This was the first broadcasting of my live Ustream show since moving from Tuesday afternoons to Monday nights. **It’s since changed to Write Time at 9, every Tuesday night at 9pm EST Considering it was broadcast during the series finale of 24, turnout was pretty good! It was an hour-long conversation touching on a variety of topics.

The Goulet Pen Company is going to be carrying a whole host of new ink brands, including the full lines of Diamine, Private Reserve, Sheaffer, Caran D’ache, and possibly Waterman and Parker. We’re also going to offer Aston leather pen cases. Samples will be available for all ink colors (that’s a lot of samples!). Expect to see those sometime around the first week of June.

I would also like to know what types of fountain pens from Pelikan, Waterman, Parker, Caran D’ache, Sheaffer, and Bexeley would be of interest to everyone. I’m not going to dive head first into fountain pens for the time being, but I can special order. I want to pace myself in terms of expansion, and want to get a feel for demand before purchasing large volumes of pens.

I’d also like some ideas for ink reviews for all of the colors I’m going to have. We’re pushing 200 ink colors with the new brands coming in, with the intention of getting even more. I personally don’t *quite* have time to do 200 ink reviews, so I’m thinking of having guest bloggers do reviews, or perhaps some other creative idea. I’m all ears on this one!