep lilac ink. And that travelers journal would make a great set to take with me to the mountains next month. Awesome stuff folks!!

  • Victoria Graves

    My favorite Thursday things has been the color themed ones…truly eye- candy!

  • Cimmering

    Thank you for the opportunity to win stuff! My favorite Thursday things are ones that feature the more affordable pens.

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    Thursday Things are always major eye candy for me! The flatlays are always so fantastic. I am partial to aquas, so I will have to say one of my favorites is ‘Aqua Marine’.

  • I loved the completely black one from a while back, looks so sophisticated!

  • Erin

    I really like the posts displaying beautiful color compositions with different inks, pens, and notebooks. Sometimes I’m looking for a notebook/ink/whatever to match something else, and those pictures give me an idea for what to buy! Thank you so much for hosting this giveaway 🙂

  • cherie

    Honestly last week’s [? two weeks?] idyllic isle blew me away – I wanted every single thing LOL

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    My favorite Thursday Things was one of the recent ones, the Mediterranean set. It was so bright and blue and made me think of summer by the ocean. It also made me excited to see two of the pens I have (and I don’t have very many) featured as part of it :).

  • Kathy Fictorie

    I love any Thursday Thing that features some very unique pen! Fountain pens make writing feel so elegant!

  • Jill Gustavis

    I just bought the sampler pack of notebooks with my new Lamy Vista and that Passport Travelers’ Journal is my favorite! I think eventually I’ll have to get that leather cover you have pictured above!

  • Jacob

    Being an avid GoT fan, gotta say the Ice and Fire Thursday Things was my favorite.

  • Sandra Fernández Useche

    My favorite Thursday Things theme is the “Rose Gold” one, the pink ink is so subtle and beautiful (◕‿◕✿) [currently going through an intense rose gold phase]

  • rahim jiwani

    This is a great Thursday thanks to Goulet Pens

  • Kira OBrien

    The Sherlock Holmes Thursday Things post was really cool, I loved the vintage magnifying glass and the variety of pens used.

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  • Heather Marie Buechel

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  • Jenny S.

    Happy 2 year anniversary for Thursday Things! One of my favorites is the Wanderlust theme. The photo / theme makes me want to pack up my pens, notebooks, camera, and go on an adventure!! Thanks Goulet team for all the great work, and fun things you guys do!

  • Matthew D Moore

    Y’all had one that was New England autumn some time ago; living now in Houston, I now miss my autumns. 🙁

  • Teresa Fuhrmeister

    I loved the Ice and Fire. Although all of the Thursday Things always inspire me to be creative and buy more supplies ! Thank You for a great company and the giveaways.
    Write on !

  • I loved the Pitch Black Thursday Things, the recent Flora, and you did a Sea themed one that was heaven. I love things with pink and turquoise in them. That being said, I just started going back over the last two blog pages of Thursday Things and I want it all!

  • Sean Nelson

    I haven’t seen this blog yet, which is weird because I’ve followed The Goulet Pen on Facebook since ordering from them.

    Great company though. A lot of fun to watch the videos and amazing customer service.

    I can safely say if the TWSBI ECO was a previous theme though, that’s an amazing demonstrator. Huge volume, writes smooth, never dries out no matter what ink I use, and a large beautiful classy nib.

  • Alli Barton

    Pitch Black!

  • Michele Buchina

    This is my first Thursday Things post, so it’s my favorite for now!

  • srobinson-wilson

    Happy Anniversay!!! I love the colour orange so my #1 favourite Thursday Things theme was Persimmon Persuasion. But my love of keeping things organized made Everything In Its Place a close second. Thanks for one of my favourite reasons to love Thursdays!!

  • Victoria Russell

    I’m torn between Rose Gold and Starry Night—too many good ones to choose from!

  • Vargouille

    Happy two years! My favorite was the amber one a while back.

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  • Lucas Shaffer

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  • Nate Rumbaugh

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  • My fav so far was the Pitch Black

  • Kristen Johnson

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  • Jay Morris

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  • Inkantadora

    Congratulations on 2 years of beautiful Thursday Things! Though there are many I simply love, my favorite is Flora (April 13th 2017). It has all my favorites: Apica and Clairefontaine notebooks, pink pens and flowers! Thank you for inspiring us week after week and the very generous giveaway! 😊

  • Alric Pappathomas

    Thanks guys for this great giveaway ! I particularly love the “blue black” Thursday Things from a few months ago. 🙂

  • Levi Schmidt

    Any sketches you have posted have all been my favorite. I sent pics of them to my girlfriend to get her interested and start drawing with fountain pens.

  • Lee Gribbon

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    Loving Robert Oster at the moment!

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    Just began my fountain pen journey. All of this looks amazing!! Being new to Goulet Pens I would say this is my favorite Thursday Things!

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    Thank you for this truly incredible giveaway! As far as my favorite Thursday Things theme – it is a true tie between August Embers (9/22/16) and Dragon’s Ember (8/25/16)

  • Susan Scohy

    I just found your company within the last two months but I have loved fountain pens for over 30 years. My favorite Thursday Things was the Renaissance.

  • Andrea Kirkby

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  • KimSue Castner

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    I like all of them. My favorite in the last few months is double rainbow.

  • M. K.

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  • Casey Gorsuch

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  • Beth Sepp

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  • Holly Williams

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  • Andrew Rosenkilde

    Hope I get to try out the notebooks, so far I’ve only used Clairefontaine Classic for school.

  • YMY

    I’m sooo glad I randomly stumbled upon The Goulet Pen Company’s twitter and found everything about them including this giveaway)! I’m such a sucker for all things writing-related… I just can’t contain my excitement right now! I’ll definitely check the site/blog/profiles on social media on a regular basis and hopefully even buy something, because although I’m rather poor, I’d love to have at least one thing as beautiful and as of great quality as the products sold by The Goulet Pen Company! ^^

  • Claudia Crane

    My favorite theme was palms and pineapples 🙂

  • Aimee Patterson

    I’d have to agree with Pitch Black, but also with Wanderlust. But even the Geodes was fun! Ugh! Too many good choices!

  • Elizabeth McCormick

    What a great contest! My favorite Thursday things theme would be Thursday Things: Lilac and Gold last year. I missed out on the dark lilac ink last year, here’s hoping for another chance!

  • Abby Minchella

    YAY! This is fun! Do I have to choose a theme? They’re all so great! just for the sake of having to pick one, I pick Lilac and Gold.

  • Katherine Axon

    My favorite has to be either the very recent Old Soul (love love love) or Pantone Color of the Year 2016! <3

    • MP

      Old Soul was a favorite of mine as well!

  • formosus

    Favorite Thursday Things was… journal related, I believe? Or possibly the Robert Oster one.

  • J Smith

    Congratulations on the 2 year anniversary & thank you for doing this giveaway!

  • Stephen Birge

    This is my first exposure to Thursday Things, even though I’ve been buying pens/Ink/Notebooks from Goulet for years. I’m sad I’ve been missing out.

  • Donna Wooten
  • Stephanie O’Rourke

    I would love to win this gift! I just got the lilac Lamy (seemingly the only one left in existence) and I would love the ink that is just as hard to find to put in it 😀 As for a favorite theme I have to go with Ice and Fire for GOT…

  • barbc

    I would love to win and add to my writing joy!

  • Narundil

    Thank you so much for all the little things for the community!
    Awesome job!

  • Mary H.

    That Lilac Lamy ink is my favorite color in the world! Plus the rest of the stuff? That makes this the best prize ever!

  • Amanda Claridge

    I haven’t been around very long, so I don’t really have a favorite Thursday Things, but I enjoy them thoroughly. Maybe this one is my favorite, especially if I can win it!

  • Vicki Xu

    I love the Flora Thursday Things theme!

  • Checklist

    My favorite so far (I’ve only been following Goulet Pens for several months) has been the Blue-Black theme. I love deep, dark blues and navies, particularly for inks. Heck, a good navy pen looks nice, too!

  • Vivian M


  • Debbie

    There was a travel one, all brown leather and antique maps and gorgeous pens…

  • D Brickner

    Congrats on 2 years. I love all Thursday things and often look at them over again. Thanks for the GAW, and being my pen go to store.

  • scott d

    My favorite Thursday Things Theme so far is “Everything in Its Place” from earlier this year. I really enjoy my pens and I even enjoy the cases in which I store them so this Thursday Theme really connected with me.

  • Wendy R Davis-Johnson

    I love all Thursday things; I can’t pick a favorite!

  • Pamela Morganelli

    I enjoy them all but my favorite was Water Lily!

  • Nicole Reeves

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  • Esteban Sanchez

    I loved the “Does it come in black” theme from last year!

  • Susan Cranor Arbogast

    I love the Seaside Springtime Thursday Things!

  • I think the purple lamy should come with a sample of yamabudo. They seem really close!

  • Toshi Harris

    My favorite was the Renaissance theme!

  • Amanda Li

    My favorite has been Sweater Weather 🙂

  • Melissa Elsworth

    I enjoy using the few fountain pens in my collection. I don’t have nearly enough time to write as I want.

  • Sarah O’Hagan

    I’ve narrowed it down to three; Lilac and Gold, Orange and Grey, and Mint Turquoise.

  • LizM

    Best Thursday’s Things: definitely April 6, 2017 – Blue Black. 🙂

  • Christie Henderson

    I have enjoyed all the Thurday Things but I think this one tops them all!

  • Rose M Culbreth

    Best Thursday Things? Fire and Ice I believe it was called. Game of Thrones themed.

  • aloha

    Happy Anniversary to Thursday Things! It’s really hard to pick one favorite. Seaside Springtime and Arctic Currents are 2 of the many themes I loved.

  • Derek A

    What a great collection! I like some of the seasonal themes.

  • OzarkParks

    I was not even aware of the Thursday Things blog posts! But I have been thoroughly enjoying the Instagram posts and YouTube videos:)

  • Jennifer Calvert Cathey

    Always enjoy reading the blogs!

  • Charlotte May Anderson


  • Walter Erenhouse

    The second anniversary is pretty great, especially with the addition of the elusive dark lilac ink

  • Anne Kaelber

    My favorite theme is either “Wanderlust” or “Everything In Its Place” (because I never seem to have just the right case for pens, ink, sticky notes, flags, etc. 🙂

  • John C. Musser

    I’ve especially liked the themes which include t-shirts/mugs, etc., and those (like this week) with journals of late (good Lord knows I have enough journals); I guess I have successfully avoided “ink-itis” and “match-ink-to-pen-itis,” but I do love watching those journals forming their own little community of friends on my desk! 🙂

  • Lesley Anne

    The travel one

  • metalyt

    Thursday Things are always so cute! I really liked Succulent Love.

  • Tina

    Thank you for the giveaway!

  • Sarah Wolf

    Happy anniversary! While I can’t say what my favorite Thursday Things theme is, I enjoyed the video on using fountain pen ink and nibs with cheap paper–something I do.

  • Alexis Stephenson

    Awesome giveaway! Congrats on 2 years. My favourite is signed, sealed, delivered. I do love my snail mail and sealing wax xx

  • Rachel Roberson

    I love Goulet pens, this is my favorite pen company. I love the Lilac ink, as well as the Robert Oster inks. They’re beautiful and very pigmented.

  • Cynthia Angelle Terry

    I’m not sure what Thursday Things Theme I liked the best they have all been great.

  • Diane Lee

    My Favorite Thursday Things so far was last week’s Idyllic Isle. The Tuquoise, sea green colors are my favorites and I love vacations in the islands: Barbados, St. John, Virgin Gorda, Dominican Republic, Grand Cayman, Bahamas, Maui, Kauai … and most recently Hilton Head Island, SC. 😉

  • JoLynda Hayes

    I just discovered Goulet from being in the Bojo Berry group on Facebook and I love this post!

  • Tara

    I like this one;)

  • TildaCS

    I loved the Dragon’s Ember post on August 25, 2016. I loved the fire, lava and coal theme. Beautiful!

  • John Water

    Thank for you this giveaway! I really liked Bamboo Green. Lime green is one of my favorite colors.

  • Alaine Medio

    Thanks for the chance to win this awesome prize. I liked most of the Thursday Things I have read so far, but my favorites were the Idyllic Isle and the Mondrian one. Thank you again.

  • Deanie

    Favourite would be Idyllic Isle as I am a newbie & this was my very first Thursday Things I saw. This is an amazing website especially being so new. ✍🏻

  • Melanie Wittman

    l liked them all but all of the green ones are my favorite. Thanks for doing this!

  • Martha B

    Oh my…who can decide? A couple I remember are Geodes and Honey Bee( since we have 7 hives). Love them all!

  • Alex Tryon

    I like the Lamy Al-Star!

  • Rachel Woo

    wow, what a great giveaway! I’ve been eyeing lamy dark lilac for a while now…

  • Chrystal Sundstrom-Mccarty

    wanderlust was my favorite! thanks for this awesome giveaway.

  • Christine Sloat

    How can there be a favorite!!!!!!! They are all so good, and it is SO much fun to troll 🙂

  • Amy Ceithamer

    Love all things I have ordered and the great information from watching the YouTube videos.

  • simonoid

    You guys rock! I am so happy the pen community has your company helping newbies with your excellent youtube channel.

  • Jeni Perkins Vandenbergh

    I love the Typography and Bibliophile Thursday Things 🙂 Beautiful! Although they really all make me swoon!

  • Carl Chapel

    Cool giveaway! Thanks!

  • AidanDVG

    are you kidding? THIS is probably my favorite! I love LE stuff and dont have any of these… 😮

    Other than that, probably Thursday Things: Blue-Black. I LOVE blue-black inks 🙂

  • Jessica

    I loved the pitch black Thursday Things. Hard to pick a favorite!!

  • Larina

    Thanks for the giveaway! My favourite Thursday Things is actually the Botanical one. Such pretty pens in that one. <3

  • Tre anola

    The blue black theme.

  • Eric Andersen

    This is an amazing giveaway! I have always wanted to try these inks and pens!

  • Amie Réne

    Thursday Things: Sea Glass, of course! Mint/turquoise is one of my favorite colors, plus rose, so that post was the perfect color palette for me.

  • Alexa Del Paggio

    I love the ones with a theme that’s not necessarily a colour, but seaside springtime is a personal favourite

  • jeffulya

    The Mondrian one! And thanks for an awesome giveaway.

  • Steve Lee

    Wanderlust was my favorite!

  • Leanna Roberson

    Hi! My favorite Thursday Thing is Typography.

  • Bianca Gallegly Horkan

    Inksamplepalooza was amazing.

  • jen0cyde

    Apples and Oranges! Thanks for such an AWESOME giveaway!

  • Melanie

    I love them all, but these are amazing! Love the limited editions and have to really fight the FOMO problem to avoid bankruptcy! This would be awesome to win!

  • Cathy McClellan

    Congratulations!. We love you. My favorite was Pacific Ocean, but Seaside springtime was close with the pink thrown in.

  • DaMacGuy

    My favorite Thursday Things theme? Must be Dad Approved, because it featured the Lamy Safari Petrol LE, my latest favorite pen! And, I’m a Dad. 🙂

  • Krystal Lowe

    Wonderful giveaway! I loved the pitch black and wanderlust groups.

  • Gozde Tuncer Erdemir

    I think my favorite Thursday things are Bibliophile Thursday things.

  • Cameron Maurer

    Congrats! All the themes you used were spectacular, but the one that stuck out to me the most was October first’s of 2015 – Coffee shop 🙂

  • That Ink, OMG! It’s so purple and I need it! If you have not guessed by now, purple is my favorite color.

  • Corey Fraer

    I want that dark lilac so bad! That’s still one of my biggest “ones that got away.”

  • Brittany Jenkins

    Dark Lilac!!!

  • Patricia Villarama

    I so want to wiiiin!

  • Ruan de Villiers

    Inksamplepalooza definitely the best Thursday Things

  • Bruce Rogie

    Old Soul for sure. And thanks for your continuing contests.

  • Thomas Hall
  • Dustin Mounce

    Lovery Thursday things!

  • Matthew Crank

    Ooo Dark Lilac

  • Neena

    My two favorite Thursday Things were the Organize Everything and the Inksample palooza. It was fun going through the old posts. I had forgotten how much I enjoyed them!

  • Brian Holder

    Lilac and Gold is probably my favorite past collection, followed closely by blue black.

  • Justine Patterson

    Pitch black, even though I almost never use black ink

  • Kellen Barnett

    My two favorite Thursday Things were Sherlock Holmes, and Crystal Clear.

  • Christopher Pacheco

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    I’m new to the site so I guess this is my favourite! I have excellent timing XD I just ordered my first fountain pen but boy does all this stuff look like fun to play with 😛

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  • David

    Can’t say no to any of these!

  • Jennifer Petty

    I didn’t even know about Goulet Pens until I started bullet journaling and saw this come up as a suggestion for me! I ordered my first pen, and I’m HOOKED! I’m getting fountain pens for my son and daughter-in-law as part of their birthdays (and maybe a little something for myself) and can’t wait to try some of the new inks you’ve shown! I’M. IN. LOVE. 🙂 <3

  • Stephanie DuVall

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  • Gayle G

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    This is an awesome combo of pens, ink, and paper! My favorite Thursday Things has to be the Black, White, and Red All Over (had to look that one up :D).

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    My favourite Thursday Things would be Lilac and Gold. Just a really beautiful selection all around.

  • CandlefordPost

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    I just got into this. I’ve been watching so many people getting back to writing. I have always enjoyed writing. Creating my own fonts and ways to make great notes. With technology, I got away from it. I’ve now come full circle and started journaling and want to use my creativity and “artsy” background to incorporate writing as gifts for friends, family or weddings. So I do nit have a favorite things since I’m so new 😌

  • vicki ross

    I love the pen comparisons. Wish I had one of each!

  • Jorge E. Madrigal

    My favorite Thursday theme is “Does it come in black?” Closely followed by “Honey Bee”
    Congrats! and keep up the great work!

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  • This contest theme!

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    Checkmate is my fav so far!

  • Johnny Contreras

    I have so many but ice and fire has everything that is good in the pen world to me.
    Honorable mentions are:
    Bibliophile, arctic blue, Everything in Its Place, Typography, checkmate and Rose Gold. But there are many more favorites.

  • Daniel Wilt

    I’ve only been following you for a little bit, but since then, I’ve purchased my first fountain pen(Pilot Metropolitan), a ton of ink samples, and have started the journey of my penmanship. I’m hoping this will become a great interest in my life!

    That being said, I really liked the Idyllic Island. Just the beauty and the art presented is what truly drew my in. Thank you for that!

  • Brad Ingoglia

    Love the ink samples, my wife doesn’t like the notes I write her in apache sunset so I need to find a good one for her. Keep up the great work.

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  • I look forward to Thursday Things every week. It’s hard to pick a favorite, though. The arrangements are always so creative and unique but maintain that beautiful, crisp Goulet aesthetic.

  • YogaMind

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    My Favorite Thursday Things is : Autumn Embers, from September 22, 2016. The pens were beautiful, and the who group was an amazing compilation.

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  • I think my favorite Thursday Things was the rainbow one. 🌈

  • MMontoya

    I really like the “Old Soul” Thursday Things. I have a fondness for the “old” way of doing things…obviously playing into my love of fountain pens as well. Sometimes the “old” ways were better and that way of doing things shouldn’t be lost to time.

  • Sue Komernicky

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  • LC

    I absolutely love the Idyllic Isle. It featured my favorite Lamy Al-Star pen in the gorgeous Pacific blue (which I carry with me most of the time and always look forward to using). I’m still drooling over that Caribbean blue colored Edison.

  • dothgrin

    I think I’ve been buying from Goulet Pens for at least four years now. Thanks for feeding my hobby!

  • geekosupremo

    My fave so far has been the “Pitch Black”
    The Conklin Nighthawk and the Visconti Rembrandt are gorgeous!

  • Joshua Carroll

    Honestly just seeing the pens, the inks, the papers. All of it really is what made me curious to try out fountain pens for the first time. Since then, i have appreciated the education and enjoyment of seeing each of these pens and products. Ill be honest its hard for me to remember individual ones, but each has something in it that i covet but Thursday Things: Goulet Blue is what really made me try one of my favorite blues Kon-Peki the first time.

  • Shelby Lium

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  • Stephanie Leader
  • Jordan Russell

    Wanderlust was a pretty good one.
    I like the green kaweco, and the travelers notebook

  • Angela Mallari

    My favorite Thursday Things is tge Onyx Grey, Pantone Color of the Year 2016, Wanderlust and Sepia. I loved the color of the Wanderlust and Sepia theme because it seems so vintage, and Pantone Color of the Year 2016 because it’s so cute! And Onyx Grey cause it looks classy!

  • alan

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  • Terresa Peterson

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    My favorite Thursday Things is the Flora theme. I love how bright and cheerful it looked!

  • Skye McCoy

    The Renaissance one a couple of weeks ago, mostly just because Something Rotten’s ‘Welcome to the Renaissance’ got stuck in my head after I looked at it for a while.

    (Welcome to the Renaissance, where our printing press has the fancy fonts, that’s right, we’re fancy and very literary…)

  • 888007888

    Pitch Black was my favorite

  • 888007888

    I really enjoyed the Pitch Black theme

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  • stick campbell

    Thursday Things make the end of the week better – your team is so artistic, thoughtful, and fun! Not sure I can pick a favorite, though, it’s like choosing your favorite child!

  • shea wong

    There was a gorgrous woodcraft one a while ago, woodworking and pens go together so perfectly, as you can see/appreciate the craftwork that goes into each piece.

  • Stephanie Jung

    I really liked the “succulents” theme because I am a huge fan of cacti. It was wonderful to see it represented!

    Thank you for all the thoughtful posts over the years.

  • enclaved

    Pitch Black

  • Jaime Wilkens

    Persimmon Persuasion… cuz that orange doe. ;_; Otherwise the Crystal Clear due to my demonstrator problem. …mostly that orange. 😀

  • Jorg Arr

    Recently got into the hobby, so I’m going through everything in reverse chronological order– I love inksampleooza (it made me order less than a week after my first order, and i’m about to order again!), and I love the theme of renaissance.

    Thanks for all the videos, it’s been super helpful for someone who’s just getting into it!

  • John Beynon

    What great giveaway items! That LAMY Dark Lilac ink, though….

  • MyCrystalStar

    I think my favorite, as a fine artist is definitely the June 1st Renaissance. The layout of the blog posts’ photos were absolutely inspired! It totally drew me in with the Da Vinci works and the beautiful Edison pen!

  • Rebecca Gordon

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  • Rocksinspace

    Congrats! Finally getting through my backlog from the old inks-of-the-month shipments!

  • Sylvia Tabor

    If I HAVE to pick a favorite, I’ll pick Arizona Desert, since that is where I live. But really, ALL the Blog posts are amazing. You offer the visual of beautiful photographs and the printed word is so informative. Please don’t ask me to choose, it’s too difficult because each one tempts me!!!

  • driftlessgirl

    Lilac and Gold, or Botanical

  • Justin Jones

    For me it would have to be “Everything in it’s Place” because this fits my organized personality and motivated me to buy more pen cases to become even more organized. It is such a joy to know exactly where each writing instrument is whenever I need it.

  • Angela Yu

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  • Ramblings from Canada

    I can only pick one fav Thursday Things theme??! Nahh, I can’t! hahaha I loved so many of them, and they’ve all been so well done. Some of my many favs include Cosmic Constellations, Geodes, On Pointe, Renaissance. Thanks for the great giveaway!

  • Hilary Gibbons

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  • Maryann Mize

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  • Wow! Beautiful gear!

  • Christian Struwe

    Actually this picture right here is my favourite one 😍

  • Cina Evan

    This is so generous you guys! Goulet has always been far and away the very best in customer service! Every time I have needed support you guys and gals have gone above and beyond. That’s exactly why you have so many life long customers. You are the gold standard.

  • Wood Engraving

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  • Lene

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  • Diane Kathleen Reamico Goodyk

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    Thank you so much for the informative posts and amazing Thursday Things shared. I always enjoy receiving an email from your team. This giveaway is very generous and reflects the kind of company you have. You rock!

  • Heather Monks

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  • Jacob Bulgrin

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  • Betsy A. Pudliner

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  • Betsy A. Pudliner

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  • Im a sucker for pens and matching inks, so I always love when you showcase the inks with gorgeous pictures/writing. But really…it’s all paper/all pens/all the time which just happen to be my favorite things, so I love them all!

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    But I’ll pick Sea Glass 🙂

  • Shelly Karlson DeWitt

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    Hello! I’m so new to fountain pens. Love the YouTube vids, they’re a great help. My Favourite Thurseday Thing blog post was when you guys did the ink sample things last month. It really got me looking into all the colours and what ink I want to try next. Making a list and sharing it with my friend!

  • DexterL

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  • Michael Kovalchick


  • Erin

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  • Selina

    Seaside Springtime was one of my favorites! It made me buy and fall in love with J. Herbin’s Rouille D’Ancre.

  • Jon Nicholson


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  • Kym


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  • Bruce

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  • averym

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  • Yvonne Moore

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  • Matt Woznicki

    Really excited about the giveaway here, but also to celebrate two years of Thursday Things. I always enjoy seeing these each week and they give me ideas about way to combine colors of inks and pens that I might not have otherwise thought of. The creativity that goes into these is always awesome! I think my favorite might have been Autumn Embers. That one featured some of my favorite pens from my own collection and I loved the fall colors used there. Best of luck to everyone in the giveaway!

  • Maggie Colonnetta

    It’s so hard to choose a favorite theme. But for my love of Van Gogh, it must be Starry Night!

  • Agnieszka

    I am soooo sad because of the fact that Goulet pens are nowhere seen in my country 🙁 I love writing with fountain pens so much and I already have tested a lot of companies and I was never truly satisfied. Oh I would like to test your pens so so much!!

  • TheOriginalLiz

    100 weeks and you’re indispensable – keep up the great job!

  • Michael

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  • rroebuck


  • My favorite theme was the orange and grey! <3ed it

  • Bruce

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  • Renee King

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  • Stephanie Manley

    I love them all! Seriously 😉 I do.

  • Suzanne Hogan

    Love your website and the quality of your products. The biggest surprise of all is how much time and care you take to beautifully and carefully wrap and ship all products . The fun notes and little treats tucked in add a touch of whimsy in a often status quo world. Thank you for elevating the experience of online commerce and customer service.

  • Jen Morrison

    What a great giveaway! So many goodies! Thank you so much for putting this together. Your CS is top notch and love your selection.

  • Jovan Strackovski


  • Terri Henderson

    Wow, fabulous giveaway because all are included especially Lamy purple. So this is my favorite or any green one!

  • Sarah Ann Smith

    What a fun idea….I’d LOVE that TWSBI in lime…how did I miss it in the usual announcements?! And I’d have to say I just love the color-themed photos …. so I’d either pick all of them or this one

  • Rachael Davies

    I always look forward to Thursday Things, huge thanks to Sarah for putting these together week after week!

  • Jordan

    I loved the Sherlock/mystery Thursday Things.

  • Alyssa

    Pitch Black was my favorite.

  • Glenda Gordon

    I haven’t followed that long, but I have liked all of the Thursday Things themes so far. 😊

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  • Daniel Grasso Segura Calatrava

    Love the Theme Thursday, this is by far my favorite theme.

  • Jessi Donnelly

    My favorite Thursday Things was the Pacific Oceans awhile back. All those pretty blues!
    Congrats and thanks for an awesome giveaway. I never shop anywhere else for my pens and notebooks! Your customer service is the absolute best!

  • Terry Godfrey

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    This is the first Thursday Things entry I’ve seen, so I’m going to go with this one as my favorite. 😉

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  • Amy James

    This is my first so this is the favorite

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    I think my favorite theme was the sepia theme

  • Scott

    Goulet is my go-to pen shop! They are by far the best in the business, and this giveaway is proof!

  • Lisa

    I’m so new to the whole fountain pen world, I started following Goulet Pens about a week ago lol! Still trying to figure out where to start…so, that being said, the gift set looks like it would be a favourite of mine, although in all honesty, everything I’ve seen on your blog looks beautiful!

  • Awesome giveaway! I loved the orange and grey. Thanks!

  • Passport camel! These are such awesome giveaways.

  • Jason Maestri

    Thanks for all the work you guys put in to this community! You have done some fantastic things.

  • Benjamin Hale

    Gonna go with one from a couple years ago, which is the one I first learned about the Eco from.

  • wahoobob312

    Ice and Fire for sure! The pens were absolutely gorgeous.

  • Duddddeeee

    Awesome giveaway! That Lamy Drk Lilac!! LETS GOOOO thanks for all you do GPC.

  • Kelly Campana

    I’m new to fountain pens but I’m absolutely loving all the information your team shares! Thanks!!

  • Doggie

    Lamy. That’s all. Just Lamy. Oooo and Twisbi. That’s all. Lamy and Twsbi, that’s all. Ooooo Rhodia. Lamy, Twisbi and Rhodia, that’s all. Oooooo ink!…..

  • Glenn Thomspon

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  • Charlotte Carpentier

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  • Kathleen Dolan

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  • Holly Mills Riester

    I love everything Lamy, especially the special editions so those are the ones that I look for most. Right now I’m really enjoying my new Pacific Al-Star.

  • Larisa

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  • Marcelo_L

    You guys are awesome. You will feed my pen addiction for years to come I’m sure.

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    My favorite part so far are the videos Mr. Goulet does and the regular posts. So far as Thursday night goes, I’d say the ink and note samplers.
    I’ve just joined so that’s all I’ve got! Thanks again!
    ~ Keilah

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  • Richard

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  • Darrell Eisner

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  • Sofia Marques

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  • Gretchen Ericson

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    The Thursday Things blog post I enjoyed the most is October 20, 2016: Sherlock Holmes. The collection was stunning to me, but then again, everything related to the British detective makes my geeky heart beep. Someday I will get my hands on a Visconti London Fog…but that will take some time & major discipline. Any other Sherlock fans out there?

  • Chandler Briggs

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    HAPPY ANNIVERSARY! I absolutely love almost every Thursday things blog however one of my favorites was the Renaissance theme on June 1st, 2017. It was such a neat connection with gorgeous pens, inks, and notebooks. Keep doing such an amazing job at spreading the joys of fountain pens!

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  • I love the monochrome ones, too! I really only use/wear/own things in black and grey so…that’s why I like that!

  • Deanna

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    Love them all, but my favourite so far is Dragon Embers.

  • christopher harbour

    I recently joined the pen community, but it was the Goulet Pen company youtube that got me hooked. thanks for sharing this awesome hobby.

  • Brittney Cain

    Loved the Sherlock theme…was that within the past two years? I don’t remember :3 Happy Anniversary!


    WOW . . . what an awesome win this will be for some luck person! Thank you Goulet Pens for giving us a chance to enter. LOVE your stuff!!!!

  • Rich de la Torre

    I think my favorite would have to be “bibliophile”. Very classy 🙂

  • Jen

    I am newer to following, but I have a lot of your Pinterest pen layouts pinned on my Pinterest account. Love these layouts, so inspiring!!

  • Paz Shaham

    Thanks for the amazing giveaway!

  • Michele Cloghesy

    Typography and Waterlily. I actually find myself doing something similar on my desk when I’m using a certain fountain pen…..should I be worried???

  • Alexandria Weaver

    Idyllic Isle, Nautical, and Signed, Sealed, Delivered are my favorites! There is absolutely no way I can pick number one favorite from those three!

  • I found Goulet Pen via Boho Berry, and I’ve really learned a ton from the Youtube posts. My favorite TT is Typography.

  • Thomas Clemens

    thank you for all that you do.

  • Nina Graci

    This giveway really got my heart racing. I never imagined that pens, paper and ink could be so adictive. GOULET is responsible becuase over the years they’ve educated me about pens and nibs, and tempted me with lavish videos. Thank you for sharing your passion.

    “The pen IS mightier than the sword!”

    My favourite Thursday Things was Shading Inks.

  • Ross Nelson

    Congrats on two years of Thursday Things. My favorite so far still has to be CMYK from 10 March 2016.

  • Doug Sahlin

    This giveaway is awesome.

  • Dana Sanfie

    My first Thursday Things! Lucky me!

  • Lora


  • Ruud Gras

    I liked the fire and ice blog. Happy 100th!!!

  • MizMaddy

    The Sherlock Holmes theme – should try Agatha Christie next 😀

  • Joe Canton

    Thank you all for this opportunity. The Thursday Things: Pitch Black was one of my favorites. I love the way black pens look especially when you pare them with a more vibrant ink. Thanks again.

  • Crystal Hoffman

    My favorite thing is giveaways today!!!!

  • Lia Grabowski

    Luxe metallics and mint and gold are two of my favorites, though I love so many more!

  • Paige Morgenthal

    Any of them that highlight blue and red items.

  • K

    Everything is so….pretty

  • Martha Bender

    Bamboo Green was great- loved all those products!

  • Michelle Harvath

    So hard to choose! But I’m going with Amythest 🙂

  • Wemedge24

    Excited for this! And thanks for the last two years of Thursday Things; it’s a highlight of the week for sure. One of my favorites was the Brian and Rachel favorite things from November 2016 — I find it interesting to see what others use for pens, inks, and papers.

  • Cesar R Diaz

    Happy anniversary!! All of the Thursday Things Posts are visually awesome! But so far I must say starry night was a favorite of mine. Thank you for the chance!

  • connallmac

    I love Starry Night!

  • choard1895

    Thanks for the giveaway! My favorite themes were “Heavy Metal” and “Into the Wild!”

  • Dillon Malandro


  • Susan Fleming

    Too many lovely Thursday Things to pick just one. Enjoy them all!

  • Jessica Gibson

    Probably the Luxe Metallics right now, though I do also love the White and Bright!

  • Marko Markolovic

    Happy Anniversary!! Everything is awesome. Hard to decide on one.

  • Derek Goh

    Awesome collection!

  • snowsim

    I was just perusing all the Robert Oster blues earlier this morning & knew I’d have to get a stash of samples to try them out. From Goulet Pens, of course.

  • MysticBlueRose

    Love your pens & ink!!!

  • Marinka de Jong

    Waterlilly would be my favorite !!! Congrats on the anniversary!

  • Richard Lynch

    The Thursday photos are great

  • Jocelyn Tuohy

    Sherlock Holmes, for sure :).

  • Loved Starry Night!

  • rob biemer

    Tough choice! Pitch Black is one I especially enjoyed.

  • Christopher Vazquez

    Thanks for feeding a new addiction!

  • Alyssa Mayley

    I love the beach, so my favorite Thursday Thing is Idyllic Isle.

  • Peach ST

    Happy anniversary!

  • Kristin Martzall

    I am so impressed with the young lady that puts the “Thursday Things” together- one of the many talented Goulet family employees. I’ve chatted with others when I’ve had a pen question. A great group with great products. Massive giveaway. Thanks for the opportunity!!!

  • Harry Collins

    Best for me so far are the twsbi disassembly!

  • Bill Lisse

    Definitely heavy metal

  • Ang

    I think my favorites were Fire & Ice and Bibliophile, because books are the best. I also really loved Lilac and Gold.

  • Dragon Woman

    How have I missed these Thursday Things? I’ve been an email subscriber for a long time! I’m excited about the possibility of winning these awesome products though. I LOVE Goulet Pens!

  • Samantha Crabtree

    A very generous giveaway! I have enjoyed just about every Thursday Things – it would probably easier for me to list the ones i DIDN’T really like (and only one comes to mind at the moment)! Looking forward to what you come up with next week. 🙂

  • leftyjoe

    You guys are great…so generous. My favorite Thursday Things is “Black and White and Red All Over” Red is my favorite color!

  • Jacob Pasanen

    That lime green one looks pretty awesome

  • Dillon Boyd

    I love any of the themes revolving around blue.

  • Dan

    I just got into fountain pens and have really enjoyed the service, selection and professionalism.


    Thank you for the generous giveaway! My favorite entry so far has been “Pitch Black” since I tend to pick a lot of all-black gear (aside from ink, which I love in all crazy shades)

  • Geof Dunn

    Thank you so much @gouletpens for the chance to win this incredible prize package!!! Being somewhat new to FP’s I don’t have a fave “Thursday Thing”…..I like and appreciate them all! Have had the pleasure of ordering from you and your service is wonderful. Congratulations on your continued success.

  • ashna

    loved the Pitch Black – Thursday things collection

  • Joey Mearig

    I like seeing the different KawecoSport pens in various themes.

  • Christine Osman

    Congratulations and thank you for the giveaway

  • Amy

    I cannot pick just one! I even went back and clicked through most of them and STILL couldn’t decide! 🙂

  • Fire

    Great contest, thanks. Great company to buy from.

  • darkiller

    It’s all so pretty! Love the Lamy Al star!

  • Michelle Ehler

    I’m fairly new to the fountain pen group, so my favorite of the recent Thursday Things has to be Idyllic Isle. Ugh, so much blue. I love it. Also, excited about the give away!

  • Scott Lee

    Awesome! I am a great lover of ink and Lamy. Would love pretty much anything shown here!

  • Fire

    Great company to buy from, very easy to work with and know their products. Great drawings too.

  • Jay Đỗ

    Happy 100th!! Thanks for all that you guys do for this community.

  • kimmarla

    This is my favorite Thursday Things because it’s the first one I’ve seen! I love it!

  • Ann Lemay

    Bamboo Green!

  • Shanta Thomas

    I am excited!!! I discovered goulet pens when my obsession with bullet journaling started. The way they present their products are awesome. I always linger a bit when I see a photo on instagram which inevitably leads me to the website. My favorite Thursday things I think would be the Pacific Ocean theme on February 9, 2017. The contrast of blue and teal were so pretty. Ordinarily I’m not blue fan but this presentation had me second guessing myself.

  • April Cooper Anderson

    Happy Anniversary!!

  • Vanessa L

    Wow! Has it really been that long?! I love all of the curated Thurday Things!

  • That’s awfully generous of you guys! Thanks!

  • booktime-teatime

    Reinassance! I’m a huge Da Vinci’s fan and that one was awesome!

  • First, hats off to Sarah and her amazing photos. They make me open each and every issue of the Goulet Communique! Congrats on Thursday Things #100!

  • Noah Driftwood Feeman

    oh, the renaissance was by far my favourite of the thursday things. all far out of my price range, but as an art historian being able to see so much of the world i inhabit with my mind being inhabitable with my hands and art and writing was just so exciting!

  • Jessica Moszkowicz

    This is an amazing give away! I’m pretty new to the fountain pen world, so Thursday things are a great way to discover new things. Thanks!

  • Gwynedd

    I’m a fan of those Lamy Al-Star and Safari. They cheer me up, especially when matched to a colorful Leuchturm notebook.

  • Donna S

    Cool Items for the giveaway!

  • Brian Magazu

    First time checking out the blog, so I’d have to say my favorite Thursday Things is the one that caused me to pay it a visit– giving away tons of cool handwriting products has to be tough to beat!

  • MyriamV

    That was a tough one, but I have to go with Sunflower Fields.

  • Pamela Sue

    Seaside Springtime is my absolute favorite, but they’re all so wonderful!

  • davidsfp

    A fountain pen lover’s treasure chest! Yarr! Oim In!

  • Adam Okoye

    My favorite was probably the Fire and Ice.

  • Jamie Ipock Edwards

    I’d have to say this is my favorite. I just started BUJO in June of this year. That is how I heard of Goulet Pens…Hoping to win this awesome prize, (husband has been out of work from heart attack and I am a disabled SAHM) SO I can REALLY start journaling the way I want 🙂

  • Cimorene Malone

    My favorite Thursday Things has to be Idyllic Isle, just because my favorite color is turquoise! Plus, who doesn’t love summer? It’s always been my favorite season because of my July birthday. Writing with a Lamy Pacific while soaking up the sun in Hawaii sounds like the perfect summer getaway. Thanks for the chance to win the ultimate birthday present! Goulet Pens rocks!

  • fred23456

    I really enjoy all the beautiful pictures. Eye candy for pens! 🙂

  • JR

    awesome prize!

  • This is a seriously awesome idea to celebrate the 100th Thursday Things!

  • BrunoM

    What an incredible giveaway from an incredible company!!

  • halfsicilian


  • Lowell Denning

    All excellent!

  • Linda

    My favorite is the Lamy Al-Star Pacific as that’s my fav pen/ink combo right now.

  • Tara C.

    I missed out on the dark lilac ink before. It was probably the prettiest of the limited edition inks in my opinion.

  • Rhea Cicale

    Asking me to choose which Thursday giveaway is my favorite is like asking me if I have a favorite child – I love them all!

  • Lydia Pagel

    Wow. Do I have to pick one favorite? I think there was an aquamarine and gold theme a while back that I liked alot.

  • Michael Yockey

    I love reading the newsletter every week, and what a great giveaway!

  • Congratulations and Happy Anniversary! This is my first and favorite Thursday Things post

  • Lori McEntire

    Congrats on 2 years!

  • Aaron Aiken

    My favorite Thursday Things was Idyllic Isle because of the colors, ideas, and concept of traveling!

  • Marisa

    I like Coffee Shop and Water Lily. Thanks for the chance to win!

  • This one may be the best so far!!

  • Tony Hogwood

    Hi From Warwick UK,
    This is my first time on Thursday things, but I love the Lamy gift set.

  • Matt S

    Awesome! Congrats and thanks!

  • Michael Wright

    Can’t wait!

  • Sara Mueller

    I’ve loved fountain pens since I picked up my mother’s antique Pelican (1949) in junior high. I found a Lamy 20 years ago and now have a small variety of pens and a serious notebook condition. Goulet, which I’ve only found six months ago, has been a giant source of knowledge and inspiration for me and I’m so excited for your contest!

  • Amy Pavlo

    My favorite Thursday Things theme so far was the last one! Idyllic Isle! I love the ocean and all things related as it reminds me of my late grandmother. She loved the ocean so much, that she wanted her ashes spread in one! So, two Septembers ago, that is just was we did off of the beaches of Destin, FL, her very favorite beach! The beautiful display last week was filled with the colors of the water on that amazing beach! I so cannot wait to go back…

  • lurch180

    Love it! I drive long haul and this would be an awesome way to relax at the end of the day. As for favorite “Thursday Things”… I’d have to pick between ” Does it come in black?” and “White and Bright”.

  • tlr

    Sweet prize!

  • Jaistro

    On pointe.. That one was lovely.

  • Dr. Moby

    One of the social media highlights of the week. It’s great to meet new products and (re-)discover older ones in these great photos. Happy anniversary!

  • Bill Buehler

    Congrats on 2 years of Thursday Things. I’m a recent joiner, so I haven’t had a chance to look at many past TTs. I really enjoyed Idyllic Isle.

  • Stefan Vorkoetter

    My favourite Thursday Things would probably have been “Typography”.

  • Heather

    I love all of the paper laid out together. It shows the variety of sizes and types of binding.

  • Katie J

    I really enjoy them each week. I would say that there is almost always one thing that makes me check it out on the store. This is no nice of you all to do! Thanks for everything.

  • Jeremy George

    I think Geodes was my favorite Thursday Things.

  • shinseikatsu

    I always look forward to the Thursday Things posts – as a graphic designer they are always inspiring. My favorites have been “Wanderlust” from June 16, 2016, “Sepia” from January 12, 2017, and “Typography” from Feb. 16, 2017. Maybe it’s just the wonderfully weathered Traveler’s notebooks…

  • Alexandra Winker

    I’m a new follower and have never used a fountain pen! I’ve been curious for some time but have no idea where to start. I have a lot of research to do!

  • Pierre-R. Tremblay

    Great idea, I am a fan of nice note books like the Traveler and of small pens like the Kaweko sport that I CAN carry everywhere to take notes and ideas on the fly.

  • Eceko

    Amazing giveaway! I’ve been following Thursday Things for a long time now and it’s a very difficult choice. I think I’ll go for Sea Glass and Wanderlust!

  • Orsi

    Such a generous giveaway!
    Happy 100th Thursday Things! 😀
    Also, so many favorites, but a recent one was Old Soul, I just love the apple green color in it!

  • Monica Bosse

    My favourite Thursday Things was the Arizona Desert, because the cacti were adorable, and I have my own moon cactus named Seymour, named for the Little Shop of Horrors protagonist. My other favourite was Pink and Gold, because Pink is my favourite colour!

  • Nomdeplume

    Love you guys! Love the whole operation and the family and the Customer Service! Huge fan!

  • Laura DuVall Bush

    Well, it was fun to browse through a bunch of Thursday things, and I can’t really pick a favorite, but I can guarantee that if I win this giveaway, this one will be my favorite! Otherwise, Idyllic Isle and the other teal-turquoise-y ones always catch my eye!

  • M.

    Congratulations!! Thank you for this giveaway!

  • Debby L

    I think this one is the best yet, but I also love the ones that focus on turquoise.

  • Tyler

    I really loved the double rainbow theme. So colorful!

  • Jeremy VanSchalkwyk

    Great giveaway! Most recently I enjoyed “Old Soul”… less for the colors, and more for the old folding camera!

  • This is my first Thursday Things, so I guess it has to be my favorite so far 🙂

  • Joseph Haney

    I have another order from Goulet arriving today, I would LOVE for this giveaway to be the next thing I receive from Goulet!!

  • Wyliekyote

    WOWIE wow wow! this is a massive give a way! Thanks Goulet Pens! And my favorite Thursday Things was Dragons Ember. Or maybe Goulet Blue.. so many to choose from!!!

  • Vee

    Love. Love. Love the pens, paper, and ink I get from Goulet Pens. This looks like a terrific giveaway. Thanks.

  • Dave Porter

    I like Coffee Shop. It simply fits my taste in all aspects of life. (Pun intended, of course). Cheers.

  • B Ackin

    Like others, this is my first Thursday Things giveaway theme as I recently became a member of the Goulet Pens world. So this one will have to be me favourite. Great selection!

  • Gregory Payne

    Congratulations, Goulets, on your anniversary! I just looked at my cart, and to my horror there is nothing in it currently, so I’m going to have to fix that. That dark lilac ink—where has it been all my life?!—is definitely going in (unless, of course, I win it!). I’ve been watching the video blogs, and now am totally hooked. You wouldn’t have any job openings, would you? (Just kidding.)

  • Rich

    Hi! Thank you for all you do. My favorite Thursday Things theme is Double Rainbow.

  • Jbmoak

    I loved the Seaside Thursday Things post!

  • Pen90rn9ddict

    This is an amazing giveaway because it has all my favorite things! I love it love it love it.
    I have to agree with another post that the Sweater Weather Thursday Things was the most photographically appealing. The Goulet annoouncement I was most taken with however, and spent hours trying decide how to buy an Edison, was the Delphinium Edison with the Goulet Wedding Flowers picture. Beautiful memory pictures of both of the Goulets.

  • Kat Pejic

    So many great items… and purple!!

  • John Lawing

    Love the Thursday Things blog posts, they always give me gift ideas or ideas for my next purchase.

  • Howard Daniel Chen

    Nice Morning.

  • smokin_vi

    Congratulations on the milestone!

  • Robert Windle


  • Todd Crane

    So many amazing items. Good luck everyone!

  • Sara B

    This is definitely my favorite Thursday Things! Lamy Dark Lilac?? 😀

  • Sara Princiotta

    I love the colourful and sparkly Thursday posts. For example, the fruity one. I think it would be fun to style these posts!

  • Päivi

    commenting here!

  • Candace M Madera

    My favorite Thursday Things has to be the Sherlock one!

  • Zamia Carey

    This all looks so great. good luck everyone

  • ❤ Purseonality ❤

    What an amazing giveaway! My favorite Thursday Things theme was Goulet Blue. Just last week I was wondering what color Goulet Blue actually was!

  • Shannon Howard

    I’m so excited about this giveaway! I just got my first fountain pen this month and am already hooked!

  • Marco D

    Another Great Photo Sarah!!!

  • I liked one themed with wine colors!

  • David Kneier

    What an epic stash! Thank you Goulet Pen Company for the opportunity to win.

  • sara elizabeth

    my favorite thursday things was definitely the manhattan skyline. the aesthetic of it was very nice.

  • Terri T. Shamblin

    Cool grouping! I’ve always wanted to try a Lamy!

  • Aaron Nielsenshultz

    Wow, great-looking haul!

  • pepperpath

    That Lamy dark Lilac would be nice to add to my collection! Thanks for 100 weeks of great photos of Thursday things (i never win anything except a turkey when I was vegetarian and gave it to the local food bank…

  • Lotta Berglund

    I love Leonardo Da Vinci, so my favourite is Renaissance.

  • molsen22

    I really liked the Wanderlust package.

  • Michael P.

    Being a fan of turquoise and Lamy Safari, I’d go with the “Pacific Ocean” from February 9. Please enter me in the giveaway!

  • I love the Thursday Things: Everything in Its Place from January of this year. I’m sort of an organization freak, so it just spoke to me!!

  • Anastasia Jahadi

    Wow that is quite the spread! Hoping to win!

  • Lucy3107

    Congrats on 100 Thursday Things, and thanks for the giveaway! I don’t really have a favorite – but anything blue or teal is always awesome in my book!

  • Shawna Tabaks

    This is my favorite Thursday thing! I am new to the company and I am always excited to try new pens and journals!!!

  • Rachel Cyprus

    This is amazing! Congrats!!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Christian Gagné

    I just discovered the Goulet Pen Co through Pen Addict and I already have deep appreciation for what you do! By default, this current post represents my favorite Thursday Things theme since I have yet to see any others 😉 I would especially like to get my hands on the TWSBI ECO in lime green! 😀

  • Nadine Dauberman

    I love the flat lay designs!!!

  • jessiessie

    The Inksamplepalooza post! My husband and I just placed an order for quite a few samples of different inks we are very excited to try! Although my 6 year old daughter loved the Double Rainbow post the best 😉

  • feanari

    What a beautiful collection! That Lamy! OMG!

  • I love the Thursday things! Goulet pens is one of my vices 🙂

  • In love with that green twsbi!

  • Jennifer Drake

    My favorite Thursday Things was the Rose Gold!

  • Stephanie Keyes

    Congrats on the anniversary! Thanks for the great opportunity!

  • Kate H.

    Oh wow, tough choice! I am tending toward the turquoises lately, especially the blue side, so Pacific Ocean, seaside Springtime, Idyllic Isle are favorites, but I also like browns and books, so Sepia and Bibliophile are also lovely. 🙂
    And the giveaway is amazing! Can I just have the copper orange Lamy? 🙂 Thanks for all you do, Goulet folk!

  • Lenore Ramm

    I think my favorite is “Yellow and Grey” I own so many of the things in it, because yellow is my favorite color. 🙂

  • Aaron

    Way to go on the 100th week! Quite a milestone. Well done guys!

  • I just join the site and looking forward to see more Thursday Theme

  • Else-Maria Tennessen

    What an awesome giveaway! Thanks for being so generous! I love all your themes and the photography styling is wonderful! Write on!

  • Anshul Mittal

    Keep up the good work!

  • Jeff Skopin

    Wow. If I win, it’s gifts all around for my recently converted fountain pen (and stationery) friends!

  • Marie Everett

    Springtime Seaside has basically every pen I’m currently fantasizing about in it. Absolutely gorgeous.

  • Susie Biggs

    I love the Thursday Things: Apples and Oranges because I love bright vibrant colors and who doesn’t love citrus? Goulet Pens is one of my favorite businesses! Happy Anniversary!

  • Denise

    Mind-boggling giveaway. Thanks so much for all you do for our community!

  • Katrina Goh

    I LOVE the Rose gold!!!!!!

  • Vidugavja

    My favorite Thursday Things is definitely Sherlock Holmes. I remember there being a pipe that was a perfect touch, and that the pens felt like ones Holmes would have used over the years. The Sherlock Holmes ink is one of my regulars now.

  • Shelby Kristine Waters

    I’ve been really wanting a fountain pen! I would love this!!!

  • Twirl Grrrl

    Wow, what a generous spread of goodies! Thank you for the opportunity <3

  • Emily Glass

    I am in love with all the products! I really want to get a Lamy but I just never have the extra money. Great company and always love watching the YouTube videos

  • Eric Austin Lee

    Favorite theme: Blue Black. I love how the blues fade into gray and black. And that Faber Castel silver + blue pen is such a great writer.

  • Bob Flores

    They must ALL be my favorite, since I seem to buy SOMETHING everything a Thursday Things hits my inbox!

  • Harshita Mehrotra

    I love the Thursday Things! The Pacific Ocean from February is my favourite so far. Hoping to win the giveaway!

  • Beth Perrin

    This is awesome. Congrats!

  • My favorite Thursday things posts are often the ones with the beach or the sea as a theme, but I also really enjoy certain color combos like gold and turquoise, or the pink and turquoise one posted with the Edison Nouveau Waterlily last spring I believe.

  • Michael Anderson

    Majestic blue and twsbi eco I’m in.

  • Katherine Stewart

    I have to say I’m hard pressed to say what my favorite Thursday Theme, but I think the Navy was a top contender

  • Sarah Churchwell

    Just ordered a Tactile Turn Gist Fountain Pen in copper, it should be here today! So excited!

  • donna boni

    If I win something, this will be my favorite giveaway!

  • Anastasia Thibodeau

    These products look amazing! Thank you for all you do!

  • Charley Parker

    Just got back to the States and already having to keep a tight hold on my wallet to keep from buying shiny new pens that I couldn’t get in Egypt…

  • SeraCloud

    I think Pacific Ocean

  • Josh Batista

    dark lilac! i hope i get that

  • Jon Shuman

    I also enjoyed February’s Pacific blue theme, but this is my favorite–especially if I win something!

  • Josh Armentrout

    Such a great giveaway you have amassed. I love that lamy lilac in the bunch. Good luck to all!

  • Jane Day Piraro

    I love everything about this!!

  • Becky Sobanski

    So excited to enter this contest! I want to start exploring the world of bottled inks and love that you offer samples. Will be ordering soon!

  • Sarah

    Hard to narrow down just one Thursday Things theme as a favorite. I love the nautical and turquoise themed ones.

  • Jose Cruz

    Love the Goulet Team. Thanks for all your amazing media!

  • Marque Todd

    I will have to say that THIS Thursday Things was my favorite. Some many of my favorite things! Lamy pens, Midori Traveler’s notebook, and the best of all…. Dark Lilac Ink!

  • Carrolyn Griep Holliday

    What a great giveaway! I think my favorite Thursday Things theme was Apples and Oranges.

  • Peter A Dall Sr.

    Great Company and prompt shipping and service!

  • M Franklin

    My favorite Thursday Things themes are Ice and Fire, Heavy Metal, Wanderlust, Onyx Grey, Blue and Black .. well many, many more.

  • jennsquared

    I love Goulet Pens! I came upon your site while searching for dot grid notebooks and really enjoyed all the tipbits I’ve learned so far. It definitely renewed my love for great pens and stationary! My favorite theme is probably Sherlock Holmes. He’s my favorite fictional character!

  • Hannah E Millix

    I am obsessed with Lamy! My next will be a Lamy 2000 for sure! Love all the themes!

  • Grace Elam

    This Giveaway is amazing! My favorite Thursday Things theme so far is probably a tie between Peacock and Amethyst.

  • I love all of the turquoise themed Thursday things! I’d have to say this Thursday things post is pretty rad too!

  • Heather Walker Cecil

    Anything with purple is instantly going to catch my eye.

  • Andro Wu

    What a great selection for this giveaway. Glad to see you guys make it this far!


    The Typography theme from February! Simple and bold. I love it!

  • Wade Smith

    My favorite was the Wanderlust one!

  • Matt McNichol

    I love Thursday Things! I don’t have a specific favorite, but I’d love to win this!

  • Steve

    Just got a shipment for Goulet Pens last week, Probably the only company left that packs their shipments well. It’s the attention to detail that counts.

  • Larry Hart

    THURSDAY THINGS helps find the best combination of color and tools to produce art through ink.

  • Betsy

    Well, I guess I’ll have to say that this one is my favorite since I’m new to Goulet Pens and it’s the only one I’ve seen!

  • Brandon Coan

    WOW! Looks like an awesome collection and extraordinary giveaway!!

  • Brenda Pace

    I love all the Thursday things, but this giveaway makes it to the top of the list. Thanks for all the cool things you do.

  • GDF

    That’s a jaw-dropping giveaway collection. Blue-black was a favorite giveaway (my Kryptonite when it comes to inks).

  • Vitor Martinelli

    I’m relatively new to the fountain pen world, so as the goulet blog. What I can say though is that this Thursday Things Post is great, and so far my favorite, because you guys want to celebrate this anniversary with us, in such a cretively way, and this is great.

  • Beverly Army Williams

    Old Soul is my favorite so far! Thanks for an awesome giveaway!!

  • Mitenae

    Would have to be the Idyllic Isles one, but then I love all things aqua and turquoise.

  • Carl Harrison

    Last year at this time I was not here. It is now a place I can see more stories and feedback from pen collectors.

  • Yixuan Zeng

    My favorite is Lilac and Gold! Definitely an elegant color combination.

  • Austin Kelly

    My favorite Thursday Things has to be the Goulet Blue one. Just like Brian, I love blue and am always searching for just the right blue ink. Closest I’ve found so far: Noodler’s Liberty’s Elysium or Noodler’s Navy!

  • Robyn-Coffee&Cotton

    Aside from this Thursday Things… I loved the Turquoise

  • Lakisha Terrance-Griggs

    This looks like an exciting giveaway. So glad I signed up for this page

  • Crystal Barajas

    This Thursday Things package is amazing!! I wouldn’t mind having another Lamy Al-Star Copper Orange hehe Keep up the great job guys!!

  • Dee Rogers

    Love the Oster inks! This collection looks awesome. Congrats on 100

  • SDJ

    Favorite, singular?! Really? lol

  • Rhonda Eudaly

    Lots of great stuff

  • Mustafa Hirji

    New to the fountain pen world, and Goulet Lens has been invaluable about educating me. So thanks!

    The dark lilac ink is probably my favorite item. All good gifts through m!

  • Sara Garcia

    This is an amazing giveaway! Thank you for doing this! You guys are fantastic 💖

  • FlareHeart

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  • NelleShoeGirl

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  • Joyce

    This has to be my favorite Thursday Thing (followed by Emerald – my favorite color)! Thanks, Joyce O’Brien

  • Rebekah Schloeder

    not gonna lie, I heard about TT today, and I’m commenting because it gets me a chance to win all these fabulous things. But now I’m going back through the tag and getting inspired by all the pretty! Thank you!

  • Hoang Anh Tran

    I have too many favorite to pick but my favorites would have to be sea glass and carnival. Aside from that anything featuring turquoise/mint/light blue or pastel theme are the best

  • Brian Garcia

    I found the site by searching for YouTube info on fountain pens and really enjoy the info and other offerings. I can’t say I have any specific Thursday Things theme I like.

  • Daniel Gooch

    Tied at #1 for my favorite is Wanderlust and Old Soul.

  • Jeremiah D.

    I would have to say that I liked the Coffee Shop theme from October 2015. I would love to one day own the Cappuccino by Edison!

  • Rebecca Buchanan

    I love the energy at Goulet Pens! They are exciting and they take such good care of their customers. And then there are all the great products!!! Happy 2nd Anniversary!

  • Youyu Shaikh

    Awesome give away! Love Gouletpens. Thank you so much for the generosity!!!

  • Erica Merting

    My favorite was the Pink & Gold, as I currently have a pink and gold office.
    Just saying: The flat layout makes my heart happy each and every-time, well done!

  • Rose B

    What fun! I saw an autumn theme Thursday Things a while back that I loved.

  • Stephen R. Valcourt

    Sepia is definitely my favourite. I love brown, earthy tones!

  • Thyme2dream

    I loved the GoT themed post..and RAINBOW post as well!!

  • Thoueris

    Goulet Pens always has a mouth-watering selection of pens, notebooks and ink! I’ve found some of my favorite pens (Lamy) and ink (Diarmine) here.

  • Karen Erickson

    My fav theme was the Ocean one. Gorgeous! I’d be very excited to win the Lamy Dark Lilac, such a legendary ink! Thanks for your website and blog.

  • Bad Biology

    My favorite Thursday Things has and always will be the ‘Persimmon Persuasion’ I believe it was called. It came out October 2015. I love the color orange and it is amazing when you have so many orange colors together and you can see how there can be soooo many shades and hues.

  • nti57

    I always enjoy the ink samples! I love ink.

  • DF Astor

    A bounty of glorious riches. Thank you for all of it!

  • Amy Davis

    I’m a new fountain pen and ink addict and dying to get the Lamy Dark Lilac!

  • Nancy Jokelson

    New to Thursday Things at Goulet Pens. Fascination with pens began in 3rd grade. I was the first student in our class to be permitted to use the inkwell in our wooden flip top desks! (1953) While attending a luncheon recently with guest speaker Director of the Philadephia Orchestra at the Union League, I had my most recent pen experience. A table mate pulled out his fountain pen to write a note. That was a vivid image not often experienced. We struck up a conversation on fountain pens. I have a collection that I have owned for 35-40 years. I was immediately encouraged to return to using them. The gentleman among other sites recommended Goulet Pens. I have since been reeducated in fountain pen use and care through Brian’s deftly performed videos.
    I have been sharing my renewed fountain pen joy with my grandchildren only to learn they have not been taught cursive!

  • Joli Hamilton

    Tied for #1 Geode and Dragon’s Ember.

  • FogtownGirl

    I’ve loved a lot of the Thursday Things layouts – never thought about a favorite. Are they archived somewhere where we can browse back through them? 😊

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    Well being that this is my first time to the blog my TT favourite theme would have to be today’s, but now that I scrolled through the past TT Rainbow is my fav. Good luck everyone..

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    My favorite Thursday Things theme was Palms & Pineapples! Anything goes well with an uke 😉

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  • Tim Vander Ploeg

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    I like the inks, and some pens useful for sketching.

  • pablomoca

    Bought my first fountain pen here a Pilot Metropolitan and have never looked back. Thanks guys for providing a great site to browse and purchase fountain pens. Also your customer service is second to none. Keep up the great work and I’ll keep coming back for more.

  • Susan Wilkie

    My favourite was the kakhi grouping. It reminedmeofa good or scheme for a garden journal.

  • David Kroner

    One of my favorite Thursday Things was the Sherlock Holmes with the navy blue inks and pens with, of course, the DE ATRAMENTIS SHERLOCK HOLMES ink.

  • Megan

    Game of Thrones is me fave but I like ’em all

  • Lisa W

    The copper one? I’m pretty sure I’m not making that up but there was a copper fountain pen in that spread that I absolutely fell in love with!

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  • knitpsycho

    Inksamplepalooza and pink & Gold are my favorite Thursday things!

  • diesdiu

    Currently reading through Sherlock Holmes on my Kindle app, so I think I have to go with that one. Thanks for providing wonderful products and wonderful service – I go out of my way to order from you!

  • francesca

    I recap all the thursday and my fav is ice and fire thursday ❤️❤️❤️

  • JoelM

    I just ordered some (actually,lots) of ink samples. I use them for drawing rather than writing, and they are wonderfully unique in colors not normally seen in watercolors. Love your site, your line of products and your enthusiasm! Can’t remember my favorite Thursday Things article, they are all so fun to view and read.

  • Andy B

    I like the purple and the green themes the best. But this one, with all the goodies is my favorite!

  • Sara

    Lilac and Gold was my favorite Thursday Things theme.

  • Beverly Roberts

    This is my first Favorite Thursday Things, very exciting! I love the Lamy Gift Set with Lamy Al-star Purple!

  • Embree Valcourt

    Jewel Tones 💎…anything that references sparkly rocks gets bumped to the top of my favorite list hahaha 🙂

  • I love Sarah’s flat lays. The themes and the arrangement are just great. I especially love the ones that incorporate knitting or textiles.

  • Howard

    Great notebooks

  • Matt Nech

    This one is my favorite. For sure.

  • Lori Proctor

    I love all the Thursday Things, but one of my favorites was the turquoise theme. Thanks for having a giveaway would love to win, love the lamy pens and ink.

  • Gina Sanders

    While I’ve loved many of the Thursday Things, my recent favorite is Arizona Desert. I’ve been drooling over the Edison Pearlette’s for a while now and this package showcased them beautifully. I’m going to have to break down and max a credit card again. 🙂

  • Kymbrlye “Creme Brulee” Feldma

    This has to be my favorite Thursday. 🙂

  • Koolpep

    You guys rock, I now ordered from you 4 or 5 times and every time it’s a great experience. Thanks!!

  • Mikey B

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    Thanks for a chance at a great giveaway

  • Sangeeta Dhawan

    The Renaissance piece because of the spirit of the renaissance, because of all the items featured in it, because of the beautiful writing in the post, and because I am a teacher 👨‍🏫 who teaches about diversity and openness to differentiate ideas (and different pens!) Go Goulet

  • Jennifer Hooper

    My husband got me hooked on fountain pens and I got my sister hooked. Y’all have been my go to for ordering parts, pens, paper, and ink!

  • TanTan23

    I truly love all the Thursday Things, but I was clapping my hands when I saw Ice & Fire on April 20th. How awesome! Runners up for me are Typography (2/16/17), & Days Gone By (8/6/15). Thank you so much for putting these together!

  • Kit Kat

    So hard to choose, but I’ll say the Orange and Grey Thursday Things is my favorite (besides this current Thursdays Things with the giveaway items). I like the contrast of the bright orange with the grey.

  • Tom Tonkin

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  • Jose Madrid

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  • Laurie Perz

    My fave Thursday theme so far is Pacific Ocean.

  • Tracey

    This is my first Thursday Things entry, so this week is my favorite. I’ve been a Goulet Pens customer for years, so I don’t know how I’ve managed to miss Thursday Things for so long! Keep up the great job.

  • Zephyr

    Would love to see more red related themes. Always looking out for more red inks.

  • Amanda Snowdon

    I loved the blue black post. Understated elegance and so versatile! Just shows that traditional doesn’t mean boring!

  • Lydia Orr

    I loved the Honey Bee collection! I study bees, so anything that takes inspiration from them is an automatic fave. 🙂

  • Ryan Martinez

    Favorite Thursday Things is hard to decide but has to be February’s Pacific Ocean theme. Gotta love blue!

  • John W Bloodworth III

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  • Gisela Rodriguez

    You always have something irresistibly fabulous on offer to tempt us yet again! Keep up the excellent work!

  • My favorite entry is Wanderlust.

  • Daniel

    My favorite was the Pitch Black. Love some matte black.

  • Kathrin Köhler

    Favorite? In the singular? I don’t think that’s possible 🙂 Your Thursday Things themes are always fun, beautiful, interesting, and fun (Yeah, I did say that twice)! (Double Rainbow and Dragon Fire were fun themes, to name names.) Similarly, I love sampling, because it’s difficult to pick one thing I know for sure I like more than all other things… so I very much appreciate that you offer sample packages and ink samples <3 And your always exemplary customer service. You rock!

  • Karyn Silverman

    I don’t have a favorite, more a weekly lust list — I always want ALL THE THINGS. Even the things I don’t actually want, I want when I see them displayed so beautifully. I remember a black and white themed one that was especially perfect for my overall aesthetic!

  • jo scoby

    My newest, best obsession. You’ve brought journaling to an art form. Love Goulet Pens, service, videos, live chat, oh, and the products!

  • Shirley

    Orange and grey was my favorite.

  • Rebecca Nufer

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  • Sophie Nguyen

    Definitely fav : Dark Lilac.

  • Els Forma


  • J. Alimusa

    I like the special ops Thursdays things; the blacked out pens are cool, especially the Homo Sapiens Dark Age

  • John Hanson

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  • Victoria Janet Kerba

    Oh MY!! What a collection of beautiful items! The photography is just Stellar!! How to choose faves?? Anything purple or teal and my heart skips a beat!! Like it does with my new TWSBI diamond turquoise ohhhhhh

  • Ice Leviosa

    Thank you so much for this wonderful and generous giveaway!
    My favorite theme was Flora–I have anything floral and the photos are just simply amazing 🙂

  • Arly Helm

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  • I love all the things. ALL THE THINGS! I’ll pick orange and grey as my favorite.

  • Tiffany Keeler

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  • Yolanda Ferguson

    Favorite Thursday Theme is “Into the Woods” because I’m a nature artist and love this beautiful planet. I wanted every item in the layout.

  • Selena M. Trujillo

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  • Bill McNeely

    Love how you spend time with users as they have questions!! Thank you for all the patience with all of the questions I have had!

  • Steve Gooch

    I loved Pitch Black from back in May. I need to get one of those sweet Conklin Nighthawks.

  • Kristin Bingamon

    My favorite Thursday Things was the Double Rainbow!

  • What a great giveaway! Orange is my fav.

  • Hannah Crisler

    My favorite so far has been the Typography Thursday Things!

  • Courtney Crist

    I loved the green things one! It was so cool to see all the different greens since it’s my favorite color!

  • lis

    I enjoy all the different variety of ways you put things together, especially for someone like me who loves color and theme coordination!

  • Sister O

    I liked the Thursday Thing with the geodes. Such a beautiful display! Thank you, Goulet Pens!

  • Andrea Grzech

    My favorite was Wanderlust.

  • Lydia Bingamon

    I loved the Mint and Gold Thursday Things! My two favorite colors!

  • Mara Miller

    I think all of this is awesome! As a writer I like to have a bunch of different pens and inks around me. It’s a serious problem haha.

  • Rachael Covington

    Last year’s Peachy Keen theme was pretty great. Thanks Goulet Team for creating this community for fellow pen and ink lovers. Write on!

  • Tara

    What an amazing array of lovely pens, inks, and accessories!

    I have enjoyed many of the Thursday things blog posts since I joined the newsletter a few months ago, and this contest prompted me to go look at previous ones. I think my favorite at this moment is “Double Rainbow”, although there are many I like. It’s really fun to see the collections you put together!

  • Maureen

    My favorite was Bamboo Green, from May 19, 2016 (I looked it up). Really, anything with a green theme is good with me! Thank you for the generous giveaway!

  • Pat River

    I discovered Goulet Pens this past year and have enjoyed your news letter and following you on social media (especially your Q&As but hadn’t followed Thursday Things…this is great something else to enjoy! This week’s TT would therefore have to be my favorite thus far.

  • Audrey Hare

    I could never pick a favorite. Strawberry Fields? Bamboo Green? But what about Mint and Gold? Rose Gold? Geode? Can I decide on one on name alone–that would be Geode…

    Let’s be honest, I just want them all.

    The only email Newsletter I read every time!

  • Jen Rose

    The inksamplepalooza was pretty fun. I loved the colors and shapes.

  • Angela Wright Newhouse

    I love seeing all of them – you’ve come up with some really gorgeous color groupings. I especially love anything with blue or purple!

  • Brenda Carus

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  • Laurie

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    I love them all, but to pick one, I would have to say the Pacific Ocean theme. I love all the spreads and how you guys put them together!!

  • Caitlyn Downs

    If I have to pick one, Lilac & Gold has been my absolute favorite. I also love Amethyst, The Artist, Jewel Tones, Sea Glass, and Seaside Springtime. Can you tell I have a thing for purple & the beach? 🙂

  • Ryan A

    I liked the Pitch Black theme from May.

  • Brittney Woods

    My favorite is the Orange thursday things. Closely followed by the one with the knitted fountain pen.

  • Jessie Schuster

    This is awesomely epic. I am so stoked! Thank you. I actually enjoyed your last thursday things the best – the one themed about visiting the sea – the blue vanishing point was there and I was trying to convince my husband it was more of a teal blue than true blue, and he didn’t believe me, but there it was next to some of the other ‘teal’ pens from my collection and he totally caved!!!

  • Kimberly Russaw

    I am excited about #100!

  • Nanami

    Idyllic Isle has been one of my favorites <3

  • Toria Burrow

    I’m pretty new to Goulet Pens. I’ve found this blog through the Bullet Journal community. I really like “Honey Bee” – the yellows are bright and sunny, and my wife and I got matching bee tattoos just before our wedding, so anything to do with bees always makes me smile!

  • Ashton

    I absolutely adored the Renaissance TT that was done last month! I’m a sucker for that classic elegance.

  • Gilberto Aleman Sancheschulz

    I´m in!!!

  • Patrick Tinney

    Seaside Springtime, I love light blues and pinks

  • Dora

    I don’t think that I could pick a favorite. It would be like asking a good parent which of their children was his or her favorite.

  • David Dawson

    Does today’s theme count? 😉 Wow, what a great package! Thanks for this contest!

  • Abigail Rose

    My favourite theme was Water Lily. It was just so aesthetically pleasing !

  • Samuelsiegelart

    June 23 2016 was my favorite Thursday thing. Clean silver.

  • Alyssa Spoonts

    This is such an amazing haul! My favorite Thursday Things theme has been Signed, Sealed, Delivered. I’m obsessed with wax seals!0

  • granny

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  • Lirael Abhorsen

    My favorite theme is Dragon’s Ember.

  • Shannon McMillan

    I’m wondering at what point I’m considered a stalker since I was following you everywhere?? I love watching your videos and instagram posts. It’s been a lot of fun to start writing with pens again, discovering fountain pens has allowed me to also reconnect with friends from all over through letters. I get happy mail back too! Thanks!

  • Mariah Garell

    This is my first Thursday Things! But this is awesome!

    You guys are my go-to for all things pen and paper as of last month 😍

  • Phil

    I really liked the OldSchool TT! Thanks for the chance!

  • Melissa Sand Shetler

    I’ve always wanted to learn to use a fountain pen but have never taken the plunge! If I win this, I would have a great kit to start with! How exciting!

  • Jeannine Elliott

    I can’t pick just one favorite Thursday Things. Each new post brings a new favorite. Lol

  • ibap

    Wow, covers all the bases!

  • Owlwaystrue

    December 2016 loved the week you featured minerals. And oh, that JHebrin Ink!!!!!

  • Erin Smith

    My favorite Thursday Things is probably the Double Rainbow from this past March.

  • Betsy

    I’ve liked them all, and particularly enjoy their variety in color and theme….There was one with flowers that was particularly sweet.

  • Jodie Kisiel

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  • Jerricka Hill

    Apples and Oranges – I love the bright colors and the summery feel. Plus, citrus is delicious!

  • Barbara Krekeler

    I love the Thursday Things blue and black and old soul. And all items of this post. Thanks for this great giveaway!

  • Jared

    My favorite TT was Sherlock Holmes

  • Scott Williams

    I liked the Arizona Desert ‘Thursday Things’. I really liked the way the photograph was styled and shot.

  • Van Hoang

    My favorite was the Into the Woods from last year. I love the color choice!

  • Alisha Callarino

    I loved the inksamplaoosa Thursday letter. Looking at all the ink samples in that one ultimately made my decision to buy my first Foutain pen. I love my pen and am saving up for my next!

  • Lydia Sandau Hodgson

    Great work you guys!

  • Yukiea

    It was so very hard to choose just one favorite from the past 2 years of Thursday Things themes! My daughter an I looked them over and over and narrowed it down to…well, several! She settled on Peacock and Into The Woods. I had a much more difficult time and went with Peachy Keen and Wanderlust. We can’t lie that we secretly love them ALL!

  • Christy Brink

    OMG – this is my first Thursday Things and what an enticement! Wow! I am in awe of the above items – so lovely!! I would love to have some of that Lamy lilac ink! Wow!

  • It’s hard to pick a favorite, but this one here would be a great choice.

  • Jan Chadwick

    I think my favorite was with the knit fountain pen. I have the pattern and the yarn to knit myself the ‘unicorn barf’ Edison Nouveau from last spring. One of my favorite pens!

  • Dan2053

    Sweet Mother Lode! You are fantastic! Thank you! (This Is my first Thursday Thing also).

  • KittyT

    I love all the ones that feature the color blue.

  • Awesome giveaway! I love what you do and love doing business with your company.

  • Autumn Pfister

    I liked the Lilac and Gold from April 2016. My second journal was in a purple notebook and I still mostly use purple ink in my purple Lamy.

  • david forsythe

    Wow…Now that’s how you do a giveaway!

  • Jonathan “Johnny” Shi

    I wistfully look at all that pen, paper, and ink as i sit here with my palms sweating rivers

  • Peyton Smith-Hopman

    What an amazing collection! Thanks for the opportunity! I love all the notebooks you feature every week. I mean, the pens and inks are gorgeous too, but I’m just a paper fiend at heart

  • Jonathan “Johnny” Shi

    Are they giving everything to one lucky person or is it incremental?

    • Lydia At Goulet Pens

      One person will win the entire collection 🙂

  • Cheryl

    Pens, inks and paper! These are a few of my favorite things. Love it all!

  • Stephanie Martin

    so many fantastic items!!

  • Chris

    Have to say that the Dad Approved theme has to be my favorite. I bought my son his first fountain pen, ink and journal because of the theme, and now he is hooked! Oh, I forgot to mention, he is only 8 years old and uses his fountain pen at school 🙂

  • Tim

    It was here I was reading when I decided to buy my first LAMY Safari…

  • Karen

    My favorite is the Renaissance one. Love the layout with the illustrations.

  • EdieB

    March 20, 2017 ?? Seaside springtime favorite but love all of them – WELL DONE

  • Alex Smith

    I love this week’s Thursday Things! They are all really great products!

  • MTNoob

    Lamy Dark Lilac = priceless. I like all the themes. I am always amazed at the creativity.

  • Sabrina

    My favourite theme has to be mint turquoise from a while back- although I love the layouts and photos for anything with a beachy, summery feel!

  • Christine Brown

    I went scrolling back looking at all the old Thursday Things and there are far too many things to pick the most beautiful one. I really like the Orange and Grey one from Thursday, January 26, 2017 though because I feel like I don’t often see those colors together and I really like the combo.

  • Jonathan Burchett

    Awesome giveaway!

  • Derfy1212

    I love your site and your products. Had to slow down my buying, the wife was wondering “how much writing can you do?” I really like the Thursday Things: Arctic Currents. I liked the color palate.

  • Kathi Sharp

    My favorite Thursday Things theme this year was Flora from April 13. So pretty and fresh.

  • Lexie Alicia Cole

    Mine is either Nautical or Silver Bells, but Pitch Black and Special Ops are up there as well. How am I supposed to choose?? They’re all so awesome!

  • Kay J

    This is my favorite Thursday Things! Woot!

  • ibap

    Wild West

  • Suzanne Fields

    Oh dear! This giveaway is fantastic!! ^_^ Quite a fantastic treasure you have in there 🙂

  • Typemeister

    Looking forward to it!

  • Meitachi

    Oranges all the way! Congrats to #100, you guys are the best!

  • Chelsi

    I loved the Arcctic Currents!

  • Lynnell Irving

    Wow, such a selection! Can’t decide which one would be the best!

  • Elsie Hickey-Wilson

    Congrats on 100 Thursday’s! The collection looks super! Hope I win! Thanks.

  • Beth Harmony

    I love looking at the “Signed, Sealed, Delivered” theme. I have been looking at getting into sealing waxes and seals for years, and to have an entire post about it really upped the temptation!

  • Audrey Leong

    Into The Woods was my favorite TT 😀

  • H Bondar

    I love the Goulet Pen Company values and commitment to customer service. I have evangelized your site to many friends and gotten some of them hooked.

  • Caroline

    This is awesome! I have loved all the themes so far!

  • S LEW (gigi9560)

    Wow…this one!!

  • fringnubs

    I liked the sea glass theme

  • Patrick T

    Awesome. So many favorites. Let’s go with Blue Black or Typography.

  • Ragamuffingurl

    Y’all have the best giveaways!

  • Sara

    I need dis.

  • ladyfabulous

    That dark lilac is lovely

  • cpt.majestic

    Good stuff

  • Sherri Morris

    Love Goulet Pens!!!

  • Seaside Springtime was gorgeous!! Today’s is, of course, fabulous. It’s quite hard to choose just one, though. What an amazing giveaway! Congratulations!! Looking forward to many more wonderful years of pen, ink, and paper goodness!!!

  • Megan Strickland

    Wow, what a fantastic and generous giveaway!

    Hard to pick just one favorite Thursday Things. I really enjoyed “Succulent Love” from May 4. But I’m gonna go with “Seaside Springtime” from March 30. Beautiful colors and composition, and featuring one of my favorite recent acquisitions: the Lamy Al-Star Pacific. :o)

  • swillynoodle

    What an excellent giveaway!

  • McCoy Burgess

    Autumn Embers was my favorite with the orange Conklin Duragraph. I’m still trying to decide on the orange or the green, or how to do both in a single order.

  • Suané Lourens

    Question about the contest: The rules say only one entry is allowed per person, so if I entered in all the options (instagram, twitter, facebook, etc.), am I then disqualified?

  • Leslie O’Connor

    I love seeing these beautifully staged photos every week. I especially enjoy seeing the inks.

  • Cortney B

    This is an amazing giveaway! I’m drooling over that orange LAMY pen!! <3

  • John C. Musser

    Y’know … I’m going to make an effort … like an actual *effort* … over the coming days/weeks to find a “vlog” (sorry, call me old fashioned, but what brian does is a “vlog,” isn’t it?) that compares even closely to the quality of the Goulet vlogs. BTW: Is that “#Goulet Mafia t-shirt available in the swag section?!?!?!

  • Amee R

    Favorite Thursday Things: Fire and Ice. Huge GoT fan right here!

  • Andrew Miller

    Super cool giveaway. <3 Goulet pens!

  • Philip Zuidema

    Awesome giveaway! One of my favourites has been Renaissance

  • James Bowron

    The copper theme was by far my favorite. Thanks for offering a give away!

  • Irene DiSarro

    Thank you so much for this amazing giveaway!

  • hamushan

    Pantone’s 2017 color of the year: greenery post was great! I love green 🙂

  • Anita Doorn

    Congratulations on an awesome milestone! You always do such a great job explaining the mechanics of pens and make it easy to grow the fountain pen community. Here’s to many more years of success!!

  • Dylon Ray Kraklow

    Love GPC! You guys are the best!

  • Margaret E.

    My favorite was the pink & gold- I need to get my hands on the platinum century pen in nice lilas! and also sea glass and goulet blue!!

  • Debbie J

    I loved the blue theme! Thanks for the wonderful giveaway opportunity. 👍

  • Christine Salvatore

    Great prizes! I’ve always enjoyed seeing what comes up on Thursday things. I think some of them would make really nice wall posters!

  • Kristi Axtell

    What an amazing feat! I always love these collections. Great job!

  • Frances Schultz

    Way cool giveaway! I covet that dark lilac ink as I missed out on purchasing some! Plus lots of other great stuff!

  • P. Tyson

    Thanks for the cool giveaway, Goulet! (Aren’t they all, though?) Thursday Things is always my favorite part of the week, because I’m a nerd for seeing those hand-picked collections in a neat arrangement, hah! I think My favorite one so far is the Geodes collection, with all those yummy gemstone inks and chunks of actual stones to complement the pen colors… Drool.

  • Barbara Strong

    I’m new to this pen and paper community. I’m trying to learn beautiful writing, and different qualities of pens, ink and paper. I started Bullet Journaling in a real paper book, and it has opened up a whole new world for me. I hope to make my first purchase here soon, as I have seen you have been highly recommended!
    If I were to win this, I just know it would open up a whole new world for me, fingers crossed!!!!

  • Joan Ocol

    I like the one about everything black.. 🙂

  • Bookworm9798

    Seaside Springtime is lovely and your most recent one — Library — is gorgeous, too.

  • Raven Johnston

    Bamboo green!

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