Edison Nouveau Premiere vs. Edison Collier: Fountain Pen Battle

Fountain pen comparison, where the Nouveau Premiere faces off against the Collier.

We’re back again with another exciting fountain pen showdown. It’s Battle Edison here at Goulet Stadium, where the Nouveau Premiere faces off against the Collier. Edison certainly crafts some stunning pens with incredible care and it’s hard to pick a favorite. In this face off, Lydia and Colin bring you their opinions on two of the most popular Edison models we carry here at Goulet. Which pen will battle its way to your heart & wishlist? Read on for the full breakdown & be sure to vote for your favorite at the bottom!

Edison Nouveau Premiere

Fountain pen comparison, where the Nouveau Premiere faces off against the Collier.
Edison Nouveau Premiere Caribbean Sea

Hey, friends! It’s Lydia. I am excited to tell you why I believe the Nouveau Premiere is the Edison pen you must own. I used a Collier for a Monday Matchup last year and fell in love but the Nouveau Premiere actually ended up becoming the first Edison I bought for my personal collection. I could not get over the gorgeous coloration and how well balanced it felt in my hand. This pen model is an exclusive between Goulet Pens and Edison Pens and you can only pick up the Nouveau Premiere here from us. That is pretty special if you ask me! The Nouveau Premieres have a broad range of color options. In addition to the three regular edition colors we carry (currently that is Cherry Blossom, Cappuccino, and Caribbean Sea), we also have our seasonal edition pens. So four times a year, you have the chance to get a limited run pen that won’t be available again after that season. I fell for this past spring’s Seaglass and snagged one as soon as they went in stock. The depth of color in these resin bodied pens is out of this world and you could get lost in staring at them for far longer than you’ll care to admit.

The “torpedoed” shape of the Nouveau Premiere can be a bit of a polarizing feature because of the pointed ends, but I feel it adds character. The pen is 12.4mm at its widest and tapers to symmetrical tips at both ends. It’s very sleek and clean. The grip section is comfortably curved and sits nicely in just about every hand size. When I first got into fountain pens, I loved the large pens with the thicker grip sections, but I found that the Premiere has the goldilocks of grip diameters for me and it is the smoothest, most comfortable pen I own for long writing sessions. I love that the Premiere posts as well. I have larger hands so the added length when posted makes this pen perfectly balanced in my hand. The Edison steel nibs flow like butter, but the ink flow is not overwhelmingly juicy. I have heard great things about the gold nibs too, even though I haven’t had a chance to try one yet. The steel nib is also just right for writing on most paper. My medium has never once given me any bleedthrough or feathering issues, even with a wet ink on cheap notebook paper.

To sum it up, the Nouveau Premiere is great because:

  • There’s a huge variety of color choices. Between the three regular editions and the four yearly seasonal editions, you’re sure to eventually find a color pattern you love
  • The swirled resin body is mesmerizing 
  • The pen shape is clean and symmetrically pleasing
  • Perfect curved grip section for comfortable writing
  • It posts! It is perfect balanced for posted of unposted writing
  • Smooth writing Edison steel or gold nibs

The Edison Nouveau Premiere is available for $149 at GouletPens.com. Check out our blog on how this pen came to be, as well as the advent of the seasonal editions!

Edison Collier

Fountain pen comparison, where the Nouveau Premiere faces off against the Collier.
Edison Collier Antique Marble

Colin here, bringing you my thoughts on the large and in-charge Edison Collier! This is actually the first Edison pen I’ve written with, and my wishlist has quickly filled up because of it. The nib is super smooth and there’s some great color choices. It’s hard to choose just one (though I’m leaning Burnished Gold)!

Beyond just the color of the pen itself, the Collier features gorgeous swirls of resin that has both depth & brilliance! I’ve found myself staring into these swirls multiple times since I started writing with it. Seriously, one of the prettiest pens we offer in my opinion.

The Collier is also one of the largest pens we offer, so you shouldn’t lose track of it too easily. When capped, it’s a tad bigger than the Monteverde Giant Sequoia and Conklin All American. It balances out the length by not being postable. This may be a dealbreaker for some, but I rarely (OK, never) post my pens, so the extra-length unposted is a welcomed addition. Also, despite the size, it’s fairly lightweight at just 26g.

Lastly, this thing isn’t going to come uncapped unless you want it to. No more inky disasters in the backpack or pants pocket because it takes at least 3 rotations to uncap this screw cap. I find that to be a major plus, a few extra rotations is worth the peace of mind of knowing how secure the cap is.

So to recap, the Collier is the winner in my book because:

  • Four great color options, something for everyone
  • Gorgeous resin swirled body
  • Large, but lightweight, great for long-writing sessions
  • Doesn’t post, but really well-balanced because of it
  • Super secure cap

The Edison Collier fountain pen is available at GouletPens.com for $149. You can also check out Brian’s Quick Look at the pen here.

Now it’s your turn to weigh in! Do you prefer the Edison Nouveau Premiere or the Edison Collier?

Leave us a comment as well and let us know why you love this particular Edison fountain pen! We’d love to hear your thoughts.

Write on, 
Lydia & Colin

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  • David L.

    I can’t choose one over the other! I need to get both to make the decision! I’m going for the Nouveau Premiere in this one.* With all I’ve heard about it, it must be a good choice! I love these pen battles!

    *Opinion subject to change upon purchase of Edison Nouveau Premiere and/or Edison Collier.

  • I have a Premier (Seaglass) that I love, but I’m holding out on buying a Collier until after the new seasonal colour is introduced. 🙂

  • CatherineK

    I’m torn between the two! I’ve small hands (long fingers though), and am in deadlock which direction to leap. Any decision will have to wait until any new seasonal color is announced.

  • Tinkered Art

    Premiere wins for me but only because the grip size and weight of the Collier are more than my hand can manage comfortably. Would prefer the Premiere with less pointy ends but the pen is just that great that I can’t really knock it for the ends – hasn’t stopped me from having a few. One is always an EDC

  • Tom Johnson

    Lydia, Colin – this is a great fountain pen battle! I love these, and suggest that a future “pen battle” would be between the Edison Beaumont vs. the Edison Pearlette.

    I cannot vote on this at all. I have both, and love them equally. They both fit my medium hand and are perfect writing pens for me, very little difference between them, and I’ve gone from one to the other several times at one sitting and still don’t have a preference, both fit my hand wonderfully.

    I have the 2016 Winter edition Arctic Currents ebonite Nouveau Premiere and the Burnished Gold Collier. In total I have 5 different Edison pen models, and 7 nib units. In my experience, all my #6 nibs are quite wet, what I consider nicely wet, but more so than most of my other pens with #6 nibs. I like them a lot, and have EF, F, M, and 1.1mm on my Nouveau Premiere. On all 5 pens the fit and finish is perfect, the resin pens have a wonderful depth to them, lots of pearlescence or chatoyancy, depending on the resin. I can honestly say that if I’d never seen or held either one in person, and saw and wrote with both pens together for the first time, I have no idea which pen would appeal to me the most. It would probably come down to which resin or ebonite appealed to me more. Of course the Nouveau Premiere being a great collaboration between Edison and Goulet does mean a lot to me.

    Thanks Lydia and Colin for this battle! Looking forward to the next one.

  • James Watts

    Definitely the Collier. Love mine.

  • Mitchell Weinberg

    I own both of these pens, and far prefer to Collier. It just writes far better for more. Not sure if it’s the individual pens or what, but my Collier is my favourite pen, hands down. The Nouveau has given me problems with poor starting and/or skipping at times. It’s still a lovely pen, but not my preference out of these two.

    • Tom Johnson

      Mitchell, if you switched the nib units you will find that the Collier will have the problems that the Nouveau has, and the Nouveau will become the perfect writer. The nibs and feeds are identical in these pens and interchangeable. The writing problems is with the nib/feed unit and can be corrected easy by careful tuning and adjustments.

      • Mitchell Weinberg

        Thanks for the advice. I may give that a try and see if my above opinion holds. I do like the feel and weight distribution of the Collier very much though.

    • Lydia At Goulet Pens

      hmmm… I’m sorry to hear that, Mitchell. They both use the same Edison nibs so you may need some nib tuning on the Premiere.

  • Fr James K. Graham

    I’ve not tried either one, but the Nouveau Premiere looks a lot like the Shaeffer Balance, which is one of my favorite pens, fitting perfectly in my hand and being comfortable for long writing sessions. Can anyone tell me if the Nouveau is in fact comparable to the Shaeffer Balance?

  • Uniotter

    I like the body of the Collier more, but the clip of the Premiere more. Both have gorgeous resin options…especially the recent Seaglass. I’ll probably end up with a Beaumont or Pearlette, though. Great battle! 🙂

  • Miss Fountain Pen

    I have neither, but I’ve been eyeing the Premiere for quite some time now. (The Collier would be far too big for my hand.) But actually, I had a semi-related question for the next Q&A. Do you plan to carry the new stock flex Edison nibs? I don’t mean those customized by Richard Binder; I mean the stock Jowo kind that were advertised on Edison’s web site a few weeks ago.

    • Lydia At Goulet Pens

      I don’t believe those are available to retailers yet. You can only get them direct through Edison at this time. We are not looking to carry them currently.

  • Megan Brooks

    Hi there! I have a curious question. My hands are rather small, being 18 mm from fingertip of my middle finger to the base of my palm; and so, is an Edison Collier too big for my hands? Any advice or help would be greatly appreciated!

    • Lydia At Goulet Pens

      Hi, Megan. I checked with Kelsi on our customer care team. She has very small hands and said the Collier is a little too wide for her grip. The Nouveau Premiere or Pearlette might be a better option in that case.