In this video, I do a side-by-side comparison to the Moleskine Ruled Notebook and the original Quo Vadis Habana. The two are roughly similar in size, the Habana is about a half an inch longer and wider. The two most notable differences are the paper thickness and color. The Moleskine is off-white paper, witha 72g thickness. It’s printed and bound in China (outsourced), assembled in Italy. It has 120 sheets of paper, ruled. The performance of the paper when tested with J. Herbin fountain pen ink (a generally well-behaved ink) is entirely underwhelming.

The Habana has white paper, with 90g Clairefontaine paper made in France, with the journal assembled in the United States. The Habana has 80 sheets, and the paper quality entirely outperforms the Moleskine in every aspect. Expect no feathering, no bleedthrough, and minimal echo (also known as ghost, or showthrough). There is no limitation to the ink you can use on Habana paper.



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Brian Goulet