Ink Nouveau #23: Goulet Fountain Pens Update

I’ve been getting a LOT of inquiries about my fountain pens lately. I’ve been on a hiatus because of the birth of my son (now 3 months old), but now that I’m getting back into a routine I’m finding some time here and there to get in the shop. I made this video on 4-22-10, and have since assembled the pens (my wife’s waiting on me to take pictures so we can get them online!). They’re coming! I swear!!

P.S.- I was going to make this an ink blot, but I felt it was too long. This is more ink blot ‘freestyle’ content, but I’m really trying to keep the content in the ink blots short and sweet. 

Link to YouTube for iPhones and full-screen viewing.

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  • Yeah, just as an update here, I don't make pens anymore 😛 I stopped about a month after this video!