Big changes are going on at the Goulet Pen Company! We’re (my wife and I) expanding our ink offerings significantly, which requires more storage space. If you’ve seen videos of our current space, you know we’re pretty maxed out. We’ve taken over part of the workshop and we’re moving everything to the garage….

We’re currently working out of a 11’x12′ guest bedroom, so going to this new area with 10’x23′ is a step up! The only problem is, I had to give up some space in by beloved workshop. It was a sacrifice to make in order to accomodate adding 4 new ink brands. We’re adding all colors of Diamine, Private Reserve, Caran D’ache, and Sheaffer (and probably more in the future), and we were flat out out of room in our current space.

It’s a little crazy, but I took 525sf of workshop space and put it into about 250sf of space. Here’s the result:


Needless to say, my shop’s a mess. Long story short, don’t look for any pens or writing boxes coming from my direction anytime soon. I had to personally weigh out the decision to either continue to make pens (which take a LOT of time), or expand my ink lines and focus on this blog and learning the products I carry inside and out. I looked at what was best for my business and would serve the greatest good to the most number of writing enthusiasts, and the decision was clear. So while my handmade products won’t be flying out of the shop anytime soon, I will be offering a greater selection of the name brands you love.