I’m having a great time making these sealing wax handles, getting to use all kinds of exotic woods that I otherwise have just collecting dust on a shelf in my workshop. Here are some of my latest!

Here’s a Macassar Ebony handle, very similar in profile to the East Indian Rosewood one I first made. Feedback was that this profile is very popular. And just in case you’re wondering, that’s the new Jacques Herbin Rouge Hematite 1670 anniversary ink in the background there, written on Clairefontaine Triomphe with a Pelikan Script 1.5mm.

One improvement I’ve made is using solid brass threaded rod to hold the seal to the handle:

Here is a more contemporary profile, made of Box Elder Burl with a satin finish:

And finally, here’s a real unique one. This is made of two different woods, Maple Burl on the top, and the bottom requires a little explanation. The bottom is Box Elder Burl like the previous handle, but with a twist. The wood is put into a pressure chamber in a dyed liquid resin, then put under intense vaccuum to draw the resin all the way through the wood. Then it is baked to cure the resin, which encapsulates the wood cells, making it very stable and hard, like a solid resin but maintaining the natural beauty of the wood. This process is called stabilization. This particular piece is double-dyed with teal and violet.

You can see on the bottom of the handle, how the color goes all the way through. Normally the figure of the wood doesn’t show well in pictures, but this one turned out quite nicely!

Everyone enjoys the Goulet handles! Even my son Joseph is getting in on the action! Though he does need a bit of practice!


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Brian Goulet