If you’re interested in pens, ink, and paper, you should have heard of InCoWriMo! If you haven’t, you’re missing a fantastic way to use all of your favorite writing tools. International Correspondence Writing Month is a letter-writing challenge. Throughout all of February, participants will write a letter EACH DAY. For more information, read the official InCoWriMo Website. So how do you participate in this celebration of connection through stationery?

1. Get your writing tools together

If you want to impress your pen pals during this mad month of letter writing, you’re going to want to bring your stationery A-game. Lucky for you, we at Goulet Pens have (almost) everything you need to make this year’s InCoWriMo a success. Make sure you stock up on:

  • Paper: If you sit down to your desk on February 1st and realize you have no paper, you’re going to be really embarrassed. We’ve got Stationery Sets that include matching paper and envelopes, so your letters will automatically look special and put-together.
  • Ink: These letters are going out into the world, possibly on display if they’re pretty enough, so you need to use an ink that will really WOW your recipient. For those who want to dazzle, we recommend a blindingly sparkly shimmering ink. For addressing envelopes, you might want to be a bit more reserved. Rain, sleet, sweat, and many other liquids could come into contact with your envelope, so make sure you address it with water-resistant ink.
  • Pen: If your letters aren’t going to be very long, or you’re a dipping enthusiast, you should take a look at our selection of lovely glass dip pens. They are gorgeous and will look lovely if you decide to photograph your letter-writing setup. For the writer who hates having to ink their pen, the TWSBI ECO has a huge ink capacity, so it will write pages and pages of letters between fills.
  • Sealing Wax: While not technically necessary, sealing wax shows your letter recipient that you’re serious about your stationery. Give your recipients an experience. We carry everything you need to shock and awe your pen pals this year.
  • Stamps: Unless you’re hand-delivering all 29 of your letters in February, stamps are completely essential.

2. Figure out who you’re writing to

Starting out with a list is absolutely critical for succeeding in this challenge. Lucky for you, we’ve put together a handy list of prompts to help you come up with your 29 lucky recipients. You could even write to us! We might not be able to write back to all of you, but we love getting mail. You can reach us at:

The Goulet Pen Company
1590 E Parham Rd
Henrico, VA 23228

3. Determine when you have time to write letters

Our lives can get hectic. We’re running to the grocery store, the doctor, to go buy scented candles, there’s a lot happening day-to-day. Before February 1st, you need to plan when you can write your letters. Will you set aside time in the morning? The evening? Will you write one every day, or in batches? You need to create a roadmap for your InCoWriMo. Otherwise, you might end up hunched over your desk on February 15th, randomly stuffing four-word letters into envelopes. Don’t be that person. Come up with a plan and stick to it. Happy writing!

Write on,
The Goulet Pen Company