I recently started carrying Caran d’Ache bottled ink (I’m a big fan, too), and noticed there were no readily available swabs of the inks! I plan to do more in depth analysis of each of the inks, but until then, this swab should at least give an idea of each of the colors:

The swab was done on a sheet of Clairefontaine DCP paper. The bottles are just amazing. The bottom half of the ink well is solid glass, and you will definitely want to hang on to these and reuse them for other inks down the road. They aren’t cheap, selling for $17.50 per 30ml bottle at The Goulet Pen Company, but remember that a large portion of what you’re buying is the ink well. You can also get 2ml samples of each color to try before you buy. Here’s my take on each of the inks.

Firstly, a little disclaimer. I’ve noticed whenever I try to scan a host of different colors, some of them are more accurate to real life than others. For whatever reason, no matter how I adjust the colors, a few of them look different. I’ll try to clarify which vary a bit!

Amazon: A wonderful green. I’ve been using this one in my Pelikan Script 1.0 lately, and it is a bright an vibrant green, like a J. Herbin Lierre Sauvage that’s showing off for it’s girlfriend.

Blue Night: A solid blue-black. It’s very, very close to Sheaffer blue-black. Nice shading.

Blue Sky: A little different than I thought it would be by the name, it’s more of a royal blue than a sky blue. Very close to Sheaffer blue.

Carbon: BLACK! What a dark, saturated black. Carbon is the perfect name for it. It has to be one of the blackest black inks I’ve seen. I want to load this one up in a pen and see how black it still is, though it seems pretty darn black!

Caribbean Sea: Wow, what a nice teal blue. I have been to the Caribbean once, and this color reminds me exactly of a local shop that was filled with Larimar artwork.

Grand Canyon: An earthy brown with a hiiiint of green, wonderful shading.

Saffron: WOW! Orange! The actual color is slightly lighter than it appears in the picture.

Storm: Nice wine color, very close to J. Herbin Poussière de Lune but with a tiny bit more purple to it.

Sunset: A vibrant crimson red, with just a pinkish hue. It definitely pops.