I’ve been hunting around for the best kind of lighter for doing wax seals, as I’ve been doing a LOT of them lately. I’ve tried matches, candles, butane camping lighters, cigarette lighters, and in a moment of desperation, even a propane torch. Though they all kiiiiiinda work, the butate lighter was the best. However, after burning through several of my wife’s butane candle lighters, I wanted to find something more ideal specifically for the intention of doing wax seals.

I found this lighter at Home Depot for $6, and it works the fastest of anything I’ve seen. I can heat up the wax in about 5 seconds, and be done and sealed in about 10 seconds total. It’s a wind-proof flexible neck, refillable butane lighter, with a butane window and a built in LED (why?). It even came with extra butane to refill it.

Check out the vid to see the lighter in action. Pretty wild! It melts the wax fast, so it takes a little getting used to (as you see from my first seal!), but if you’re working to do a bunch of seals in a row like I often do, this thing is pretty handy.