Due to the popularity of my Clairefontaine Triomphe Torture Test, I wanted to replicate the same test between the Moleskine Ruled Notebook, the Rhodia Webnotebook, and Quo Vadis Habana. I drip Herbin Êclat de Saphir ink onto all three to compare the feathering and bleedthrough. These are the large sizes of each notebook.

The best performing is the Quo Vadis Habana. It has 90g, smooth Clairefontaine paper that holds up very well, similar to the Triomphe paper. There is no feathering at all, and just a hint of bleedthrough even with a puddle of ink sitting on it for 6 minutes.

The next, very close performer is the Rhodia Webnotebook. The ‘Webbie’ has 90g Clairefontiane ivory paper, which performs similar to the Habana, but with just a bit more bleedthrough on the back of the paper where the ink puddle sits.

The Moleskine performs unspeakably poor. Not only does it feather worse than a rooster in heat, but it bleeds completely through not one, but 4 sheets of paper. The Moleskine paper is 72g, much thinner than the Habana or Webbie, but still. It’s no wonder all I ever hear about Moleskines is how awful they are with fountain pens. You have to see this video for yourself in action. Don’t worry, I time lapsed it! I wouldn’t make you sit there for 6 minutes watching ink sit on paper. That would be about as exciting as a tree grow.

A selection of the Rhodia Webnotebooks and Quo Vadis Habanas are available at The Goulet Pen Company.

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Brian Goulet