They’ve been in Exaclair’s catalog (the US importer of Clairefontaine products) for months, but not available in the US….until now!!! The new blank Quo Vadis Habanas have arrived, after much anticipation. The Habana journals have been known for their fantastic ability to lay flat on a table from the first page, for their good size, and great paper that takes even the wettest writing fountain pens. Requests have been made from all over for Habanas with blank pages, and Clairefontaine responded.

The blank Habanas are available in two sizes, the exact same as the ruled versions. The large ones are 6.25″x9.25″, the small ones are 4″x6.25″. There are 4 different colors: black, red, anis green, and raspberry. All of the other specs are the same as the ruled ones, with one exception: the small ones have 90g paper! The old ruled ones have thinner 64g paper (with 96 sheets), and the newer blank ones have 80 sheets of 90g paper. A good change in my opinion!

For anyone who likes to sketch, draw, doodle, or write without barriers, the new blank Habanas are sure to deliver a great writing experience.

Write on,
Brian Goulet