As a part of my effort to offer samples of as many products as possible, I’ve assembled the G. Lalo Vergé de France stationery sampler at Check out my full review of the Vergé de France line.

Verge paper has the look and feel of handmade paper. It even has the grid of parallel translucent lines (“vergeures”) made as the paper was laid to dry. These grids are very helpful as guides for handwriting. There are vertical watermark lines running down the paper that you can see when you hold it up to the light. On the large White and Ivory sheet, there is even a G. Lalo logo watermark in the center of the sheet (only visible if held up to the light).

It is 100g weight, which is short for 100gsm, grams per square meter. One square meter of the paper weighs 100 grams, which is on the thicker end of most papers. The higher the ‘g’, the thicker the paper. Though this doesn’t necessarily mean it will prevent bleedthrough, it’s generally a pretty good place to start. The Vergé paper performs wonderfully, I haven’t yet been able to induce feathering or bleedthrough of any kind.

I offer 4 different colors of Vergé de France regularly: White, Ivory, Champagne, and Lavender. There are 12 colors in all, but these four are the only ones I have on hand. They’re offered in A4 and A5 sizes, with corresponding envelopes. The packs I’ve put together include 4 A4 sheet, 4 A5 sheet, and 2 of each size envelope, for $5. It’s more expensive per sheet to get your paper this way, but it’s not a bad deal for testing out if you consider the full tablets and envelope packs would cost you over $50! I also offer two Multicolor sampler packs, separated out into an A4 pack and A5 pack. Each pack includes 2 sheets of each color, and one envelope of each color. The A4 multicolor pack is $6, the A5 pack is $5.

***Update: we no longer offer this sampler set.