Rumor has it that J. Herbin is going to discontinue 10 of their 30 colors in cartridge form (all 30 colors will still be offered in 30ml bottle form). It’s not a HUGE shocker, as many other pen companies only have a partial color list in their cartridges, if they have any at all! Carts are not a huge seller, their bottled counterparts are much more popular (and economical). Here’s the 10 carts they’re looking to axe:

Bouquet d’antan
Rose tendresse
Rouille d’ancre
Bouton d’or
Café des iles
Cacao du Brésil
Ambre de Birmanie
Vert Réséda
Bleu Azur
Rouge Bourgogne

This is not ‘official’ word I have from anyone at J. Herbin, but has come from a fairly reliable source, Jean-Elie Sobolevicious, owner of He is located in Paris and has close ties with the folks at J. Herbin, dishing all of the latest updates and info of the latest Herbin happenings on the Fountain Pen Network. Check out the original thread where he listed the ink names to be slashed (entry #21).

Café des Îles and Cacao du Brésil are some of their more popular colors, which is interesting to me….I suppose the more popular colors are used more often, therefore sell more in bottle form? It’s hard to say, I haven’t been carrying cartridges long enough to have any reliable data on comparison between cart and bottle sales. The rest of the colors aren’t huge shockers for me though. Though I have to admit, I had suspected Diabolo Menthe and Gris Nuage might be on the chopping block, but I guess they’re safe for now!

So what do you think of this news? Break your heart? You couldn’t care less?