I mentioned in my Monday night Ustream broadcast that I’ve considered the idea of having guest bloggers do ink reviews on InkNouveau.com, and I’ve gotten more than a few people offering to do them! I’m excited and encouraged to see the different perspectives that everyone has about ink, and I think it would make for great reading! I’m expanding beyond my current ink offering on GouletPens.com of J. Herbin and Pelikan to also include the FULL lines of Diamine, Private Reserve, Caran D’Ache, and Sheaffer. I won’t have to time right away to do these reviews myself, so I need some help!

I don’t want to set any ‘strict’ standards on the reviews, so there are only two things that I ask. I want to standardize the paper as Clairefontaine, Rhodia, or G. Lalo VergĂ© de France. I know it will seem a little biased that I want to use these since I do sell them on my website, but trust me, the intention is not to promote the paper. These brands of paper are not outsourced, and are made in a consistent fashion (G. Lalo in its mill in the Netherlands, CF and Rhodia in the CF mill in France). These papers will be a consistent, reliable canvas to show accurate color, line width, and shading for the ink. I also ask that the reviews be very picture-heavy, with clear, good quality pictures. After all, we all just want to see the ink, right?

Aside from these loose guidelines, I really have no rules about the reviews! Use whatever pens you like, and be as analytical or artistic as you like. I want to see what everyone comes up with on their own!

As a way of providing assistance and gratitude to my guest bloggers, I’m happy to supply the paper and ink samples of whatever you’d like to review. I know it’s time and effort to do these reviews, so I want to show my appreciation to anyone willing to blog. Email me to get set up!

So let me know if you want to give it a shot! I don’t have any deadlines or anything. I know I work best under loose guidance, so that’s what I’m trying to provide. Maybe once we get some guest reviews up here and get some feedback, I can make suggestions about what would make the reviews most helpful, but for right now, just be creative and have fun! I’m happy to post reviews from experienced bloggers (and I can post links to your blog in the review), or from newbies who’d just like to give it a shot! Email me and let’s see what we can come up with!